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  • My vintage Luxman amplifier needs a service - anyone used Armstrong Audio in E17?

  • I've been there once, had a problem with my subwoofer Bowers and Wilkins ASW610XP , an issue with the power supply board.

    After a looong wait, they told me they couldn't do anything to repair it, they told me the the Board is not repairable at component level (we are talking power supply here, nothing v complicated), and couldn't get the whole PCB from b&w either.

    in the end I lost £40 for the "diagnostic check"and also the ubers I had to pay to carry this monster to their shop.

    I guess if you need a service check and maybe just the dust removed inside that's probably fine.. They seemed like nice people, but for anything more technical I can't say I had a good experience.

  • Cheers, maybe I'll look for somewhereelse. I think at least one of the capacitors probably needs replacing as it looks a little swollen and one of the indicator bulbs has gone. I've used Bartletts previously but they're not taking in repairs at the moment. ..

    Any recommendations?

  • Anyone got any thoughts on what would be suitable replacement drivers for a pair of TDL Studio 3 speakers?

    Doesn't look like NOS ones are available anywhere (admittedly haven't looked too hard) and I think I may also need a tweeter or two. Someone on the Internet mentioned the Monacor DT-250 as a suitable tweeter...


  • Hi Folks

    looking for some "don't get a suspension seat post, but clipless pedals are forever" type guidance here.

    We are doing a home remodel from the ground up. We are at the "low voltage" chapter. Here is the materials contract from that section:

    Low-Voltage/ Home Audio Pre-Wire Only
    ▪ 3.1 Surround sound wiring rough-in at 4 Seasons Porch.
    ▪ 5.1 Surround sound wiring rough-in at Main Level Living Room
    ▪ 7.1 Surround sound wiring rough-in at Lower Level Living Room
    ▪ Cat 6E/ Coaxial Cable at Each Bedroom.
    ▪ 1 pair Speakers: Kitchen, Dining, Master Bedroom, Deck/Patio.
    ▪ 2ea. Wireless Access Points. Upper Hallway and Laundry Room ceiling.
    ▪ 4 ea. Security Camera Drops
    ▪ 1 ea. Nest or Comparable Doorbell

    any warnings or things to do or not do? we have a specialist working with the contractor, so he can work out the details. I just don't want anything stupid.

  • I'd put cabled Ethernet everywhere you expect to have stationary network-attached devices (PC/server, printer, TV/PVR etc.) because it's faster and more reliable than WiFi and it avoids congesting your WiFi so all the bandwidth is available for your mobile devices.

  • Not sure what you've specced but one thing I've come across is that I would have liked more than single runs of Cat6 running into some rooms. Although you can run a cable with a switch at the end you can do other stuff with Cat6 like running video, audio or USB but this isn't compatible with running a network connection through the same run, it needs to be dedicated wiring.

    Also thoughts about where TVs/projectors are going and running HDMI for that

  • wired with exactly what's written there. No changes can be made now. I'm going to ignore the surround sound stuff and do that later as stand-alone system for movies in one room only. this isn't a big deal.

    Trying to integrate the thermostat, built-in ceiling speakers, and front door in a way that doesn't feel too third-party patch worked. I also really want control over the individual room volumes with my phone.

    might just go with the russound sdb-4.1, and a Russound MBX-Pre Media Streamer wired to the four rooms and control it with a tablet/phone. I just wish the SDB room selector could be controlled remotely. Overall volume can be, but the individual room volume can't.

  • More I look at it, more I think Sonos is the way to go. Easy for the family, easy for me.

  • The size of this effing cable 😂

    I moved my speakers and my 3m cabling no longer worked... so ordered 7m of QED XT25 bi-wire­r-cable.html

    I knew it would be a fat cable, but it's frankly hilarious. Does it sound great? Sure, I guess, it's speaker cable and does the job.

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  • lamp cord ftw : - )

  • Is London Sound still going?

    I need someone to do some work on my LX-33 and got as far as looking up people who were around the time I bought it (£200 from Music & Video in Notting Hill back in the ‘80s). Have no idea who is good these days.

    (Or, as the 33 was also a Luxkit, maybe I could fix it myself? arrrgh > rabbit hole)

  • The internet suggests that London Sounds is still going.

    I actualy contacted him a few years ago (probably 10!) about changing the speaker connectors on a different amp and he basically wanted to rebuild the whole amp at great expense. He clearly knows his stuff but I couldn't and I imagine still can't afford that level of expertise!

  • Eesh. Hmm. Yeah. I get his pricing is pitched at just below the point where you say "sod it, I'll buy a new one". Good luck!

    [LX33 schematics are all over the place. $5 download, then hundreds of £££s damage from my crappy soldering skillz?]

  • He's attitude was basically: once the work is done you'll end up with an amazing sounding amp so therefore it's great value. A fair point but only if you have £100s to throw at an entry level 40 year old amp (it was an A&R A60).

    My Luxman is the L-113a. There are schematics online but my electronic skills don't go beyond taking the lid off and blowing the dust out. Maybe I'll message Armstrong Audio and see what they say...

  • Anyone selling some speakers than I can pair with the little pioneer a10 amp I'm buying off @Sumo

  • I'd like a small Chromecast enabled speaker for our bedroom, specifically one without a mic (I won't want any 'assistant' features). In the other rooms I have Chromecast audios connected to existing HiFi's which is ideal but a lot of cables.

    Could anyone make a recommendation please? I suspect that it's not really a thing

  • does the sonos one sl (no assistant) do support what you need?

  • sonos

    I'd ruled out all Sonos because on android I believe you have to use their app / you can't 'cast' at all (some one please tell me if I'm wrong). It's a shame because otherwise I'd get the IKEA Sonos speaker.­mecast-support-sonos-speakers-2020-infur­iating

    Perhaps I'd be better off living with cables and getting a single bookshelf style unit and another Chromecast audio.

  • I have some BW601s that I will list in the classifieds soonish.

  • Nice one, how much and where you based please? Thanks

  • small Chromecast enabled speaker for our bedroom

    @spotter I have Sony SRSHG1/BLK Hi-Res Wireless Speaker

    Or called a Sony H.ear Go I believe.

    It's chromecast enabled. It's powerful. It can be stand alone as its got a decent battery.

    I've had it for years and it's held up very well. Cracker of speaker.

    Not sure about the assistant as that's not my thing either...­o

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  • That's exactly the kind of thing I'm after, they don't seem to make it any more alas, but I'll set up a saved eBay Search, Thanks.

  • they don't seem to make it any more

    Seems like you're right which is annoying... But worth finding I think.

    Mine's also taken a beating so its robust and quite solid.

  • Diagnose a CD player problem please.

    It's a Sony Discman D20 from the late 80s. Takes a little while to 'warm up'. Won't read the disc on the first few tries, and when it does it plays with small skips for about a minutes or so. After that it plays perfectly. Happens on new and old discs, and isn't track dependant.

    Have cleaned the optics with IPA once. I know it's old, happy to have a go at fixing myself.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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