Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • JL Audio amps are great value. Get a 3 channel (or bridgeable 4 channel) so you can add a sub later. Cars need loads of DSP / EQ but it’s worth taking the time to do so. When I fitted my car van stereo I was really disappointed until I dialled it in properly.

  • My dream as a young adult was to own a JL Audio amp. And rockford fostgate. Those were the premium brands in SA.

  • Help oh gurus. I have a Macbook pro which I want to wifi music through to a 1970s Cambridge audio amp. Amp has RCA inputs. What is the sensible, simple solution. I'm a little confused but hoping there is a little gizmo that does it.

  • What is the sensible, simple solution

    The simplest wireless solution is going to be Bluetooth rather than WiFi.

    Premium branded product:­luetooth-audio-adapter?crid=1548

    Plenty of Chinese knock-offs and alternatives on the usual retail platforms if you want to spend less than £30

    There are DLNA WiFi client devices with phono outputs, but you have to make your laptop into a media server, which seems like more trouble than it's worth. If you actually wanted high quality audio, you'd connect with a USB wire to a decent DAC to provide the analogue input to your amplifier.

  • Grateful as ever @gbj_tester I ordered the logitech.

  • Cheera will keep that in mind

  • Any £10 DAC will give you a better result than that Logitech BT receiver. I’d suggest something like a topping d10/d30 though. Depends on duties though, if you’re also using the MacBook Pro for doing work then get a Dac/headphone amp with a proper volume knob. @StevePeel has a topping mx3 for sale I think

    Edit: sorry the MX3 doesn’t have line level out but my point still stands

  • Chromecast Audio!

  • thanks for the write - up; they sound great value.

    Need to be paired with a good musical sub

    this is the problem with so many speakers; and then the problem of where to put the sub, whether to have one or two, whether to run it at line level or via speakers connections...

    I'd really like a sub to go with my Spendor A6. But logistically, it's a challenge.

  • Subs are great. I wouldn't be without mine now. I can't imagine even large floorstanding speakers doing what my 12" sealed sub does.

  • I can't imagine even large floorstanding speakers doing what my 12" sealed sub does.

    ime, they don't.

    Spendor A6 are by no means tiny, but I have to say they have even less bass than I was expecting.

    what kind of sub do you have? i'm considering a B&W PV1 from ebay.

  • I built it years ago from plans and parts bought from Germany. No idea how it compares to anything else but I like how it sounds. According to REW and my basic measurement mic it doesn't do much under 40Hz but is can really load the room from 40 to 100Hz.

    Steve Peel had a good sub for sale didn't he?

  • 10" Tannoy Monitor Gold plans:

    Sealed ~55L vaguely based around the AudioNote AN-E, 18mm birch ply for the sides and back, 24mm for the baffle. Putting them on a little valchromat plinth gives me somewhere to hide the crossover, which is nice. Might extend the plinth backwards 74mm if it seems unstable. The 5º baffle means they'll be 100mm shorter than planned, should be a little less imposing.

    Quite stoked to get building once I have a little window in my schedule.

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  • Take a look at BK Electronics if you haven’t already. Incredible value from a REL OEM manufacturer.

  • Oh yeah I’ve got that REL T5 for sale but now I have a point of reference for what a sub can do I would only really recommmend that for a very small room.

  • I don’t have any Topping gear for sale any more, one of the amps is now attached to the kids’ PlayStation and the other one had the optical input fail, which is a bit shit.

  • Just got some Edifier 1700BT's for my TV after someone else shilling Edifier in here, am enjoying them, so much better than the TV speakers, makes me wonder why I didn't do it years ago

  • I'll take it please. incoming PM

  • Take a look at BK Electronics

    yeah, good shout. I've pretty much convinced myself that i can accommodate a P12-300. I'll just pretend that it's a small coffee table.

    Sadly, BK don't have any available right now due to supply chain issues.­12300SB-DF.htm

  • Any thoughts on active speakers? I'm trying to downsize all my stuff and that looks like one way to go (although potentially a little pricey).

  • Anyone got a bluesound powernode 2i, node 2i or an SVS sound base.
    Looking for a one box solution for work, needs to be able to stream Tidal, dab radio, Bluetooth from a phone for parties, wifi or network port not fussed. Ideally have a toslink in for other items and a usb storage in, so can just leave a big fat usb stick full of flacs.
    Noticed that pretty much every sub £1k streamer doesn't come with a remote, bit of a ballache when you simply want to adjust volume without having to unlock phone each time!
    Also realise powernode is stand alone, has its own amp like the svs. Like that svs seems to have stacks of power (class d type), have fairly sensitive speakers that don't seem fussy anyways.
    Basically bluesound seems to have the whole budget streamer thing nailed, and using an external dac they apparently sound fine. The SVs doesn't have a USB in, apparently the app is from the before times and also has annoying flashy led lights front, rear and on top! and none have remotes.

  • I listened to some when I was looking for a site radio. I didn't like them at all, just couldn't have listened to them all day.

    I got an Audio Pro portable box and it's great in all different rooms and outdoors, I listen to it all day on site without fatigue.

  • I've been running actives for 15 years. It came to the studio market quite early. You have to be prepared for the amps to fail from time to time. Class D in confined spaces can generate quite a bit of heat so that can lead to some issues with longevity. Otherwise it's all good, manufacturers can balance the amp and driver and control the cabling between the 2. These days you might look at networkable varieties with dsp because that is the direction actives are going in.

  • Yes, I'm looking at things like the Kef LSX but just wondering how much I'm paying for the convenience of the active speakers rather than separate mini amp and speakers.

  • I have the LS50W and feel like I'm basically being peverse in sticking to the idea of separates and not just getting the LSX for my small room.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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