Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • I'm after a turntable and a pair of speakers but can't really stretch to more than about £200 for both.

    This month’s What Caravan has an article in it about turntables

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  • £19k?????

    What a time to be alive.

  • I bought a Dual 505-3 in the end.

    It arrived today, with the lid (still attached, despite having detachable hinges) cracked in half, impact marks cracking the veneer all round one hinge, and one of the corners dented in.

    No 'fragile' or 'this way up' on the box.

    Even if it works it looks a bit shit, and was advertised in "excellent cosmetic condition".

  • that sucks. Hopefully you can make a claim or return it for a refund

  • The seller has been really apologetic and has offered a full refund and return or partial.

    He says it was still packaged up from the previous seller, who sells a huge amount of audio stuff (which checks out) and that he assumed it would be well packed.

  • Is anyone selling a decent turntable?

  • That's a lovely tale.

    I've always thought that the Monitor Audio brand had something special to them. I had a gentleman come and buy a pair of R1200 Golds from me only yesterday. I applied some wood treatment on the spot for him and cranked them up loud in the garage and we were both in some level of awe. He'd first heard a pair back in the 80s in Portugal and had been obsessed ever since, refreshing Gumtree and eBay regularly in pursuit of finding a pair. He's also looking for a pair of Studio 20s!

    Glad to hear the street party is live and kicking. I used to live at number 104 IIRC!

  • Hi all. So, I’ve got Plex Server running on my Mac mini, Plex Media Player on my iPhone and I’m planning a couple of room setups with chromecast audio sources. Also Plex is working with my Samsung Smart TV and I’m loving it, although my sum total video content is one ripped DVD. Anyhoo, I have two questions:

    • best way to do multiroom audio simultaneously as it seems Plex only lets me cast to one client at a time.
    • a wireless speaker for forays into the patio, that will integrate into the above setup? Not sure if Bluetooth will work if I want it to play at the same time as my chromecast sources with no latency. Budget £200

    Ta x

  • I don't think Plex is great at multiroom audio from its interface.

    In terms of the chromecast audios I think you can set them up as one listening group so you can cast to multiple ones (only a solution for chromecast though).

  • ^ as had been said many, many times here.

    Though, it’s a feature that may just arrive in a release one day. This is the Plex way.

  • Aye, ‘tis a shame because I like Plex. So, is there a work-around without having to use a different server?

  • It's not something I've looked into properly. I saw some app recently called Plex Together that may do what you want or you can do it by choosing your hardware (ie. chromecasts, sonos or bluesound) and using the grouping at that end.

    Otherwise, there may be a convoluted solution involving installing a squeezebox server and using Kodi rather than Plex as the front-end and using the unofficial Plex and Squeezeplayer add-ons in Kodi. (I played about with this a while ago and got bored of trying to make it work nicely).

  • got a sony ta av480 from my parents loft, works perfectly, sounds great, and one half of them problem down blocking me from upgrading my speakers.

    Would like to demo LS50s but nearby places only stock the wireless ones (2K, phwoar) but i demo'd the wireless ones at richer anyway and was blown away. Very tempted to just order the regular ones from somewhere online, demo and return, then pick some up used. appear to be fairly available for 450-500

  • why not just buy the 2nd hand ones and punt them on if you don't like them?

  • i have my tannoys back after getting the rtweeter replaced. woot.

    the royd minstrels have done an amazing job as stand ins. they sound really good with the valve amp.I am goping to have another go with the both the valve amp andf the class a jobbie and decde on which amplification to keep

  • the royd minstrels have done an amazing job as stand ins. they sound really good with the valve amp.I am goping to have another go with the both the valve amp andf the class a jobbie and decde on which amplification to keep

    not a bad idea

  • Evening all - I'm looking at getting my first HiFi and would like some advice. Have a budget of £150-£200 and had in mind a CD player, amp and larger bookshelf speakers.

    Is the below worth a go or would I be better off getting second hand parts and piecing a system together? Any pointers appreciated, it's all a bit new to me!­dab-tannoy-eclipse-mini.html

  • Yes, you could definitely save money buying used.

    If you think it'll get used a lot and can save for a little bit longer and extend the top end of your budget, this would be a really great system:­hi-fi-system-deals/denon-dm41-silver-and­-q-acoustics-q2020i-graphite.html

  • Remember that Richer Sounds systems don't include any speaker wire.

  • Get some lamp cord from a skip for that.

    ...and they're off!

  • I just built my best pal her first proper hifi,

    In my 35 year experience buying used speakers can be a bit of a gamble, if they've been abused or dropped the damage to the voice coil can't be seen, if you buy them new you know they're good and look after them,
    Plus they're what you actually listen to, so buying a decent set is a good basis for a system,­mount-speakers/monitor-audio-bronze-1-bl­ack.html

    I made her buy these, they're really very good for the money, and will stand a fair few upgrades in the future,

    Buy the speakers and put them away until you can afford an amp for them,
    The logic being, just buy something good and be happy with it,

  • Those little Denon units are excellent for the price. It's a good place to start.

  • @tomatoe +1 on the Denon units. I bought one recently for my Dad and gave him an old pair of speakers I wasn’t using. What @seven says is true too, so perhaps budget to upgrade the speakers to the MA bronzes when you can afford to?

  • Hello

    What do you guys think about a kenwood stereo graphic equaliser ge-940 have got one and no idea what to do with it, even if it is worth keeping.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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