Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • Second hand record shops would love you. Try Pure Records in Brixton. They had a ton of dance vinyl in last time I was there.

  • Am rather enjoying Tidal. Have quickly been locating lots of music from my past but there are some things I can’t find (Black Dog - Bytes for example).

    But a lot of things aren’t in their higher quality Masters encoding.

    Had been waiting for the new set up to listen to Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden and it’s fucking amazing.

    Having got a sofa and cushions into the space has softened the sound. Soon will follow big blackout velvet curtains.

    Watching Blue Planet last night was amazing just for the audio alone. Later this week we will install the projector and screen.

  • Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden - amazing LP as is Laughing Stock

  • I don't think there's much wrong with the cd quality stuff on Tidal. The mastering of a release would make more difference above CD quality. That's what I'm waiting for, a bit more transparency on the mastering. Although I'm not a fan of MQA there's a solid reason for authenticating a studio master these days.

    Listening to Spirit Of Eden for the first time. I'd never moved past The Colour Of Spring.

  • @freddo - still happy with your Presonus? I desperately need to stop using the Sonos that came with my apartment. They're so shit.

    Still undecided between traditional separates and active speakers. I've gone down an absolute rabbit hole on the Audio Science Review forum and YouTube this week and everything I'm reading is that Active Speakers just make more sense for me. But surprisingly not just from a space saving perspective, but from a SQ point of view as well. E.g. lots of people who have LS50s with very expensive amps then hear the LS50 Wireless speakers and are blown away by how good they sound because KEF have engineered the built in dac/amp to pair with the speakers. I've read the word 'engineered' a lot in the last few days....

  • Sonos are shit until you get them setup right.

    Once they are solid, they are great.

    What issues are you having?

  • Or maybe you mean sound quality wise?

    Hence the Sonos Connect, running the digital out into external DAC and amp and speakers.

  • Well, I was talking about SQ, but they do some weird things. I have a 1 and 3 and no other speakers. The 3 is in the same room as my access point, yet it always loses it's connection from Spotify Connect. I can manually open the Sonos app and play music from there without issue but the Spotify app gives me a big fat nope.

    I'm also still using the inbuilt speakers on my TV and that's obviously gash. My apartment is tiny, relatively, so I want one pair of speakers to use either side of the television for both TV use and music. I have space for separates in the TV cabinet, but if I can do better with active, then that is absolutely preferable.

    This is the post I referred to earlier. It's from a thread called Active vs Passive speakers.

    If you speak with people who have owned the passive L50's and heard them with loads of different amps (even super expensive ones) and who then also heard the active LS50W's, the reaction is sometimes 'I never knew they could sound that could'. Even though they are all-in-ones.
    I am one of these people. I guess this was a great example (to me) of what can happen when the speaker designer gets to choose the drivers and amps for these drivers and optimise the amplification of the drivers and the DSP crossover etc.
    But to fully appreciate what I mean, you need to demo the passive LS50's first. Even with beefy Pass Labs amps or other highly rated amps and really good DAC if you like (just for demo purpose). Then compare with the LS50W's...
    Of course I'm not suggesting everyone has been and will be blown away but I was and I do know many others that have.

  • I've been pretty convinced by active monitors for quite a while. The shorter distance between amp and driver helps the designers. The idea that mixing and matching amps and speakers is the path to Nirvana might just be an audiophile pipe dream, it can cost a fortune too.

    Biggest problem with actives is the power cord.

  • Interesting interesting. I am definitely leaning more and more towards them.­390044-REG/jbl_305p_mkii_studio.html

    Seems a mighty fine deal.

  • I remain extremely happy with the PreSonus eris 4.5s. I did a lot of research before i bought them and could only find rave reviews, not one negative one. Get them, not least because they have EQ to tune them to your room.

    If for any reason you don't buy the PreSonus you could also look at these­yu6/

  • Thanks @freddo! I just had a listen to their bigger brothers and they certainly seemed less susceptible to placement issues than the JBL, Genelec’s Audioengine ones I listened to. Unfortunately they had no 4.5s. As in, when I moved around, the SQ remained good. When I moved around when demo-ing the others, the sound sounded like it was recorded in mono. Food for thought....

