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  • Thanks - I think I agree it’ll be marginal. However I paid for the turntable 20 years ago, so as long as I end up with something that’s better than what £350 would buy me new today, I think I’m ok with it .

    It’ll be a Goldring E3 that’s going on it. The Linn Adikt that’s on there was going to cost £220 for a new stylus, which I can’t justify on a disposable part (and I didn’t spend over £400 on that cartridge, it was given to me by a friend).

  • Yeah, I get down with In a Silent Way, but BB is just not my thing.

  • Anyone know anything about Visonik David speakers? Mine are called David 7.4. labelled 20-100w, they’re small two-way things about 9”x 5”, and pretty deep. They have wall brackets, came out of a cinema projection booth, so possibly an AV professional type affair. Think they had grilles, that just squidged in the flange lip around the front as there’s no attachments for covers. Black steel round-cornered cabs. Seem lovely, can’t figure out if they’re worth something or not, unfindable on the net for me - found a few other similar David models, a chat on an audio forum about one model. Using as my editing monitors plonked on my desk via a musicians’ dac interface thing and the lab ‘in’ of a NAD3020, seems a pretty nice sound to my undiscerning ear. The drivers have large rubbery mounts and really jump about, which in the old days used to impress me.

    Any info on ‘hot or not’ gratefully recieved.
    Also anyone got a tip for a simple desk mount? Was thinking two squash balls cut in half per speaker!

  • Is the nobsound still the Forum Approved bluetooth amp? Want to connect something to some speakers for the office

  • I can personally vouch for the Loxjie A30 but it might be in a different price category to some of the nobsound options.

  • Also take a look at smsl amps

  • As you say, google throws up limited info on these but they appear to be from a decent manufacturer (Heco?) and aimed at commercial installs. So I would expect they are decent examples of their type.

    For basic mounts, yes half squash balls or even blobs of blue-tack if you are ok with a rudimentary approach. I used blue-tack to fix a pair of Tannoys to their stands, worked fine for the many years I had them.

  • I've heard a few people mention using an Ikea Gunstig (rubber pot stand) for isolating speakers and hifi:­nstig-pot-stand-magnetic-red-dark-grey-5­0175276/

  • Thanks Mister.

  • Skulls, google "monitor isolation pad" and you should get all sorts of options and priced from a tenner to silly money. This kind of shiz is useful because you can angle speakers earwards.­ad-studio-monitor-isolation-pads--461600­.htm?gclid=CjwKCAiAz--OBhBIEiwAG1rIOnfF_­u2xEiMJ2IF3E2-eptLLKtOguLwBn4-UnyxLzqz2q­2EENQGOLhoCD5cQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

  • New tonearm. Little bit of ground hum gone, sounds better than the sme 3009 it replaced, I think? I can now get the vta high enough, and play around with low compliance carts. It's a sorane sa1.2 for anyone interested. Would have got a jelco but they seem to have shut down.

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  • Bought an A30. Waiting for the cables and speakers to turn up; thanks for the recommendation

  • wow, that's a lovely looking TT.

    what cartridge are you using?

  • Audio technica oc9sh. It's lovely, quite bright and 'digital'sounding but tracks like a champ and surface noise is quiet. Quieter than my previous dynavector 10x5.
    Next up will be a denon 103 or maybe an ortofon spu.
    Got the garrard for a steal off a local auction site. It's just amazing for something that was made in 1962.

  • Nice. Years ago I had a Linn Axis /Akito which came with an AT OC9 (the previous generation to yours) when I bought it s/h. I eventually replaced the AT with a DV 10x, which was a great cart in that deck.

    Currently using a Rega P25 with an Ortofon Rondo Red. Considering trying an MM cart in it at some point, something like a Goldring 1042, Nakaoka of some sort, maybe an AT VM.

    Be interested in how you find a MM in your set up.

  • Regas are great. It's interesting most other turntable manufacturers are either doing mass or suspension, but no one else seems to be doing the light&stiff thing that rega have made their own.
    I'd really like to try a nice mm at some point. Maybe a Garrott or nagaoka.
    I've got an at vm95e in a drawer, will give it a spin sometime. Amazing value that thing.

  • Funk are doing an interesting light/stiff uprade for a rega.

    the Schitt turntable looks interesting too, no idea how the distribution is in the U.K. though.

  • Had a look at the Funk upgrades - interesting; quite spendy. The feet and mat appeal, not sure i'd bother get my arm sawed in half... The upgrades are a lot more than I paid for the tt and cartridge in the first place.

    Their website is a bit obtuse. The Houdini, for example. It costs £300 but they give no indication of wtf it actually does.­/houdini

  • they give no indication of wtf it actually does

    It "brings the master tape closer". I assume for £300 they find out where the master tape is stored, and then it's up to you to move house 🙂

  • lol typical Audiophile stuff.

  • Think I'm beginning to fall into the audio science review style of mindset. Look at measurements and actual figures, then listen and choose. All the audiophile analogies and jargon is all a bit much. Although, I will admit that there must be a fair amount of confirmation bias/psychoacoustics in there.... One I know the DAC measures well I'm sure I can hear it, or not in the case of a good DAC....

  • Na. It’s all bollucks over there mate. He doesn’t even listen to the equipment. It’s ridiculous. Maybe, maybe there’s an argument for his testing methods with DACs, but nothing else. Imagine reviewing an amplifier but never connecting it to speakers. Loooool. Would be like reviewing a restaurant from photos and never eating in there.

  • There is that, for sure. That's why I said "style". I lol at the "I only connected one speaker but I imagine it would fill a room with both ..." I do find value in the DAC stuff though, only found the site while searching for a new dongle DAC/amp. Speakers have far too many variables to put much weight on measurements only.

  • Yeah, DAC stuff like I say understandable, but here's his summary of my amplifier:

    Rogue Audio takes a perfectly serviceable Hypex UcD 180 amplifiers and adds copious amount of noise and distortion with its front-end. Mind you, despite use of the tube, it doesn't give that 2nd harmonic dominant result. It just raises the noise and distortion, robbing you of transparency. But hey, folks buy audio products by how many myths are included in their design and Rogue audio gets there with that tube stage. Perfect marketing, poor engineering. Story of high-end audio.
    Needless to say, I can NOT recommend the Rogue Audio Sphinx V3. You can get plenty of better amplifiers for this level of money.

    But he didn't listen to it. Lol.

  • Unbelievable twattery.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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