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  • Yes baby please! Mange tak

  • Nice! What does it do?

    Plugged to your CD player (which then solely acts as a mechanic, providing you have the adequate output on it), it covers the digital signal into analogue for you pre-amp. I think you need quite a good system (and good ears) to appreciate the benefits, if any (depending on your system)

  • Strapped cover toddler proofing

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  • Something has gone wrong with Fip Radio.

    The jazz channel has become my default setting, but for some reason all channels are playing out the main channel, despite having a playlist showing something different.

    Anyone know what's going on?

    If this continues, I'll have to go back to choosing records myself.

  • Hi all. Does anyone have any experience of using a DAC like the Cambridge Audio Dacmagic to upgrade their streaming? My CDs are in the loft, turntable is not an option, so I want my streaming to be as good as possible without splurging on a network streaming deck. I’m using chromecast audio which is surprisingly good but I guess the built in DAC on a £30 piece of kit could be improved upon. Just wondered if the sonic improvements are worthwhile? Cheers.

  • what bit rate does the chromecast audio use?

    and what is the rest of the system?

    this will have a bearing on whether it's worth fiddling about with dac.

  • The streamer is 96khz/24 bit. The amp is a Creek A50i and the speakers are Tannoy M1s.

    Edit: That Googling leads me into the world of FLAC and higher bit rate options, maybe that’s where I should be looking instead. Still, a good DAC will be useful if I upgrade to a 192khz streaming device.

  • Good ears? I'm out

  • Just a you get interference from airborne RF from your wireless router in the MC cartridge? It's a real pest here that I haven't got round to eliminating yet. It's a pity because since the LP12 rebuild and the servicing of the Naim electronics the sound from the TT is otherwise errr, divine!

  • The streamer is 96khz/24 bit

    that's (theoretically) "high res" audio. I've not looked at chromecast, however it seems unlikely that you are getting this resolution on the majority output.

    FLAC is compressed CD quality so 16bit/64khz.

  • No interferences from router no, nothing that I can hear anyway. Router is actually in the same unit...
    I used to have "hum" noises with the original tonearm (TP-25), which was "earthed" to the turntable chassis. The AT cabling (including earth) only goes to the pre amp.
    What tonearm are you using?
    Can you tell more (sorry if this was in previous pages) about the servicing of your Naim electronics? I wonder how much it would cost to get my Qed amps looked at, I've got a buzzing noise (regardless of audio source or volume)

  • I'm currently using Spotify which I think casts at 44khz/16 bit. I'm taking a look at Tidal which will stream at 96/24.
    Found a thread here which talks about the performance of chromecast with external DAC if anyone's interested. Looks like a goer to me.­hromecast-and-external-dac

  • spotify says:

    Music quality details
    Check out a side-by-side comparison below.

    Free    Premium

    Web player AAC 128kbit/s AAC 256kbit/s
    Desktop, mobile and tablet
    Automatic - Dependent on your network connection
    Low* – Equivalent to approximately 24kbit/s

    Normal – Equivalent to approximately 96kbit/s

    High – Equivalent to approximately 160kbit/s

    Automatic - Dependent on your network connection

    Low* – Equivalent to approximately 24kbit/s

    Normal – Equivalent to approximately 96kbit/s

    High – Equivalent to approximately 160kbit/s

    Very high (Premium only) - Equivalent to approximately 320kbit/s

    Edit - formatting has got lost but essentially, normal spotify is 96kbs which I would suggest is below the level where hardware upgrades are going to help that much.­tify/system_settings/high-quality-stream­ing/

  • I have mine turned up to very high as I don't really use it if I'm not on WiFi, but I'm not against using a streaming service with lossless output instead.

    I might see if I can take the chrome cast to Richer Sounds and try it with and without the DAC.

  • I'm on Discogs with a couple of hundred records for sale at the moment. I have a lot more that I'm working on listing. I'd say I'm asking decent prices but then I probably would right?

    Let me know what you're interested in because I have a ton of much cheaper dance stuff that's not listed but I want to sell, would be £1-5 per record. I do sell a lot of £10 7" records, they go all over the world so I'm guessing the prices must be acceptable.

  • I have a Rothwell Simplex MM phono stage to sell, if anyone is after something good for little £££. £125

  • Bargain! Have no need for an mm preamp, but would snap it up if I did.

  • It’s really good.

  • The Naim electronics were overhauled by Darran at in Sheffield. He is an official supplier to Naim, but I went direct. I don't know if they do other electronics brands. My LP12 is fitted with the Ekos tonearm.

  • Tooled up with this lot for my assault on streaming music quality.
    Cambridge Audio DACMagic 100
    Optical cable to connect Chromecast for when I’m just around the house
    USB Audio (printer!) cable for direct connection when I’m working on the kitchen and sitting in the sweetspot
    Ifi Silencer USB noise filter
    Tidal subscription
    Swapped out Mordaunt Short M10s for Monitor Audio Bronze 2.

    Sounds great, properly musical now. Can’t seem to get the Chromecast to operate at 96khz but need to play with the settings. Cable connection is unsurprisingly much better. Obvs those little M10s were a weak link before, they don’t sound much better than mini system speakers. The Monitor Audios are temporary while some smaller BR1s are in the post.

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  • Interesting about connecting the chromecast via optical. I honestly didn't know you could. Have googled a bit and will likely get a cable for this as my amp has a port. Does the external dac make a discernible difference to you?

  • Yes sure does. Much more detail going on. Your amp’s DAC is likely to be better than that in the Chromecast so it’s only the cost of a Toslink cable to have a try.

  • Do be careful running an amp inside a cupboard with the door shut. I managed to overheat and consequently destroy a Cambridge Audio Amp that way. I had taken to running it 24/7 though, which is lazy.

  • Hate to think how much that USB cable cost!

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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