Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • Any update on the speaker sitch @rogan ?

  • finally arrived, have been tweaking positioning but very happy with them, huge fan

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  • And this is the position you settled on!? :-P I know they're front ported. Just pulling your leg.

  • aha no this is first day, trying them from the arm chair but have flipped them over and moved armchair over

  • Professional Middle Class

  • Warning, non-audiophile content to follow..

    I’m looking for a half-decent battery powered DAB radio for garden use.. anybody have any recommendations? - it needs to work independently of anything else, so not Bluetooth speaker for phone or similar..and ideally not look like an abomination (dewalt site radios etc.)

  • I've had various Pure ones and been happy with them. You can either get one that has a battery built in (I've got a StreamR that I use in the bathroom) or something like an Evoke and get the Chargepak for it.

    Or look at the Ruark R1 (you can pick up the older models for under £100 secondhand) and get a battery pack.

  • We have a JBL Tuner (I think the current model is called Tuner 2) - does exactly what you’re after, plus it has the Bluetooth gubbins as well. Works well.

  • Depending how much of a bastard neighbour you are I actually quite like the roberts revival petite, which is well reviewed for its tiny size. Might not be as much oomph as you need though.

  • Thanks for the recommendations.. I’ll have a search around eBay .. trying to keep costs down as I don’t trust myself not to leave whatever I buy out in the rain overnight at some point.

    In other sad news, Onkyo filed for bankruptcy­ry-japanese-hi-fi-brand-onkyo-files-for-­bankruptcy

  • Onkyo AVR apparently not affected. Either way. Sad. Loved my A-9150.

  • In other news, I am thinking of going back to a headphone setup. If I am at home, I'm at my desk. If I'm not at my desk, I'm either not at home, or I'm doing bits and bobs. Not sitting down in the living room able to appreciate music. I think I've probably used my HiFi for only 15 or so hours since moving into this apartment in January...

    So I ordered some Focal Elex's as they're currently on sale. Really like their speakers, so hopefully these sound kinda similar.

  • Going back.. or getting both...?

    I'm the opposite, I bought Focal Clear mg's but now I have a HiFi in my office again, I find myself putting that on rather than the Focals

  • Oh yeah good point. I'll see how I get on, but: I am thinking of keeping my Totem's but selling my Rogue Sphinx because fundamentally, while I like it a lot, all of the amplification comes from some Hypex modules. I am not convinced that the tube pre-amp section benefits the amplification enough (or at all, lol) to justify keeping it over something much cheaper with the same modules. The Totem's just like watts, so as long as I keep the same wattage with something else, I am happy.

    But, I will play it by ear. If I fall in love with the headphones and find that my Totems/Rogue just sit their gathering even more dust than they already do, I'll probably try to sell them. I got the Totem's as demo units and have no boxes though, so selling those might be tricky.

    Ideally, I'd have my speakers set up in a way that lets me properly utilise them while working but the layout of my apartment doesn't allow that in any way.

  • I'm the opposite, I bought Focal Clear mg's but now I have a HiFi in my office again, I find myself putting that on rather than the Focals

    Sure the Elex is a good shout though, I didn't like any of the Focal speakers I heard, but the Clears are awesome.

  • I've only heard their sub $1000 bookshelf speakers and they were great. (Mass)Drop allow returns anyway so if I don't like them, I will just send them back.

  • I shifted the Rogue. I paid $1400 for it a year+ ago and sold it for $1150 so that was good. The Focal's turned up today along with a (Mass)Drop THX AAA One. They sound just like the Focal speakers I in-home demoed once, or at least from memory anyway. Build quality is great and the box they came in is very very nice. Nice to be able to listen to music at the volume I want to without worrying about the lower frequencies disturbing my neighbours.....

    I was worried I would be underwhelmed with the Elex's but I am not at all. They're really great.

  • new Fyne Audio 'Vintage' series - want the classic 12" so much.

  • Lol literally Tannoy's

  • Yup - designed by the same person who did the Tannoys. Apparently all the old staff left Tannoy when they were bought out by Behringer, and started Fyne.

  • Aye. Have only heard good things about them.

  • Okay. This is weird and forgive me for my late night ramblings…. As above I sold my $1695 amplifier. I am currently using my freaking $150 SMSL AD18 as a stop gap while using BLUETOOTH and I swear my speakers have never sounded better. These are decently expensive speakers. This amp cost less than 10% of the cost of my speakers. This makes no sense 😂 🤷🏻♂️

  • Don't think about, just enjoy the tunes.

    (And put the savings to a nice new watch?)

  • Oh, I am! This isn’t what I’ll keep in the long term but for now, totally fine.

    I have my green Sinn 556 on the way. Just waiting to be told to pay the distributor once it’s ready for delivery.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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