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  • I’ve got a Cambridge 640 amp and have had it for ten years. I turned it in on Saturday and it makes a sharp sound and a protection light flashes. Is it knackered? I’ve looked online and most of the posts deal with new ones that have this problem.
    I feel like ten years is a good amount of service.

  • would anyone here be interested in a pair of very tatty Quad ESL-57 speakers? I'd be asking £150 for them. At that price, you might expect a few gotchas, and you'd be right.

    They're in Brighton.

    Basically - bronze grills, missing the tripod feet, they do have some custom MDF stands that they're... er... able to be fixed to.

    One sounds a tad brighter than the other - because it had a panel replaced before I got them.

    They're sitting in a corridor in my place in Brighton gathering dust. I checked them last summer - they haven't been used for 10+ years. Auditions are a bit awkward, but not impossible.

    Please do DM me if you're interested.

  • Shameless plug - If anyone needs a capable little integrated amplifier with a great phono stage I've got a Rega Biro-R up for sale in the classifieds. Served me well for a few years now and it's in perfect condition.

  • Made the mistake of listening to a set of Dali Zensor 7 floor standing speakers yesterday at Richer Sounds. In clearance for £425 bit of cosmetic damage which doesn't bother me. Damn they sounded amazing

  • I have the Dali Z3s I got on a cracker of a deal. They are spectacular! I picked them as they have larger woofer cones and enclosures without going into super sized behemoths.

    Love mine.

  • Good to know! They seem to get decent reviews!

  • Great, will probably just send them away, the company that made the crossover still exists (norfolk somewhere). They've continued to sound worse over past year, its not just my imagination now, though TBF there has been some parties, and folk haven't been respecting the limiter I set, much clipping :/

  • I was seriously considering some Klipsch K7iii speakers until I realised they are ENORMOUS.
    After something audiophile that can go all nightclub when needs be.

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  • Ahh my a85 has died.
    In case it’s not simply a fuse, when I find my multimeter, anyone recommend a good repair shop in London. I’m in Beckenham so near here would be great.

  • So went back to Richer Sounds yesterday to buy those clearance Dali Sensor 7's. A different sales guy this time, he said to be honest those speakers have really been through the mill, we shouldn't really be selling them and definitely not at that price. He then spent nearly two hours demoing speakers at differing price points for me and Mrs EB, really took his time to explain everything to us. Such excellent customer service it was amazing. We ended up with a pair of Dali Spektor 6. Couldn't be happier!

  • Good going

  • I'm not an electronics guy so am going to take my HK430 Twin and Radio Shack (!) Nova 8B speakers in to my local audio guru for some serious work. I've had the receiver for about 12 years and the speakers for half that. The receiver will get the full rebuild treatment, I like it that much, though I've no idea how much it needs. The speakers I'll check with them about; online fora seem to hold them in high regard and worth working on, though most seem to do it themselves.

  • In my current gaff the living room is a really weird shape and finding some where to put the floor standers is very heavy on compromise as the longest wall has a radiator running the whole length, so the place that's deigned to put the TV is in a corner, so I'm considering getting either some small book shelf speakers, and putting them in the Ivar shelves and they'll be roughly 10cm from the rear wall, and with the side wall being roughly 2m away and the other 50cm. The other option is to get a soundbar/base, neither solution is ideal, but I'm just trying to work out which is greater?

  • Reposition your radiator.
    Get a vertical rad.
    It'll be cheaper.

  • Only half joking. We had two long rads on the two longest walls. Put vertical rads (big ones) to throw the warmth into the room. Freed up lots of space.
    Space that is now full of kids toys.

  • I'd go for bookshelf speakers.

  • Quick q, while i've got the case off my Yamaha CA-600 to clean some of the pots... the voltage selector is set to 220v. There is a 240v option. Should I change it?

  • I'm going with leave it. Have squirted all the pots with contact cleaner, blown some dust out checked wires and caps and will now rig back up. The state of dust and grime in there had me wondering if the dude I paid £40 to "repair" it last year even took some of the covers off...

  • Get a vertical rad.

    That's not a bad shout actually, although will eat in to my bike buying budget.

  • Fuck me. It's fixed. Definitely got had for that repair fee. Shop I did it through has changed hands now so no come back. Don't care really. Just thrilled to be sat here my desk between the speakers with a re-issue of Nick Drake - A Treasury sounding amazing!

  • Yup

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  • Nice.

    Apart from "OMG, turntable on top of amplifier horror".

    But if it works, it works...

  • I never understood that. Turntable away from speakers obv. But why not on amp? It's not blocking the vents and there should be no vibration. Is it to do with mechanical noise being transferred to the amp?

    The biggest problem i have with the current placement is guitar straps falling down on it.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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