Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • Hahahaha, wrong thread. This was meant to go in mum's and dad's....

  • ^^ I think I can tell the difference between CDs burned from flac
    versus CDs burned from 320mbps MP3s ... but maybe I'm just imagining
    it. Hard to be sure.

    “moDernisT” is a haunting track created by Ryan Maguire, a PhD student in Composition and Computer Technologies at the University of Virginia Center for Computer Music, using the data left over when the Suzanne Vega single “Tom’s Diner” was compressed into an MP3 file. The track is the first entry in Maguire’s The Ghost in the MP3 project, chosen because the Vega song was used in early MP3 coding tests.­unting-track-composed-of-the-sound-lost-­when-the-song-toms-diner-is-compressed-i­nto-an-mp3/

  • Pariah
    Heirglyphic being
    Demdike stare

  • ...and the transformation is complete. you have now stopped listening to music and started listening to your kit.

    cue: steely dan, yello and diana krall

  • Yes, could be interested.

    Can't find your asd now, remind me which arm you have?

  • Chromecast music?

    Can I use a 3.5mm (from the chromecast) into the amp through RCA?
    Does this use wifi opposed to bluetooth?

  • Yep, it's a dual purpose mini-toslink and 3.5mm out, so RCA works fine.

    Streams over WiFi, which is great because it works if your phone loses connection. Phone acts more like a remote

  • It's a Micro Seiki MA-202 I have had it rewired with KAB Superflex and it has had the bearings upgraded to hybrid ceramic. Headshell and new copper litz leads. I also have an ebony armboard that should probably go with the arm.
    Untitled by Richard Howard, on Flickr
    Untitled by Richard Howard, on Flickr

  • No techno?! What, no Dave Clarke?

    Arm looks nice, will likely take that if you don't shift it with the deck.

    What cart do you have in it? Are you selling that as well?

  • It's a Hana SL. I am unsure about whether to shift this or keep it as i bought it new and it has only done (exactly!) 400 sides and i'd likely take a haircut on it if i sold. plus it is fucken cool.

    Untitled by Richard Howard, on Flickr

  • I am sure we could reach a deal

  • Would anyone mind explaining to me whether I could use that Amptastic mini amp with a modern tv? Am I right in thinking that I would need a DAC with an optical input and then RCA cable to the Amptastic? Would I still be able to control the volume with a remote? I think I can cannibalise two of my broken B&W DM12's in order to get the other two working,so I just need to sort an inexpenisve amp/receiver.

  • Mr Heartbeat is a fun album to test a setup with; it doesn't actually push the equipment as much as sounds great across a wide range of equipment.
    Too late to the wrong party - as you were.

  • You can configure it as a power amp (with a little jumper inside)and run a lead from the headphone jack of the telly to the rca input. That would be the simplest way.

    You’d need to make sure the telly never came on with the volume jacked though.

  • Get a pair of iloud micro monitors. Shit name and don't look that cool but once run in they sound fantastic.

  • No techno!

    I'm tempted just to buy this and only play techno on it to see what happens

  • QSound

    Very interesting. Thanks!

  • Anyone got a go-to record cleaning kit or regime? Got a few bits needing TlC now

  • I have an rcm you can borrow

  • My Naim Nait CD3.5 has lost output in the right hand channel. Naim's own repairs are way spendy, so I was going to try Armstrong Audio in Walthamstow. Does anyone have any experience of using them?

  • ^ They look reputable.

    Now my speaker placement is sorted out I finally decided to treat myself to some decent interconnects.

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  • I had my amps serviced by Witch Hat Audio, ex naim engineers. Seemed to do a good job.

  • Naim subs out its repairs to in Sheffield. They did a fine job on all of mine earlier this year. Contact there is Darran.

  • They look expensive!

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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