Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • You would, yes.

    If you can get away with a pair of stereo speakers, I'd strongly recommend it. No matter how 'unidirectional' a manufacturer states an all in one is, it still sounds like all parts of a track are coming out of a single speaker, almost sounding mono to me. YMMV, but I personally really dislike that aspect of all in ones. Stereo speakers are vastly superior for things like instrument and vocal separation.

  • If you don't have lots of CDs, the Yamaha network player has been highly rated on here?

  • Anyone know of a decent supplier of drive belts for a Cambridge Audio CD4 CD player? The CD player doesn't read CD and searching it could be the drive belt.

    Is it worth changing the belt? It does involve quite alot of dismantling and could still be something else such as the lazer failing. The CD player has an optical out to an optical processor and then to the amp so not sure of getting another cd with an optical out.

  • Double check the capacitors in the power supply. I've known them to fail and cause the player to stop reading the disks.

  • They all look fine, no swelling or signs of leaking from any capacitors.

    That leaves the laser or the drive belt.

  • Just spent 3 hours trying to figure out why I couldn't get my new (as in new to me eBay special) laptop to drive my dac.

    Spent 3 hours messing about installing drivers, uninstalling, trying different drivers, messing about with settings in J River.

    Got extremely annoyed and turned it all off, in a huff.

    Had a sudden idea. Changed the USB cable and it all worked fine.

    Huh. Dunno what's gone on there.

  • The wx thing gets freddos vote.
    But I was thinking the rn or something that Aggi/prole (?) Bought a year or more ago.

    Maybe this one:

  • Thank you - that is super helpful!

  • Ok brill, thank you. Looks like a better option but still would require an amp

  • Now it's all working, it's sweet as.

    Even with previous semi dysfunctional laptops I was using, I was getting little glitches. Now it's spot on. Perhaps the cable has had a fault for a while.

    So happy ending!

  • CRXN470D

    is a mini system..

  • This is madness.

    Got home today, and it doesn't work again.

    Spent an hour fiddling around with cables etc, had just about decided that there must be a fault with the USB connection at the back of the dac. Then had another thought, and eventually worked out that the USB connection to the dac fails when the laptop is plugged into the mains.

    It's fine when running on battery.

    I guess I need to check if this is the same for all USB devices or just the dac. Any idea why this could be the case?

    It's a goddam pita to have to try and send the laptop back.

  • Revo stuff is nice for all in ones. Similar to Ruark but you can often get a bargain on their eBay outlet store.

    It may not sound quite as good as an amp with separate speakers but it looks much neater.

  • What laptop? Windows or Mac?

    Earthing issue or some weird battery/performance management settings.

  • Can someone point me in the right direction for cleaning out my amp?
    Is it really as simple as:
    spray air in
    spray contact cleaning solution
    wiggle dials
    wait to dry
    put lid back on
    turn on


  • Yeah, frustratingly I can't find the bloody thing I was talking about.

  • Check if it’s all devices and then see what the power management settings are (especially if there’s any non-windows manufacturer crap on there).
    Earthing issues would probably show up as noise but it could be a faulty motherboard cutting things out.

  • Sounds like its a power management issue - I know for a while my desktop would do the same - but only on the front ports.

    Do you have another device you could try? Phone or something? At least that way you'll be able to ascertain whether its the USB or DAC.

  • It's a Dell running Windows 10

    Thanks all, will try some other USB devices this evening.

  • If it is just analogue I'd just unplug it and vacuum it. There is 'some' static risk with digital.

    Cheap canned air can have a lot of moisture in it.

    Are the pots sounding scratchy when you use them? Most carbon track pots are sealed so cleaning fluid isn't going to do much.

  • If you haven't already I'd try all the usb ports. There's normally one that's designated as Always on which may work or be the one that doesn't work.

    There may be some funky settings in the bios as well. If the same thing happens with multiple USB devices and you can't find any settings that change it I'd try a Ubuntu liveUSB and see if that has the same issue.

  • i'm on the lookout for some speaker-stand-come-record-storage shelves.
    these have cropped up at as a cheap option (was thinking about just adding some adjustable rubber feet to get things level and isolated to an extent).­=19&Sub=8&PID=7571&qclr=4548718121694

    anything else similar out there?

    I know there's Ikea kallax, but quite like that the Muji ones above aren't as chunky and have a slimmer footprint that closely matches my speakers.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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