Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • Brought a subwoofer for a good price off eBay, that I’d been looking at on and off for the last couple of months. I don’t need it, have nowhere suitable to use it, but am irrationally excited about having it.

  • Sub woofers are the nuts. What one is it?

    At one time I had a 12" B&W sub with some fairly small Cyrus stand mounts. It sounded great. Somehow when you get the roll off and level right, the sub manages to make the upper frequencies on the stand mounts sound better.

  • Maybe have a look at PMC DB1 / TB1. Not used them myself but always fancied trying out a pair.

  • REL habitat 1.
    It’s a smallish wireless, wall mounted one.
    Got great reviews when it first came out, subsequently discontinued and one of those things I’d look up on eBay every so often to see if I could get one for a decent price..

  • Thanks will see. It seems they're passive and the idea of active simplifies things, plus wireless which makes things look neat on the wall. I'll try get a listen on some Kef lsx when I'm back in London.

  • A single run of speaker cable to each speaker is easier to manage than a power cable to each speaker... Plus the lsx have all the inputs etc on the back so wall mounting isn't ideal.

    Have you thought of something like Dali Oberon wall speakers? Specifically designed for wall mounting and will run with virtually any amplifier.

  • Wow i am tired, somehow the need for power slipped my mind!

    Dali Oberon

    No, didn't know them. Will look them up, thank you!

  • There's an active version of the DB1 but they originally came with Flying Mole amps and when they started failing the company went under so PMC came with their own amp which is very very good but also had some issues caused by heat if you leave them switched on the whole time.

    There's a good wall mounting bracket available from PMC for fairly spicy money.

    If I was going to run a pair I'd be thinking sub as well but then I moved to the TwoTwo5 actives with a Sub1 and that's a very good neutral monitoring setup but probably better as a nearfield setup.

    LB1's are very good, pair them with hypex amps but they will be more than £600 with the amps, they do need power, 200w seemed best. I did run them with a Cambridge A1 for a few years and they're fine but extra power really helps the bass control.

  • I have a pair of Oberon 1s and I'm happy with them. Part of the reason I got them is they're nice and neat and designed to sit near the wall. Turns out the vast majority of speakers aren't.

  • Cool, will be interested if they fit the bill... Here's a UK link - the Oberon range has many speakers but these are ones I was thinking of:­-on-wall-white.html

  • Tbh I'd be ok with the non wall ones. I can mount them high and out the way. Just can't have huge floor tannoys.

    Thanks @Airhead I have space for a sub, but not sure if positioning will work, need to look into it.
    When I'm back in UK will try find some places for a listen and see how they all sound.

  • Found some Klipsch KG4:s in great nick locally. Just need to get some proper stands for them.

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  • Those look rad

  • Holy moly. Lovely.

  • i have a quad 306 here while my radford is on blocks and i am mightily impressed. i am convinced it is better at the higher/lower ends of the spectrum.

    i now don't know what i am going to do.

  • I have a gently improved (not by me) Quad 34. It's lovely but I think my Meridian 501 sounds better so I've gone back to that for the time being.

    Edit: just realised you are talking about the power end, not the pre end... so ignore me!

  • Always fancied a 306, the best looking Quad I reckon.

    Do an A/B test when you get the Radford back, then sell it and spend the cash on something more fun when you realise it's no better!

  • what are you going to do with the 34?

  • it does do quite a lot of things better than the quad.

    but for the money, the quad is amazing

  • i have a croft 25RS (?) pre here on loan at the moment. it is pretty cool.

    i know someone who is looking to move a MF NuVista 300 pre/power set, so i might give that a go.

  • Thing on radio 4 about vinyl revival and how in the 90’s nobody bought it (except people like me without a cd player)
    just looked at the price of nirvana unplugged 1994 white vinyl???
    might be a bit more careful with it now..

  • I have no particular plans for it. I haven't thought about selling it as it's a nice thing and in my mind, I feel like a spare pre amp is always handy which is fairly irrational, I know.

    Happy to lend it if you want to give it a try. If you like it I could probably be persuaded to part ways with it permanently.

  • I need a long rca cable. Nothing too flashy but 12 or 15m long. Any suggestions? It’s to connect a tv to active ceiling speakers…

  • I had the Drill EP by Radiohead. Cashed it in about 10 years ago. I got the princely sum of £80 I think. It's now at £250.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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