Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • The trade off between asthetics and function is tricky, especially when you get down to bass. I’ve been trying to work out how to get some treatment into my ‘cinema room’ (lounge) but the walls are screen/wallpaper/shelves/bay window so it’s basically impossible unless I start chucking soffit traps around the edge of the floor, which is going to look weird at best. I would do a ceiling cloud but that will wreck the cool Victorian coffering.

  • Thanks, the flexibility with speakers with the Yamaha kit is good. Think when it comes to sound quality it'll offer the best bang for buck. We had a Sonos in my old office. Lovely to use, sound quality was meh.

    Have you used the musicast app much, and if so is it any good?

  • I could probably do a ceiling cloud without great difficulty. Knock up a frame, fill with rock wool, wrap in cloth and hang from ceiling. Would need to locate the ceiling batons.

    I may also put one into the dining room as I hate it when noise reverberates and people end up shouting over each other.

  • Yeah all rooms are like that without stuff in them to be fair. What other gear is going in? One day I’ll have an amazing pair of floorstanders too!

  • Oh yeah if you’ve got equipment to cut wood accurately they’re dead easy - I bought the ones in my studio but I’ve seen plans/calcs around for the ‘right’ insulation. Mine are on brackets that stand them off the ceiling, as the air gap increases effectiveness.

    I was going to mention restaurants with no treatment - nothing worse than the sound of chairs and cutlery scraping with people getting louder and louder!

  • A friend is a brilliant carpenter and could probably mitre some wood for an accurate frame.

    Then there is still having to get “challenging” aesthetics past my partner, who may object.

  • Yeah - I tend to use the app more than the remote with the amp(s) to be honest. The smaller amp in the bedroom can only be used with the app for anything beyond basic controls anyway.

    The musicast app allows you to change the source and the EQ without a remote, group rooms also - A feature I like means you can multiple rooms treated as one device.

    I'd like to further down the line look at the individual speakers in the Yamaha line, perhaps for the garden in summer but at the moment I'd rather spend that money somewhere else.
    Also if you have any audio equipment that doesn't have network functionality you can buy a module from Yamaha that'll allow you to connect it up to the network and be treated as such.

    All in all I'm glad I decided on the Yamaha set up. It also helps that the network player I have in the living room has optical input so we use the same set up for films.

  • If the fabric colour matches the ceiling, they can be pretty subtle (or you could light the gap with neon leds for a somewhat different feel)!

  • I always fancied having a go at replicating the acoustic clouds in this concert hall (on a smaller scale obviously!)
    Aula Magna of the University of Caracas

  • Thanks, sounds like a good choice. Need to find some discreet speakers for the kitchen. I'm not quite sold on ceiling speakers.....

  • How about 2 of those yamaha ones and run them in stereo? They don't seem too big and can always be wall mounted. They also sound fantastic.

    The alternative is running a smaller amp - wxc50 or the like and put the speakers of your choice on top of the cabinets?

  • frame

    If the frame isn't too big it's an easy DIY job. Because the whole thing is covered they can just be butted against each other, then screwed and glued.

  • .

  • @BRM what's your asking price on the Pioneer Amp? A friend of mine might be interested

  • Was thinking of an rn602, with 2 sets of wired speakers. I'm renovating a house, so running wires about is not an issue. May get so e of the wireless Yamaha speakers for the bedroom though ...

  • Sold I’m afraid.

  • I was given some stands to try with my Eatons on the weekend. About 150mm higher than the B&O trumpets.

    Transformed! The imaging was never really a problem, but it is now amazing. Holy shit. Like a new system.

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  • Sarah’s gonna have my balls tho

  • Ha!

    Keep the stands under the sofa and bring them out for solo listening...

  • I bet they like having some space to breathe in too.

  • That’s the plan. Clever fucker that I am, I’m gonna mark the floor when I get them set up sweetly, but I’ll use THEO’S FUCKING CRAYONS! So he gets the blame!

  • It’s weird. The bass sounds a lot cleaner. Less of it but more variation.

    God, I am starting to sound like a wanker

  • Low frequency definition. Mmmmmm. Filthy.

    You should try some Diana Krall on that

  • Ha

  • I am listening to a really cool ‘space-themed classical music’ playlist off the back of our chat at yours

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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