Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • I like the look of those Mujis.

  • What's the consensus on the pro-ject rpm turntables? I'm after something with a smaller footprint than my aging marantz 6025, which keeps getting slid off it's perch by my kid, so much so that the rear legs have almost been knocked off

  • Pro-jects are pretty much all great. The rpm series have a separate motor, which will need setup and tensioning again if your kids moves it around. A single-box design might be more practical?

  • Anyone want my Meridian 204 tuner? Classic kit, sounds great, no FM reception where I am.
    Chip on fascia. Got the manual somewhere. Memory battery might need replacing soon, soldering iron job but done it myself before piece of piss. £100 .... Hertford or can meet North London, City way.

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  • Nice. Meridian gear from that era is excellent.

    I had a 500 series tuner at one time, sound was just great.

  • if you get these share some feedback and pics, looking for somethibg sinular

  • Have to start ripping cd’s as my music library went tits up!
    What’s the recommended file size/file format for ripping music now. Want to do 320kbps, too low? Have downloaded music from bandcamp which I can use to start the collection again and they are all 320kbps, though could redownload bigger file sizes.
    Would be playing back probably through plex from a NAS, unless I can find a decent player that’ll play nicely with OS X and iOS, as well as work with my NAS and network streamer?
    Worth saving in two file sizes? Smallish for mobile use and bigger for home use?
    I’m looking at you @freddo
    Any other thoughts let me know..

  • I ripped everything to FLAC and keep those files on a NAS.

    If I want stuff for car / mobile, I just run a batch converter to mp3 for whatever albums I want (lame codec vbr works well).­le=LAME

  • Just do Flac. Storage is cheap.

    If you're using Plex that can transcode when you sync to mobile, or you can have a second copy of everything as MP3 (some rippers can rip to two formats simultaneously or just batch convert everything).

  • My ears are oldish and my playback equipment is middling, so 320kbps is perfectly fine for me, though I regularly play CDs and LPs as well.

  • Sorry to hear about your library man, that sucks. 320kbs MP3 will be fine but if you have the option, FLAC or ALAC will be best 😀

  • Thanks!
    On the one hand it sucks, 25 odd years of music just gone.
    But on the other it’s a chance to start afresh with what I’ve learnt and know I like/love musically.
    And also means I can clean up the library, dispense with the excess/dross and hone in on the music I really want to listen to.

  • I know that feeling

    Sorry dude

  • where to store flacs in the cloud where i can stream both from my phone and to a chromecast audio at home

  • Any recommendations for good speakers?

    Got old crappy Bose speakers atm, looking for something within £130-150 range, preferably quite retro...

  • Royd Minstrels!

  • following up from last post, there really is no good options for music on the go for people with their own libraries. maybe im a niche market.

    • google drive converts FLAC to mp3 and doesnt support podcasts in the UK
    • apple music doesnt support chromecast devices
    • spotify doesnt support personal libraries
    • roon doesnt support cloud/out of home listening

    how is this so hard?!

  • I pay for Vox/Loop, which I think is about as much as Spotify premium. Lets me store unlimited lossless and lossy audio for streaming at home and on phone. Not sure about chromecast solution as I don’t have one. I stream directly to a airport express from my phone or play through the computer connected to DAC.

    I have a hard drive with it all on as a backup in case it goes tits up one day.

  • I think you really are a niche market - people with their own libraries tend to use a dedicated DAP with MicroSD cards rather than uploading everything to the cloud.

  • Maybe I'm niche, I just upload most of my library onto my phone and listen to it.

  • This. Just get a FiiO whatever and be done with it.

  • Plex seems the obvious:

    Plays back original or transcoded depending what you choose in settings;
    Supports podcasts and chromecasts;
    Allows multiple libraries;
    Has an app on pretty much every device out there which works locally or remotely (and allows syncing for offline play as well).

    FLACs aren't stored in the cloud but they can be accessed from anywhere so I don't think it makes much difference unless you have poor internet at home. If you really want a cloud solution you can set up Plex on AWS or Digital Ocean or something but it would probably work out pricier than a local solution.

  • I think I read plex is moving away from libraries to stream services... So unless you have it, I wouldn't get comfortable.

  • Setting up Plex for my digital "library" is on my to do list. (Along with upgrading NAS to SSD)
    Has been for some time.
    Not sure if I'll get around to it but it does seem like a good thing.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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