Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • What will work for you is Airplay 2 which does all these things. What I'd probably suggest is get an old iphone or ipad mini, add a mobile DAC

    Got an iPad mini in a drawer somewhere. Didn’t realise you could extract digital out, with a bit of tinkering of course :)
    All very interesting.

    EDIT: maybe I am being a dumbass here, but I am not quite getting how this would work. Where would the hi-res files be stored? And how would the iPad mini access them (assuming you envisage that as the ‘client’ device on a digital dock with a DAC)? iMac doesn’t support Airplay 2.

  • @Olly398 - have a look at your home broadband router. It may well have a USB socket into which you can plug a USB hard drive. You definitely can with the BT Infinity Hub 6.

    That will get your ripped CDs onto the network in the cheapest way possible.

    Add in that Sonos Connect that I linked to above and you are away. Total outlay of under £250, depending on how big a hard drive you get. 1TB ones can be had for less than £50.

  • It’s 2011, okay great I was reading a different summary which said different. Looks like i’ll just have to have a tinker!

    @mashton that option sounds good too. I’lol have a look at that.

  • I ended up buying a Yamaha V685 receiver for £400. It has a dialogue boost that you can set from 0 to 3 and a night listening feature that slightly reduces the volume of background music and sound effects. Using the 'sport' DPS preset helps as well but I avoid it unless necessary.

    With my Monitor Audio speakers it gives quite a detailed sound and dialogue is better than using the TV's speakers with all the TV's dialogue-enhancing features enabled, and better than it was with my Marantz Amp. It's far from perfect but it is an improvement.

    The downside is that music sounds worse with the AV receiver than with the stereo amp, but I imagine that will always be the case with receivers. Music from the receiver just feels less emotive and rounded than music from the amp, but the Yamaha is still nice to listen to and the combination sounds better than wireless Sonos etc.

    Also, at lower volumes dialogue is still difficult to distinguish, but if I'm watching the TV late at night I just use headphones anyway.

    I went to 4 stores and several people cautioned against buying Denon or Pioneer receivers if dialogue clarity is a priority. I was also recommended the Onkyo 686 but didn't get the opportunity to test it. I considered the Sony 1080 but it seems to be less reliable.

    My next step is to try an additional centre speaker, probably a Monitor Audio bronze or radius 200. I expect adding a centre speaker will be another small improvement.

  • But the main problem is that sound recording & editing of modern films and high-end tv dramas prioritises realism too much. So you get lots of mumbling, heavy accents, and overly noisy background music & sound effects. It seems like there's already a backlash against it and BBC, HBO etc. are moving back towards crisper dialogue.

  • My next step is to try an additional centre speaker, probably a Monitor Audio bronze or radius 200.

    I have a B&W CC6 for sells. Happy to take offers, forum friendly prices.

  • I mean it's an option on the sync page to tell iTunes to reduce the bitrate for storage on your phone. It doesn't do it unless you ask it to.

    Not sure about iTunes lying but it fits with the general malaise. I'm all for having a physical collection and it makes sense to rip it but I've just not actually played much of it since because streaming opens up a lot of possibility for discovery. I am actively looking for good cd versions of albums though, where the mastering is well done cd is an amazing format.

  • Thanks, that makes sense to me.
    Have you ripped any LPs? The few that I've done have worked well, but it's obviously even more of a time suck.

  • Only about 500 so far. I'd say I have the 'needle drop' down now! It gets easier after the first 30 or so. Once you get the key commands down for whichever software you are using.

    One of the best pieces of software I have for needle drops is Squeed. It can use Discogs to apply metadata and write meaningful filenames once you have chopped the recording into tracks.

  • Something to think about for sure, I haven't actually digitized any LPs for about 8-ish years.

  • Right now I'm doing Hawkwind - Space Ritual. It's not one of the easy ones!

  • 'Not one of the easy ones' - not sure what you mean, like you have to make some production-type decisions?

  • It's around 2 hours of pretty much continuous music. It takes time to go through it and cut it at the appropriate intervals to make 17 tracks and if you lose concentration you can end up in a mess.

    An easy album is 8 tracks all separated by some silence.

  • Ah right, it's been a while!

  • have a look at your home broadband router. It may well have a USB socket into which you can plug a USB hard drive

    It does, but only one and it turns out i’ve already plugged a dongle for my smart thermostat into it. FFS.

  • USB Hub is your friend. Make sure it is USB 2 or 3 for speed.

  • It may also need to be powered (if your external HDD isn't).

  • True dat

  • Well my saga culminated in me getting some Bowers and Willing 607s. Less than I'd thought I'd need to spend to be happy. I used to own some P7 headphones and these have a very similar house sound. Lovely little size, kept the Mrs happy and they are admittedly a much better size for my apartment. At 25% off retail for them (ex display) I'm very pleased. Now to find some stands that aren't ugly...

  • I have an old boom box that has phono in is there away of switching it to line/aux in with out opening up the insides for a rewire?

  • I think a tweeter has gone in my Tannoys.

    Fucking boo.

  • My fucking Yamaha is playing up again. Lost a channel in the phono stage. Fffff...

  • Cheers the comprehensive reply! Yeah I feared no matter what I bought it wouldn't be a silver bullet for the situation and suspected the problem lies in the mastering... twats.

    Will go have a listen to that Yamaha, its only for TV so doesn't matter too much about how music sounds.

  • Oh, pants. Sympathies.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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