Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • Amazon Firestick works with bluetooth headphones for doing that.

  • cool! will look into it! Thank you Aggi.

  • I have a fairly entry level one spare after a recent upgrade sent you a PM

  • There's a lot of choice these days, what input/sampling rates/output do you need. Personally I like AES/96..24/Balanced so the Lavry DA10 works for me. There's loads of good network players that do it all up to DSD and come in cheaper than standalone though.

  • I’ve pmd you sswiss

  • Yeah, choice is baffling - in this instance this is for the PC/workstation, so reality is primary (but not always) input will be USB and out Headphones. Sources Streaming/CD/Rip etc.

  • So that just leaves pretty much any DAC made in the last 15 years :) I have had good results from a Gustard item, USB->AES, not really what you want but I think they do budget through to high end without stupid prices. Some secondhand stuff to look for might be a benchmark DAC or even Lavry DA10. Not sure on the prices for those any more. It does depend if you want to spend £50/£500/£5000 though.

    Just checked out my list on eBay, looks like prices have picked up on most of those items, I must have bought in a dip.

  • Smart hifi guys...

    Bought an old Rotel Amp (Rotel RA-810A) of Dazza to tide me over... it sounds ok but is a bit ugly/worn.

    Whats the consensus on these...­/d-3020v2-hybrid-digital-amplifier/

    Paired with Kev 101 ref models and a Project Turntable.


  • Did heaps of research about a year ago before buying an Amptastic on here. That one was high up on the list, online census was in its favour

    Now though it's all about home pods, looking to get one or possibly two and have a great sounding system that takes up zero space

  • Cheers for the reply. I’ll get a HomePod when Siri isn’t crap and it can use Spotify. I have plenty of vinyl so need a real hifi set up still... love the audiolab amps but not the price.

  • Oh need phono and aux in too. Nowt more. Nowt less.

  • Spotify isn't a problem I don't think, unless you want to talk to your speaker which is about the last thing I want to do, I'm perfectly happy getting my phone up

  • Also, speaking doesn't work with my memory. I struggle with remembering words, names and numbers but can recall images really well, so a visual way of selecting albums / songs is much better for me than going 'hey siri, play that song, you know from that album with the yellowish cover with really nice italicised type on, think it's track 3 maybe?'

  • I had one for a few years until it sparked out one morning and took out a pair of expensive bass drivers. Hard to say if the drivers were faulty and took out the amp but clearly the speaker protection circuit is faulty as the speakers let out the magic smoke which should never have happened.

    If you still fancy one it was a decent kitchen system amp.

  • Have another look at the Pro-ject range, had a power supply fail on a little Project power amp after 10 years but it was pretty decent up to then. If you've not seen them irl they are tiny.

  • Ha, should have known you'd know your stuff... I looked at the Project stuff but the guys at the hifi shop told me they would not be powerful enough for my speakers? Plus I would need 2 boxes, but that might not be so bad...

    @kboy I would have said the same until I used a Google home I bought for a relative for an eve... the idea of taking a device out your pocket, unlocking it, opening an app selecting a song then selecting airplay just feels crazy now compared to "Hey Google, play xxx", but also see your user case/point.

  • Also, swedish accent >>>>>

  • jess hello siri can ju plis play abba jess?

  • I can't decide what I'd like to hear until I visually scan all my cds...

  • To my shame I usually just put iTunes on shuffle.

  • I really like my V1. Have it plugged into Linn Helix speakers, running off a Linn Axis through a Pro-Ject Tube Box II, and regularly use the Bluetooth and a Chromecast hooked up to the digital input. Sounds great to my ears, not far removed from the old 3150 I had before, but better clarity, and the connectivity on it is mental. I especially like that it'll turn itself on when I start playing through the Chromecast. Volume knob/display is a bit shit for the money, but I can live with that.

    Addition of the phono stage for the V2 is nice, though I'd bemoan the loss of the additional 3.5 aux/digital-in and USB DAC

  • I only listen to Bootliquor FM (, but the wife uses Spotify...

  • Ohhhh do you ache any pics you could share? How do you switch between input sources, I may have missed that. Totally forgot about digital input (which is how I would connect my Airport I think? edit: Nah, but I have 1x 3.5 to 2 x 3.5 lead thing I use atm to connect to Aux).

  • Just this one to hand.

    There are two touch sensitive buttons on the top for power and source switching, and the little remote does on, off, source, volume, skip and pause. Remote works well until the battery starts running low, then it gets really dodgy. V1 has both mini-toslink and toslink, V2 just toslink. Both should work with the auto-wakeup I think

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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