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  • Check the power supply capacitors, or just replace them anyway.

  • I've always used some spray solution like this to clean records with a soft cloth.­Record-Cleaner-Kit/dp/B07CWYD5PS/ref=sr_­1_6?dchild=1&keywords=Record+Cleaner+for­+Vinyl&qid=1601293698&sr=8-6

    Anything better out there, both method or specific product? Is this priced fairly?

  • I need to put my record player on a wall-mounted shelf. I haven't seen an OTP solution that I like.
    Since Ikea bamboo chopping boards and butcher's blocks seem to be a thing as isolation plates, I'm tempted to use one as a DIY shelf.


  • I've been using a Project VCS for a few years. Beware the expense and OCD inducing characteristics. I don't really enjoy a record I haven't cleaned now.

    Art Du Son is quite well recommended, I've been through quite a few bottles. Project's cleaning fluid is ok too. The MOFI stuff can be very good but it's really expensive. You can make your own fluid and you can get filtered water from pet shops in quantity, I get mine from the window cleaner.

    I would like to try ultrasonic but I've yet to find the right machine.

    Quite a few people swear by the spinclean, I think it depends on the size of your collection and your listening habits. I had so many to clean and I'd been through a lot by hand so I really knew what I was up against.

    You normally need more than one type of fluid depending on what's stuck on the record.

  • Why not but you should be pretty well isolated by the connection to the wall. Not sure how loud it would have to be to cause significant problems but it must be loud.

    Did you look at Vitsoe? I really like it, it can be addictive though.

  • I used a clearaudio for a while. They are noisy fuckers, so you aren’t doing it while you watch telly/listen to music/hang out with the fam. I found it a PITA, because it needed to be done when I was on my own, which was the only opportunity I had to listen to less family friendly music (loudly).

    I’d like an ultrasonic machine, but it would have to have a drier.

  • This thing cleans and dries in 5 mins.

    Out of interest, what genre/size of collection do you guys have?

    I have 600-700 dance (hardcore, jungle, dnb) that I DJ. I don’t mind surface noise, but where new, second hand records are dirty, I give them a once over with solution/cloth to minimise anything egregious.

    I don’t need anything into the realms of preservation, and although I like the idea of listening to records while I run others through a cleaner, I’m inclined to use any time just to mix.

    @Airhead - cheers, I’ll look into those solutions. Do you use with a microfibre cloth or something specialised?

  • I tried to get on the beta testing for them.

    €2,700 is probably more than most people have invested their vinyl and certainly more than most people’s entire hifi set up.

    I can’t justify it

  • Have you heard any before/after clips? Is it weird that they have the magnified images (which look kinda fake) but no audio?

    Would love to try one out. Seems like a good thing to have in a members club or something. Or to pay by the hour to use it.

  • I use the Project VCS. It's one of the cheapest vacuum cleaners. They've replaced mine twice under warranty over the last 3 years. I don't think they expect people to wash as many records as I've managed in that time. I have a lot, probably approaching 2000, and lots of double albums and old 45's and everything that takes time, a lot of genres. They are noisy and it interferes with listening sessions but fortunately I have plenty of time to listen so it's not a deal breaker for me.

    A lot of dance music is loud enough that it overwhelms surface noise. There are albums that I don't buy on vinyl because I can't see them being better than the digital versions with the chances of a noisy pressing being high. I have a lot of MOFI/AP/Speakers Corner pressings and they really benefit from initial cleaning to defeat static.

    Problem with cleaning records is you then start to examine the results and you are into a world of pain with damage, pressing faults etc and your standards change. I used to play and enjoy lots of rough sounding records but it gets harder to do the more you're listening to clean ones.

  • It's less than I spend per annum on vinyl alone. I do sell quite a bit though and I'm at a stage in life when my hobbies can get a bit out of hand!

    I still won't drop that kind of money on an ultrasonic though. The clearaudio is too rich for my blood too. More likely to buy an ultrasonic bath and one of the motorised plastic kits. I've kind of settled on the vacuum style for now as an affordable half way house. The Nessie might be my next one, a dealer recommended it to me as the only one they don't get complaints about.

