Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • Here's another option:­-zensor-1-ax

    Really like Dali. Nothing to do at work today. More suggestions to follow...

  • maybe i should go into richer.. good shouts thanks JB

  • I have nothing but good things to say about Richer Sounds. Six year warranty too. So long as you're not looking for anything too exotic, it's great. Good deals this week as well.

  • They're still below retail on ebay over here in case anyone is visiting you / you returning for the summer.

    I keep missing them because I'm being too cheap setting a load of snipes at £15.

    Iirc there's something else similar which is meant to have some other features - it's called something like audio cast and I saw it in a comparison article with a load of similar devices. I'll see if I can find it.

    Also as your amp has an optical-in, you might want one of those cables too.

  • Demo'd at richer sounds some Dalis I didn't like and MA bronze 2's that i did like, but didnt 'wow' me.

    They were really busy so im going to go back to compare the MA bronze 2s with Q Acoustics 3020i.
    They didnt have any klipsch in store but reviews seem like the MA bronze 2s tend to come out better

  • Perhaps just keep saving till you get something that does wow you? :-)

  • I had the same problem. Nothing made me really smile till I got to the $500 and up range.

  • I had same issue demoing speakers I ended up going slightly beyond what I intended and got a pair of Dali Spektor 6 and really love them - Richer Sounds were brilliant

  • Further to my speaker upgrade question earlier; I got the Q Acoustics 3020i's. They sound great, really happy with them!

    If anyone is looking for some entry level/small room speakers I now have some Wharfedale Diamond 9's for sale...

  • Beautiful speakers!

  • Beautiful speakers!

    They're great! we listened to more expensive Dali's and slightly cheaper ones, but we kept coming back to the Spektor - very warm, bass is quite in your face but in a good way - they just seemed to have a lot of character

  • I think i am going to sell on the Tube Technology Unisis.

    if anyone is interested in an awesome valve integrated with a great phono stage stage, let me know.

  • Annoyed - my HK 402 has broken again, 3 weeks after getting it back from the repair guy and just after I'd got some additional speakers (Rogers rs7 to run in parallel with my celestion ul6).

    It was all sounding so good for those few weeks, and now I'm back to the nad as a backup (which doesn't cut it by comparison).

    Rant over...

  • Oh no, how come you're shifting it - too much valve heat for the hot summer months?!

  • I got the chance to try something I really wanted to try. I could also do with the money to finish my car.

    The heat is an issue for my wife, but I think it is safe. It certainly sounds amazing.

  • Dude... Don't do it. Stay away from drugs. Its a gateway to more.

  • Anyone looking for a pair of floorstanders? I have ProAc Studio 125 spare. They are very good for the £300 I would like. Some fading and small marks but sound just as they should. Can supply pics to anyone interested

  • Is there a thing that could, via the household WiFi, stream digital radio and play mp3s off of a laptop that was in sleep mode (but also on the WiFi)?

    Ideally cheap as it's for the child. She doesn't need high end stuff yet.

  • laptop that was in sleep mode

    Not if it's asleep.
    If you can tell the laptop to not go to sleep then put something like Plex on it and that'll open up your options a bit.

    Alternatively, Spotify and Alexa. I've got an echo I need to sell as it happens. Also got an old Bose radio and an echo dot that I plugged into it. And a Logitech UE Air with an echo dot. Lemme know if you're interested in anything and I'll locate them.

  • One issue I with a lot of this type of streaming device is that if you're not using a phone/tablet/tv the interface is pretty shit. Choosing mp3s using a remote or buttons on a device can be hard work.

    If you are using a phone/tablet/tv then you might as well use that as the player.

    (Also you're not going to get anything off the laptop whilst it's asleep).

  • I'm moving and want to have a more compact audio setup.

    At the moment I've got two floor standing mission speakers and a Pioneer amp.

    Listen mainly to Death metal, hip hop and blues. Don't need anything too loud as I have a parrot in the living room.

    I'm looking for something with Bluetooth/Spotify connection. Single unit or a pair of active speakers. I'm looking at the Bose sound wave 20 or 30. I want to spend around £300 but if something was much better than the competition I could spend a bit more.

    I don't want to look into it too much as when I do I end up justifying silly expensive purchases (see my spending on my Bob Jackson build).

  • A pair of Sonos One's?

    They pair wirelessly and t'internet reckons two One's is better than one Play 5

  • Always try and go stereo over a single box thing. It's just much better.­bluetooth-speaker-system

  • Or Kanto/Audioengine active's.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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