  • Anyone flogging any Sonos stuff, let me know...

  • Maybe my perspective is skewed after years of being in and around recording studios and having unflashy hifi year at home but; I can’t help thinking trading in your decent hifi gear for low-end studios monitors based on hifi forum chat is silly. Studio monitors are not designed for listening pleasure and the ones linked to above are definitely at the budget/hobbyists end of the market. Keep your dedicated gear!

  • I think a lot of newer budget studio monitors do clever stuff with baked in DSP that significantly improve them over cheap monitors even just 5-10 years old. The manufacturers know they’re being used for general listening and I also think the weighting towards accuracy/imaging over hyped bass and ‘sounding impressive for their size’ means they actually end up sounding much better than the equivalent priced Sonos/Bose/etc all-in-one job - helped by having separated speakers. They’re also often being compared against affordable older hi-fi stuff which may be knackered now or just designed with different tastes in mind.

    On that note, I just picked up a pair of Wharfedale Super Lintons for £15 and am assessing options for amping...

  • Low end studio monitors will likely be full of compromises, I went through a few before I reached the current setups. If wouldn't expect much change from £4k if you want to get a 'decent' pair or 2.1 set. Something like the Dynaudio Air series second hand might get you there for less. PMC would be more like £6k. You'll get listening pleasure for that money though, that I can vouch for.

    I'm starting to look at ATC to replace my large Dynaudio. From this thread I'm tempted to look at Tannoy but ATC have been in my mind for a long time.

  • @fatberg If I didn't make it clear, I currently only have Sonos stuff that was built into my apartment when I moved in, hence the evaluation of active vs passive.

    I wasn't initially looking at studio monitors at all. Mostly active speakers rather than monitors for example KEF LSXs.

    Another option is something like Dynaudio's all in one Music 7 or Music 5 or Naim's Mu-so stuff. I really have no preference on form factor at all. The room it's filling is small, but the fact that I'm not always going to be in this apartment makes me think I shouldn't be buying near-field monitors.

  • The Dynaudio Xeo 2 are now discontinued but still available. Were originally $1500 here in the U.S. but are now available on Amazon for $899.... very tempting.

    Found them for $799.. jeeez. Finger is very close to the order button. Will try and listen to some today.

  • Heard some Xeo's. Heard the new Dynaudio Music range, heard the Naim Mu. Didn't like the non stereo nature of the Music and Naim. Did like the Xeo's but probably a bit rich for my tastes at the moment.

    So instead, I ordered these for $186:­but-b52
    And this for $144.99:­7GXN/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3DLIZX4­T1QPH&psc=1

    Only read good things about both of them. I'm not woried about the speakers. Still on the fence about the amp - if it doesn't work out I'll return it. Hoping it does though. It's tiny which is a big plus. Went for the Elac's mainly due to reviews but also, they won't have much space to breathe so front porting is a massive bonus. If I don’t like, 60 day returns are offered, so it’s a win-win.

  • Yeah, ignore me. Just being grouchy.

  • Picking up my 1970s Sonab R3000 from some cool old guys who've serviced it, resoldered some stuff and hopefully got both channels levelled. Tried spraying things with isopropyl alcohol first but no improvement. I did find the wiring diagram taped to the inside of the lid though, pretty cool.

  • Giving Tidal another go. UI is better than the last time I used it. I also don't think I'd set up my Dragonfly properly last time I used it. I have now - sounds great with my Westone W40's. Really great. Will see what it can really do when amp and speakers turn up later this week.

    Update: Really impressed. Fuck it. Making the switch from Spotify. I am actually astonished at how much more data these Tidal tracks contain. Especially 'Master' recordings. Sheesh. Having a blast. Their playlists have also improved dramatically in two years. Hoping they have an overly aggressive algorithm that picks up my listening habits relatively quickly.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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