  • Problem with cleaning records is you then start to examine the results and you are into a world of pain with damage, pressing faults etc and your standards change.

    Yes I can definitely anticipate this! I've noticed that I've started buying better conditions of the same record lately.

    This looks quite interesting:

  • That's the kind of thing I'm leaning towards. I think a vacuum machine could compliment it to dry the records. You can't have too many options if you are looking to clean old and new records with different problems. Another issue is the more you handle the records the more opportunity to damage them accidentally. It only happens occasionally but it's annoying when it does.

    I've also gone through a lot of anti static liners and poly outers and now I'm switching to PVC outers for gatefolds and records that get played a lot. So that's all extra expenses including the £30 bottles of solution.

    On the plus side it seems my stylus are lasting well and don't get too dirty either. I do clean them pretty regularly though.

  • i reckon a co-op on one of the degritters would have legs. if you charged a flat £200 for a week, you would get a big chunk of your money back and i am sure there would be the six or so people out there who are interested enough to do it.

  • The problem for me with that model is £200 is halfway to a Project VCS and you get to keep that for life or at least until something fails which in my experience is around a thousand sides. I appreciate the degritter is a different and possibly premium solution but it's quite difficult to get value for money in a week.

    The results a simple vacuum cleaner can give you covers a lot of the cleaning that can be achieved, even if you have to use multiple passes. It's possible that ultrasonic can recover really dirty records but in my experience they will have some damage that's not repairable by any method.

  • Has anyone wrapped speakers? Looking at some small bookshelf speakers on ebay but they have a couple of nicks and I'm not keen on the colour. Just wondering how easy it is to do. Google throws up a lot of discussions but not much in the way of guides or results.

  • I clean the dirty ones with a homemade mix of alcohol (Tamiya X20 thinners at the moment), tap water and a drop or two of washing up liquid. I'll then run them under tap to wash off the debris and air dry.

    I'm sure someone somewhere will throw there hands up at this, however it's worked quite well for me so far.

  • Cheers. It turns out a previous owner had tried to take it apart, loosing screws in the process and rounding off a screw holding the board to the case. So back the seller for a refund and another Discman purchased and on the way.

  • Inspired by the cleaning fluid chat I've ordered some Tergitol (detergent), Triton x-100 (surfactant) & ISO Alcohol to mix my own cleaning fluid. I'd been meaning to try this for a while and I've just reached the end of my ready mixed concentrate.

    Thought the recipe might help anyone looking at this stuff. The recommendation is a few drops of Tergitol same of Triton and 1 measure of ISO Alcohol to 4 parts de-mineralised or distilled water.

  • Is there a way to split an input signal from a Sonos Port between two (or more) of these little class-d amps?

    I'm trying to cheaply make a multi-zone system. I mean why can't I just stack up four these little bad boys? one for each zone?

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  • You need an audio distribution amp.

    Something like this­528

  • Because your line level output will struggle to provide the voltage to all your little amps. You out just make up a cable to find out though, daisy chaining the connectors. If you had a powerful pre amp it might work. The audio distribution amp is a collection of line level amplifiers.

  • your line level output will struggle to provide the voltage to all your little amps

    You'd need to look at specific numbers, but with power amp input impedance typically being in the 50-100kΩ range, it would be a pretty weak pre-amp which really struggled to drive the quarter of that which 4 power ampsin parallel would present.

  • Sanity check

    I want to upgrade my OM10 stylus (bonded elliptical). Choice is effectively limited to the Ortofon OM series on my Dual 505-2 turntable due to the ultra low mass arm (as I understand it).


    1. 20 Stylus - £124 nude elliptical
    2. 30 Stylus - £214 fine line elliptical
    3. 40 Stylus - £244 nude Fritz Gyger 70

    I'm tempted to go for the 30, but is it really worth £90 extra for the fine line elliptical?

  • The 30 is supposed to be excellent

    I’m listening to the Om40 right now and it is absolutely heroic. A massive upgrade to the 10.

    I’m going to shift it on soon, if you are interested.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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