Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • They’re the right size but I’d prefer home hifi stuff to studio analytical stuff I reckon. Having said that I’ve never listened to a pair.

  • Reviews seem to reflect what they were designed for; people love 'em but not as a vehicle for pleasurable listening.

  • I couldn't solve the problem myself. The smallest speakers I could stand to live with long term are still much bigger than you currently have. The Q Acoustic 3020i are pretty decent, I have a pair in my kitchen but they're bigger than either of the other 2 you have.

    Maybe some kind of coaxial speaker would be better. I've been meaning to look into them and I know a few people on here have gone a long way in that direction but the boxes seem to end up being big to get the bass response.

    In my partners kitchen we have a couple of Libratone and they make a decent job of it while being compact. They are not high fidelity but still a pleasure.

    I sold 2 pairs of B&O cx 100, they were very nice in a b&o kind of way. The drivers usually need refoaming though.

  • Quad S2?

  • Thanks for this, I’m fairly sure it’s not something that’s solvable too. Physics and that. Coaxial is a good one to look at, KEF are into that right now and they’ve got a dealer near me where I can have a listen. Still not sure if they’ve got small enough boxes.

    B&W 707 are spot on size-wise and at £800 I would expect a lot of excitement, I’d like to give those a listen but fuck knows how I’d pass that as good use of the household savings.

  • Thanks, just had a look at the dimensions of those and unfortunately they’re about the same size as the ones that are going out the door today.

  • I posted PMC DB1i then deleted it, after seeing where you have them. The port for the TL is at the back.

    They are amazing little speakers

  • Cool, there’s a set on eBay right now. Nearly everything this size is rear ported for the sake of packaging. I can slide them forward when I’m having a proper session leaving about 300mm if space behind.

  • You want the + or the i (supposedly) as the tweeter is better.

  • A friend of mine bought KEF LSX after they liked my LS50s (but wanted something smaller) and i think they sounded excellent

  • I’ve got a hankering (and space) for some floor standers. Never really considered selling these but...

    Mini Fonken based around a Fostex FE127e full range driver.­l

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  • They look great. So they’re a kit you built? I like the ‘high spouse approval factor’ bit of the blurb.

    What would they set me back?

  • Appriciate it's a bit off-topic, but can anyone offer any suggestions on getting HDMI CEC/ARC to work properly?

    Telly is a Samsung QE55Q7FAM and it's connected to a Yamaha RX-V673. Turning on the TV switches on the receiver ok but 90% of the time ARC doesn't work initially, I have to switch the receiver off and on again before it gets any audio. Even selecting the ARC input manually doesn't work, which suggests it's the TV not acually outputting anything. CEC behaves similarly, in that the TV remote doesn't control the receiver volume until the receiver has been power-cycled.

    Recently swapped the generic HDMI cable for a specific 'high-speed' one in the hope that would improve things, but hasn't made any difference.

    Most frustrating thing is that it has worked more reliably in the past, and still - occasionally - does now. Am left with the impression that this stuff is just generally flaky and I'll have to live with it.

  • A totally different setup but I had problems connecting my Cambridge Yoyo to my tv via the HDMI ARC when I first got it - was just as flaky as you're describing, could not get it to play through certain inputs & even then the volume sync was fucked - eventually solved it by disconnecting every single possible connector & power lead and leaving it for a while, then connected everything back up before switching it all back on again, started working perfectly - no lag, nothing, switches perfectly every time I change source now & volume sync is back - dunno what was up but that seemed to work.

  • The more I think about it the less I’m inclined to sell them actually - sorry for the carrot! You could make a pair yourself...

    I just used the plans for the enclosure, built them from solid 20mm oak. I’m thinking about taking the drivers out and building the floor standing versions, though not sure how much more bass I’ll get just from a bigger box.

  • No worries. That's some lovely joinery!

  • I have a version of these :­T-1600_MkII/Main.html

    Fostex FE167e drivers - no longer available though....

    Have you looked at back loaded horn designs?
    For example:­168ez_enclrev.pdf

  • I definitely would be trying a pair of active near-field monitors rather than hi-fi speakers for what you need here.

  • Thanks all for the suggestions, I think I've found a winner, the Dynaudio Emit M10. Pretty much the same size as the MA Bronze 1s but seemingly highly regarded for their detail. Found an ex-demo pair on a deal too.

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  • BLH are interesting, though the simplicity of the Fonken mkII floorstanders is very appealing. Could probably knock them up in a day.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. Thought I had everything turned off when I replaced the HDMI cable but will have another go and try giving it a few minutes. Stupid stuff.

  • there’s not a soft surface anywhere.

    I hate to be that guy (again) but if you want detail, hard surfaces are not your friend!

    Looking at your photo, is there any scope to get the speakers up higher? Wall mounted maybe? At least then the tweeters have a chance to get to your ears directly... That cabinet overhang is probably doing all sorts of weird things.

  • Yeah I’ll take the kitchen cabinets down and start collecting takeaway menus.

    Edit: Sorry to sound so facetious. I do need to be pragmatic about this, any alterations have to make the system suit the room, the opposite is not an option.

  • Not suggesting a remodel, just wondered if there’s space to wall mount (where cabinets aren’t), which has the added bonus of freeing up countertop space. Bringing the speakers forward (out from right under the overhang) might have a positive effect - especially with rear ported cabs, as you mention.

  • Position-wise it’s not too bad as it goes. I slide the boxes forward to the front of the worktop when I sit at the table where the tweeters are right at ear height. Bass wasn’t boomy with the bigger speakers and the detail was lovely. The smaller ones (which are from the same series, just the smaller version) sound much less controlled, the bass does bloat a bit and the instruments blur together more. Having listened to both it seems that the big ones had some redundancy, they just did their thing in a relaxed fashion. It’s a no replacement for displacement thing but the little guys had a retail price 10 years ago of £200.00, so I reckon (hope) moving up a couple of price brackets for the same size units should get me sound at least as good as the £250 bigger boxes.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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