Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • Yes. Someone. Please.

  • Best solution for clear dialogue?

  • @Olly398 if you want wireless streaming, multi-room and music over the internet then Sonos won't do that. Also, sorry to say it but your budget probably won't even stretch to covering the NAS, let alone any drives to go in it or client devices, especially given the price of Sonos devices. And that's before you get locked into another parallel ecosystem (like Sonos or Roon).

    What will work for you is Airplay 2 which does all these things. What I'd probably suggest is get an old iphone or ipad mini, add a mobile DAC (something like this­und-blasterx-g6) and you're all set with 32-bit/384kHz, 130dB THD digital audio for about £120 per room.

  • I've also looked longingly at the Brennan.
    Have this huge pile of CDs, mostly shit I'm guessing, that I'd like to do similar to you.
    The Brennan I read is not as simple as it seems (it's a raspberry pi in a box) so you have to be willing to tinker.

    I wanted a tinker freeet solution

  • What did you do in the end?

    Sorry I remember lots of posts, but forgot the conclusion.

  • I ripped 500 cd's in a week last year. Took an entire week pretty much day and night. Used XLD on a Mac. It has error correction and lookup for metadata.

    Things I learned :-

    Rip to Alac, I prefer Flac but OSX is still not that friendly about it.

    Work out what naming convention/directory structure you want and program that into XLD before you start the process.

    Use a machine with the fastest reading CD drive that you have, might even be worth using a fast external one. Its the biggest bottleneck.

    You will not be bothered to listen to them all if you sign up to a streaming service for £10 per month. They are mostly worth having on a shelf when you want to look at a physical collection to choose something to play.

    Your mileage may vary but I wouldn't spend a lot of money ripping them.

  • Me likey. Focal Chorus 706s. Head and shoulders above the Dali’s. Stands are lovely too. Deserves a better amp. They don’t sound as warm as they did in the store that was being used with a $1000 NAD. Won’t be spending that much if I keep them but very happy so far. Huge sound.

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  • Nothing. I did nothing.

  • It's OK.

    I'm still researching bathroom ceiling speakers.

  • if you want wireless streaming, multi-room and music over the internet then Sonos won't do that.

    Huh? Those are literally the three things that Sonos does.

  • I'm not even researching. I realised the limits of my time and money.....
    Would pay @Olly398 to do my CDs though

  • They're not even that great tbh

  • Not quite HIFI but related, I just bought the Voyager golden disk re-pressing. Got to be one of the coolest, most depressing and beautiful things I've ever seen or listened to.

  • Sorry, i’ve just had a bonfire with all my CDs and stuffed my ears with fudge

  • I should be more specific. Sonos doesn’t allow you to play your own music over the internet outside your local network, or am I wrong?

  • No it doesn't allow remote access through Sonos. I'm not really sure what that would even mean, since you are away from where your Sonos hardware is.

    But, there is no reason why you can't access your home music store using a different tech such as Plex or a VPN tunnel or whatever, whilst using Sonos to access it at home, in the rooms that have Sonos kit...

  • Fudge?
    Oh my god I can't believe you're using fudge. The soundeobblecapacitance of fudge is so bad. Nougat is where it's at.

  • @freddo and @mashton thanks for clearing that up. Actually now i’ve thought it through, I don’t think I need to access my library outside the home, but I would want to sync compressed versions onto my iPhone (which is what iTunes does).

  • FWIW, I spent a few weeks ripping all of my CDs, I have a home NAS with external access configured.

    But, I haven't bought a CD in years and years. I pay a monthly subscription amount to Deezer, previously to Google Play Music and, previous to that, to Spotify. The vast majority of my music listening is streamed from Deezer. I probably play less than a track a week from my NAS, when it something I own but can't find on Deezer.

    Subscription streaming just ticks all of the boxes: access from anywhere; no worries about home technology setup, support or failure; voice control with all major systems; synchronisation across devices; offline download for mobile; huge convenience; vast library; known expenditure.

    For me it is really a no brainer.

  • I can stream from my NAS to any device, anywhere in the world using Plex. In that sense it’s more like a private Spotify. @Olly398 I wouldn’t underestimate how useful it is not having to constantly sync or decide what you want on your phone due to space limits. But I’d still say Airplay 2 is a cheaper option for you. If you can stretch to a NAS then you’ll get better redundancy.
    Also, are you sure iTunes writes compressed files to a device? If not you could also look at an ipod classic

  • iTunes will automatically compress ALAC to MP3 when it syncs the library to the phone. You can choose the mp3 bitrate up to 256k, it takes time though.

  • Don't really know the answer to your question but dialogue happens over a relatively large spectrum. A lot of the time it seems to be a problem baked into the production of a lot of tv programmes so not much you can do to improve it.

  • Is that for streaming? I ask because according to itunes the music on my phone has retained the same bitrate (320 kbps for example) as the music on my computer - I did read though that itunes sometimes "lies" by upscaling music files to make them look higher fidelity than they actually are.
    Virtually all my music has been ripped from my own collection.

  • Thanks. I do like the idea of a NAS. I am currently in the rabbit-hole of whether I can create one for free using my HDD and an either my iMac or an old Linux laptop I have... plex looks great too.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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