Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • Another approach would be KEF LS50 wireless / active. You'd need a phono stage but that's about it.

  • Oof, just been reading about those! That looks like a great solution.

  • Yeah, I'd go down that route/something similar.

  • Glad to see this thread exists, as I've just become a card-carrier.

    I've just inherited my Dad's Sansui AU717 and my Grandpa's Sony PS-LX5 turntable, and I've paired it with some Kef IQ5s and a Yamaha Music Cast.

    Sadly, the turntable isn't behaving well, anyone got a recommendation for a repair?

  • Yo! How's it going dude?

    You still dishing out hugs?

  • I'm good man. Long time! You still near the Electric Shaver building? Still dishing them out. Life sucks without hugs.

  • Nah, I'm in Marylebone now - moved away from the previous role 😁

    Glad to still hear you're on board the hug train, are there still SE drinks to deal them out?

  • Hello @se1derful - I still reminisce on the time that I missed the last train home and you graciously took me in for the night. I must have been like ... 18 then. Sccaaaarrry.

  • Aren't you still 18?!

  • Sadly SEs is dead.
    Long live SEs.

    We should try do a one night revival.
    Keep your eyes on the thread.

  • I am twenty six :-( Having an existential crisis over here.

  • Fuuuuuuuck! That must make me...thirty three!

    Good memories (if a little hazy) from those, what are you up to at the moment? Saw from another thread you were in NYC?

  • What's even more wild is that means you had that swag flat at the age of 25.

    Yep, working at a school in NYC. Still working in IT. Sometimes ride a bike!

    What are you up to? If you're at liberty to tell me publicly, that is!

  • Still got it too, couldn't resist keeping the bike storage (a shade under 10 at the moment).

    I'm working in tea at the moment, still in e-commerce, much less exciting than my last job for sure.

    How you finding NYC? I always fancied a punt living there, but could never stomach the insurance/health/tax stuff.

  • The Sansui in all it's glory

  • Cool

  • "inspo"

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  • Bought a spare chromecast audio as they've stopped making them. Haven't tried the Yamaha you're using @se1derful , how do you like it? I'm in the same boat, old hifi rig(s) that I've added a streaming device to.

  • No kids yet then.

  • lol. pretty, but very poke-able.

  • It seems pretty good to me, and easily able to hear the difference between FLAC/Spotify/Qobuz variants of the same song, so I know it's not all bollocks.

    However, it's expensive compared to a Chromecast, and the method for finding/playing FLAC files via the Yamaha app on my NAS is fucking awful. Going to experiment with Twonky later to see if it's better.

    The Spotify/Qobuz/Tidal integrations are pretty much flawless, and you can turn it on remotely, which is awesome.

  • I am going to shift this PS Audio Sprout100 if anyone is interested. Cheap!

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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