Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • Another Arcam AR60 amp has died on me, I have no luck with Vintage Hifi stuff, I'm sure 90% of people on here have no issues but mine always go fucking wrong, every fucking time, so time to ditch the dream and get something new...

    Ideally around £500, but also looking at that Audiolab which is £900, needs to be small and look nice, inputs are record player and Airport express (via 2 xx 3.5). Must also be EU brand.

    Anyone any recommendations (apart from stop being so damn fussy)?

  • How about the Cyrus One?

  • Was looking at them but too deep. Near 40cm!

  • Ah, okay.

  • Audio lab may be only option. But it’s £900.

  • Very nice though and if it's the ONLY option...

  • If anyone is after a reasonably priced DAC, I am selling a Beresford Caiman II. It kicks dicks - read the reviews.

    All the connections you could ever need plus fixed/variable output so it can double as a pretty good preamp if you don’t use vinyl.

  • Would an RCA mod on a Philips 212 Electronic be worth the effort?

    Now it has the old DIN contact and it's pretty noisey when not playing.

    Everything is stock on it except the cartridge that is a AT95E.

  • Arcam AR60

    I want one.

  • Afternoon all. Can anyone recommend a place or person to recap a Linn Klout in London?

  • If your South East then here:

  • thank you Cornish Bike, just spoke to them and they cannot get the parts anymore. :-(

    if anyone else knows a way around this i'd be most obliged

  • This guy has a good rep:

  • Not quite at the audiophile end of the spectrum but...

    If I wanted to convert a broken old '60s radio to a Bluetooth speaker what sort of speaker would I need?

    A 3-5" "full range" speaker driver like this?

    In which case what sort of internal amp power would I need to power it at a min?


  • by chance, has anyone got a cheap / old phono stage they are looking to sell? It'll be a stop gap for me until I buy a new amp with built in phono stage.

  • thank you BRM, I've been in contact with Darren at Class A and think i'll be sending send it there..

  • You mean it will be a stop gap before your descent into a spiral of ever more exotic and expensive phono pre amps surely.

    I have one I'm not using but it's not cheap or that old. What sort of budget do you have in mind?

  • Are there any WiFi headphones around? I dont mean Bluetooth, I mean can i use it with chromecast or such?

  • No idea but it seems impractical in terms of battery life and portability... What’s the useage?

  • I don't see how a phone and Bluetooth headphones wouldn't do this better.

  • watching movies at home.

  • I'm after a reasonably priced DAC.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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