Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • Nice. I don’t even have a turntable to use this with.

  • Pretty little rig.

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  • I guarantee my cats would try and sleep on both of those.

  • As I’ve got older I’ve become far less tolerant of bright, fatiguing sound, so something to be aware of is that your needs will change over time.

    But I don’t understand the question - what power stage are you using with the EWA-50? And could you try something similar to drive the tannoys that fitted on the shelf and won’t blow the speakers up? Perhaps audition a Luxmann 590?

  • Hi guys,

    I've got a two speaker setup at home with a NAD Amp controlling everything and relaying sound to a two bookshelf speaker system.
    I have a vinyl record player, CD player, Minidisc Player and occasionally I connect my Cayin N3 (not that should matter).

    Anyway, I'd like to have more bass, what would be the best upgrade route?

  • Bigger speakers

  • Not a woofer of something similar? (incompetent here !)

  • What do you have at the moment? Speakers and amp

  • I've got a NAD C320 Amp, and two speaker, can't recall the make.
    I think the amp only supports two speakers though.

  • Better amp as well as speakers. I've got a nad and an older HK and the difference between the two is night and day, the HK sounds so much fuller in low tones.

  • can't recall the make.

    you need to provide this information or noone can help you. Make and model.

    Also what is your budget?

  • I'd like to have more bass

    Bigger speakers

    turn the volume knob clockwise

  • Make is Cyrus, can't find the model.
    Budget well nothing expensive.

    But what are the actual options?
    The amp only has stereo out connectors. Guess that'll be a problem?

  • Options:
    Buy a better amp and / or
    Buy a better pair of speakers
    Buy a powered sub which you can connect via speaker terminals.

    Problem with the last option is that whilst you can probably pick up something decent for maybe £200 second hand, it will be big and intrusive. You should be able to set it up to roll off at the right place to integrate with your speakers but it's unlikely to be an ideal set up.

    The first two options are more promising.

  • Or position your speakers properly, put them on good stands if bookies, think about your room treatment.

    Motherfucking information please. #5beersin

  • Been a few months since I went through the big hifi upgrade process.

    Just wanted to post how chuffed I am with it. I fucking love it. Listen to music for listening's sake almost every day and am blown away by the experience every time.

    When I went on holiday at half term I missed the hi fi.


  • Cheers all, think I've got good starting point now :)

  • If your amp has a tape in/out stage you can use the tape out connection to run a subwoofer,

  • It has Tape 1 IN/OUT, Tape 2 IN/OUT and Pre-Amp OUT.
    May be I can use the last one.


  • Ha. That reminds me of a csb about my brother in law.

    He had my amp booting with the bass and the treble controls turned right up

    He turned and said: “I dunno mate, it sounds like it is lacking in in the mids...”

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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