Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • Between the 10 and 50? The 10 is basically like a souped up Chromecast with a DAC, it'll let me stream / play stuff but has no inputs as far as I can see.

    I think the 50 allows me to line in from TV etc as well

  • I've got one of those and I'm very happy with it. Sounds good to my ears.

  • @aggi just sorted out the harmony Logitech remote, feels good, a bit laggy if you’re pointing directly at the tv, but being able to control the amp and tv from one remote feels like a godsend.
    Now just need to teach my missus how to use it..

  • Without spending fuxkloaxs of cash,how can I output apple TV (which now only has HDMI or optical outputs) audio to my vintage amp? I don't want a new amp.
    At some point I'm buying a new telly, but seeing as I don't watch live telly very often, I'm very tempted by just a monitor.

    What are my options:
    Airplay express
    Some hooky eBay Chinese neet audiocast puck
    Network streamer

  • Is the amp near your Apple TV? If you’re trying to achieve what I think you’re trying to achieve, an HDMI audio extractor could be an option. This is just an example of a cheap one on amazon. Lots of people make ‘proper’ ones. Kramer, Exxtron etc.

    HDMI Audio Extractor Neoteck 4K DAC HDMI Audio Extractor with Volume Adjustment HDMI to Optical Spdif Toslink + R/L(RCA) + 3.5mm Stereo Audio Converter for Blu-ray DVD Player Xbox One SKY HD Box PS3 PS4­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_api_L1iSBb348N8TK

  • Very near.

  • Yeah, that’ll do the trick. Apple TV>HDMI>HDMI Extractor>RCA Cable>Amp.

  • Great.

    I also found my raspberry pi as I was putting some stuff in a cupboard.
    All the optionsg

  • I'm very tempted by just a monitor

    Fwiw I think my mate got his dad a smart HDTV for c£350 from Amazon. Weighed nothing either.

  • My Apple TV goes into tv via hdmi. Then headphones out on tv to amp.

  • My current telly,old no Freeview tuner built in plugged in or aerial used, has audio and headphone outs. However, when I've previously used the audio outs my amp feels buzzy to touch and that is not good. The plan is to have a box that can do the streaming and the apps, rather than a telly with a tuner, and audio without buzz to my amp.

  • I picked up a new phono stage recently (a Trilogy 906) for an absolute steal and it shows the Tron a clean pair of heels.

    Sensational little box, plus I have sold on the the Tron without losing too much and get s bit of pocket money for records.

    I’m done swapping now. For real.

  • You had a Tron?! Omg.

    When I was a hifi geek they were the thing everyone wanted to hear.

    The trilogy must be good.

  • It is a convergence, not a seven. They are worth more than my car!

  • Ah right. Still a nice thing.

  • I have read lots of good things about those. I upgraded to a Quad qc-24p recently. Very happy

  • Are musicast and chromecast audio compatible /interchangeable?

  • nice. i heard one of them through some active kef speakers and it was mint.

    are you back in the uk now? if you want to have a shot with the trilogy, sing out.

    i am valve free now, and almost clear of the hifi addiction.

  • Did you keep the technics?

  • yep - not convinced i'd enjoy a belt drive more for the same money.

  • as it stands:

    Technics SL1210/Micro Seiki MA202/Hana SL
    Trilogy 906 & a Halide HD DAC
    Pioneer SA9500
    Tannoy Eaton

  • yes am back we should arrange a swap some time. I've gone the other way, all valves with a Leben CS-300. I'll stop there, it's fab.

  • I'll stop there

    Of course you will

  • Some cable tidying and a p85 added.


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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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