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  • Despite having reservations about it being strictly limited to streaming (no line-in) I bought a Sonos One last week. Impressed with the ease of setup and audio quality.

    Unfortunately I've since discovered it's shit with Android. Literally no way to play most BBC stuff on it. Pretty much reliant on services being supported by the Sonos app.

    Am thinking I should've gone with something that either has chromecast built in or just continuing to use my existing chromecast audio via line-in. Google Home Max is an option, but considerably more spendy and I'm not all that fussed about the assistant stuff. Not sure I can be bothered with DACs and speakers as it's only for the kitchen.

    Any recommendations?

  • ...and they all laugh at my little lp walkman

    IMG_5531 by Richard Howard, on Flickr

  • Linear tracking record player you say? 😂

  • Have you tried adding Tunein or Radioplayer as services? When we used the Sonos that’s how I got live BBC. Not so good for catchup but with enough searching I could usually find the last episode or something. That was pre S1 player, not sure if anything has changed.

  • Do they not have Alexa on them now? That works reasonably well with the BBC

  • Any suggestions for a good pre amp for my AT-LP5? The internal amp has failed.

  • I found TuneIn but that only had limited stations, R1 2 and 3 I think. Radioplayer has the lot tho', thanks.

    Am still in two minds whether to return it. Pretty sure it's an issue between the parties involved rather than any sort of technical limitation, but I dunno if I want to risk it not being resolved.

  • TuneIn and Sonos Radio have the full gamut of live stations between them.

    The real arse is the inability to use the (already hateful) BBC Sounds service to play catch-up stuff on Sonos.

    You can do it by either a) using Apple AirPlay or b) using a line in of some sort (e.g. a Chromecast). I do the latter, but that is not an option for your Play One.

    It's still a bloody faff though, as I have to use two apps to listen to a BBC Sounds show.

    Why the BBC doesn't sort out proper Sonos support is beyond me.

  • Alexa is the default as far as I'm aware, it's Google Assistant that was added subsequently. Having gone through the hassle of installing Alexa on the phone though, you're right it does.

    Unfortunately switching to Alexa means I no longer have access to my Google Music account. Also hate the bloat of installing extra stuff to solve one specific problem.

    Switching back to Google, even after adding Radioplayer as a service it will try to play BBC stations via TuneIn and fail. Can't find any way of changing that.

    I love technology, but it ain't half a pain in the tits sometimes.

  • Why the BBC doesn't sort out proper Sonos support is beyond me.

    Am not sure the BBC are to blame for this. I read something suggesting they require certain usage stats, which might prevent it being added to Sonos as a service.

    However, that wouldn't be an issue if the Sounds app (like or loathe) could stream directly to the Sonos. Feels to me like it's Google preventing this, presumably because they have competing hardware. It's definitely not a technical limitation because the current Play Music app will connect to the Sonos via the 'cast' button. Unfortunately that's being killed, and its replacement - YouTube Music - doesn't do likewise.

    The BBC's website also helpfully explains how to get Sounds to work with Sonos via Airplay on iOS.

  • budget? i just got rid of a rothwell simplex, which was excellent, for not a lot of cash

  • Around £100 I think.

  • Switching back to Google, even after adding Radioplayer as a service it will try to play BBC stations via TuneIn and fail

    This is a known bug that is being fixed (I'm told). It worked until about a month ago.

  • If anyone is on the look out for a pair of DM 601s S1s, I have a pair I'm looking to sell. As a parent of a todler one tweeter has been pushed through but they sound fine. I'm currently running some Linn Kanns only selling the DMs as the Linns are a bit smaller.

  • I ended up doing both!

    I setup Plex on my home PC for my phone and got a DAP too.

    I went for the Calyx M, which is quite old now and has no wifi, nor Bluetooth, is quite slow, fairly big and only has single ended output, but it’s a full touchscreen with a Class A amp (so awful battery life) which sounds wonderful.

  • On it's way to me now. Thanks.

  • Apologies for my complete lack of understanding with anything to do with audio equipment. I think i have subconsciously stayed away from it since my father handed me an ass whooping as wee lad for sitting on, and breaking his apparently “incredibly expensive in the 80’s” turntable setup.

    I’ve recently acquired a new workshop and I want to set it up with a simple but half decent vinyl player setup. I want to spend around £200 on secondhand kit and I really need someone to point me in the right direction. Is this realistic for the money?Bikes are my profession, this stuff it certainly not. Tia

  • I want to spend around £200 on secondhand...Is this realistic for the money?

    You're probably going to struggle to get anything worthwhile with that budget. I'd probably start by looking for a Dual CS505 -2 or -3 as a robust and forgiving turntable, a small integrated amp from one of the mass market brands (Nad/Rotel/Marantz/Sony/Pioneer etc.) and the newest Wharfedale Diamond speakers you can afford. Other budget bookshelf speakers are available, so read old reviews of the Wharfedale ones and see what they were being compared with 10-20 years ago. If you're patient you should be able to assemble that lot for £200, but you probably won't have enough left to pay for the new cartridge or stylus you're likely to need.

  • It's achievable on that budget but will require a bit of patience and judicious eBay shopping. I'd be looking for
    Serviceable turntable with cartridge such as one of the cheaper Dual or Technics - budget around £60 - £70
    Integrated amp with a moving magnet phono stage built in - budget £70 - £100
    Bookshelf speakers such as KEF Coda or Mission - budget £40-£60

  • Basically what tester said ^^

  • That’s really helpful. I’m going to try and see what I can do re-cheap isolation/platform stiffening before I can move everything around! Given your speaker is about twice the size of shouldn’t be the speakers!

  • cheap isolation

    at the risk of repeating myself, try putting your TT onto soft squash balls. Either cut them in half or sit whole ones inside of something like a curtain ring.

  • Record player in a workshop?
    Ignoring the dust et cetera issues, you'd never get more than 25 minutes of 'Get Happy' at a time without having to interrupt your work.

  • Record player in a workshop?

    Standing up every 20 minutes to turn the record over might be a good thing if your doing fine bench work (sewing, jewellery etc.)

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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