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  • was hoping to be able charge the DAC from the TVs USB port

    You can get a USB cable as long as your optical cable.

    The (potentially #pretentiousaudiophilecunt) option is a battery. A cheap powerbank could provide low noise power to your DAC for days, for about £20

  • @danb
    It's a Linn Basik arm.

  • Nagoaka MP110, nice fit with a Linn. I will probably buy one, but I reckon the planar 2 I have needs rewiring, so may be after that... Current set up is Rega Planar II, Rega Brio 2000, Linn Kann.

  • Cool. I just ordered a MP110 after recommendations on here and reading some bits online.
    I just want to make sure I set it up properly.

  • They are quite forgiving. Lovely carts, I still fancy an MP500.

  • Cheers. Plug problem solved: A dual USB charger plug will mean I can double up DAC with my bluetooth transmitter.

  • I managed to free up loads of sockets by powering the myriad of USB stuff in my system with one of these.

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  • one of these

    I prefer the layout of one of these for all my USB charging needs

  • Me too. The audio note iq3 is supposed to be special too. Lots of £££ though

  • I need to get both of my Arcams repaired, second hand ebay isn't always cheaper!

    I was thinking of a Class T amp, for the period they will be away being repaired. Any suggestions on one? For the Tannoy DC I have.

  • Personally, I like the power multi plugs with USBs as there are ALWAYS tons of 3 pin plug requirements esp with audio and/or PCs.

  • Those things tend to be cheaply made and fairly dangerous, and this is pretty well known... so I am tickled that they called it "SafeMore" to reassure you.

  • Totally Agree!

    Last time I had to do some research. including things like surge protection, fused, and simply checking if im happy with the build construction.

    GF is also in the habit of turning them off at the wall everynight on some of them.

    I dont mind paying more for something like build quality and comfort of mind.

    I think the last one was a Belkin...

  • I'd always do power and USB separate, especially when USB standards seem to change every few years, or you end up filling things with USB-A to USB-C adapters.

  • Topping and SMSL seem to be well regarded. For the price I’d give one these of a punt.

    LEPY LP-2020A Amplifier­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_r0zHEbWE309P2

    Probably only about 12w of clean power per channel though, depends on how sensitive your speakers are. I’ve been fine with a couple of different ~90dB/w/m boxes. Other Tripath chips are more powerful.

  • Except the standard takes many many years to develop and even more to institute as standard.

    USB A was started in 1996... I still have USBa to mini floating around. USBa to USBC will be around for a long time.

    I can live with that.

  • I was told by an electrician to try and minimise the usb banks, and never install the sockets with usbs in as there is no regs that cover them, so they can be knocked out to the cheapest possible standard.

  • That's why I try to get a well know and trusted brands like belkin or anker. I'm willing to take that risk. Esp if it has surge protection and fused and and and.

  • You have the 20quid one? It's ok?

    They all seem to be coming from china so 1 months wait.

  • Mine is a Calv Acoustic Labs Charlize II, based around the Tripath TA2020 chip. It's got air core inductors, fancy caps etc.

    That LEPY looks to have the same chip, but it's probably a knock-off, think Tripath went out of business a few years ago.

  • Get one of these and tell us what it's like!

    edit: Actually found a review here - looks like a no brainer for £20

  • Ordered. But was 25 with power supply.

    Will see! Cheers

  • Makes me want to build active speakers just looking at it.

    What PSU did you get? Worth going pretty chunky - 24v 5A kinda thing.

  • dearVRpro does this. Basically a reverb with azimuth / distance and elevation parameters along with room size / reflections etc

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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