Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • Even when I've trained it in my tunes, it still constantly push's music at me that is the total opposite end of what I want. When you do go down a good wormhole though, its excellent.

    Same dilemma, listen mostly at work so having 'the best' isn't important as I'm normally clanging tools around and just want something in the background, i'm not sitting their with a drink picking apart my previous choices in cabling and power supplies lol. But at home, I do, there are some surprisingly tiny groups/bands that have gone through and done an MQA version of old stuff and pretty much every time its that version that I've saved in a playlist.

  • Ordered a TV, just went LG A1 as it dropped to £650 a few days ago (with a random plastic WWE fake wrestling belt in the box?), and £650 vs £1000 for the C1 just now newest gaming device I have is a PS4 which just about does 1080p and HDMI 1.4 (?) might slap a gaming PC together but doubt it'll be the latest and greatest so wouldn't be able to take advantage of the other things that the HDMI 2.1 + screen sync functions that it offers. I think the main advantage is the lighting time of OLED is crazy fast compared to any previous home quality TV I've seen (no £20k beasts in my street). Really really notice those fast panning shots where there is a lot of high detail flying past the edges of the screen, even on a 2019 samsung QLED that next door have (£15-1800 worth whatever model that would be) is a blurry mess, on the LG basic OLED is crispy sharp and much less motion sickness inducing. And black, it does black extremely well. Didn't compare it in a shop versus the Philips/Sony OLED offerings but imagine they are all fairly similar.

    Will spend the spare money on a half of a new hot water tank, joys of adulting.

  • Bet they sound epic, the story behind them is great too - super muso nerd working with the bleeding edge of speaker tech and technicians, money no object.

    Jeff's boutique kettle leads, power conditioners, little blocks to lift speaker cables off the ground etc are hilarious.

  • My new listening room, just getting the room correction right (mic is out of frame) had to do it several times as i wanted to wear winter/summer clothing and hats with a brim as this will change the reflection pattern and wool absorbs lower frequencies than cotton/linen.

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  • whats the deal with those blocks to lift the cable off the ground? presumably snake oil drizzled over daft beliefs?

  • FYI - Anyone with a Tidal HiFi subscription and doesn't need/want access to the MQA stuff can now 'downgrade' to the basic £10 a month sub, and still get HiFi quality, which is nice.

  • Bingo. It's so ridiculous I've never bothered to look into why people do it.

  • @Dogtemple & @dbr

    Phisiks init

  • Pfft ain’t nothing until you’ve had the power cabling outside your house re-done

  • whats the deal with those blocks to lift the cable off the ground?

    To create an air gap between unshielded conductors and solid ground, thus reducing parasitic capacitance. Obviously it's bollocks, since any effect is so far below the noise floor as to be irrelevant, so it falls in the homoeopathic field of endeavour.

  • ain’t nothing until you’ve had the power cabling outside your house re-done

    Well, that's the cheap option if you can't be bothered to completely isolate the AC inputs into your HiFi from the grid power network with a rotating UPS. Having said that, I'm not even sure why anybody is still using mains power for HiFi, given the easy availability of battery modules which could be configured to provide all the voltage rails required for a complete system.

  • what are you guy recording stuff using for monitors? a colleague is looking for passive speakers to use on a new desk he is putting together

  • PMC TwoTwo5 + TwoTwoSub 1. Not passive though. Why would you use passive these days?

  • He already has an amp that he wants to use

  • Apologies if this is particularly stupid, however HiFi hardware appears to be designed to be as difficult to parse as possible.

    I will very shortly have a Project Elemental primary e turn table, which, for the next 6 months at least will need to be played through some Bose companion PC speakers. Once everything is plugged in will I be able to connect the 2 and play some records? Or will I need an amp, a pre amp, a phono stage, or any of the other things which I have found confusing.

    I will eventually be connecting to some warfdale speakers which are currently inaccessible in storage, these have an amp.

  • There seems to be two versions of the Project Primary E - one with built in phono stage, one without. If you have the phono model you can just connect the two with an RCA to 3.5mm cable (£5 off Amazon etc) but if you don't have don't have the model with a built in phono stage you will need a separate one - e.g. Project Phono Box E, probably £40 on ebay

    ...I think

  • Apologies if this is particularly stupid

    Apologies accepted.

    Bose Companions are active speakers with their own volume control, so all you need is to amplify and filter the low lever output from the turntable cartridge, i.e. some sort of phono pre-amp suitable for a moving magnet cartridge. The ProJect PhonoBox E would seem to be the obvious choice.

  • Thank you, and @gbj_tester, thank you too.

    I will confirm the phono or basic version.

    If it's basic I will find a phono pre amp and associated cabling.

    I am out of my depth. Clearly.
    And it feels that the output of a turntable should just work with a speaker system. I am clearly spoiled as all other technical things in my life plug into each other with no need for extra tech.

  • I guess it comes down to the size of the desk/room then. DB1's and TwoTwo5s are designed for portable stuff like location vans etc. Look at most desks you see monitors with 6in bass units + Auralex or Yamaha NS10's on the bridge and soffit mounted if you have space.

  • all other technical things in my life plug into each other with no need for extra tech

    All the extra tech is built into them. You can do that with phonograph records too, but you might not love the sound 🙂

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  • If it makes it easier you can just run it through a Dj mixer as they have phono stages built in and you might have one kicking about already. If not they can be found easily for a few quid

  • Re passive monitors: depends on whether he wants something purely designed for mixing or for listening pleasure as well. Yamaha NS10 is kind of the industry standard for passive monitors Not sure what would fit the bill if he wants to mix and enjoy listening for pleasure.

    I've had a succession of active monitors over the years, Tannoy Reveals, Adam Ax5 and Genelecs. I'm currently using my stereo set up with the 70s Celestions, and honestly for what I do (mainly acoustic based songwriting stuff) it's as good any anything I've had before.

    But i'm aware that's just my taste for that gentle, transparent almost squishy feel without super accentuated high or lows. Plus i'm no longer mixing very often, or realistically expecting to match commercial releases for fidelity. My tastes are what they are, I like imperfections and character and all the music I do these days is strictly for my own enjoyment of the process.

  • Cheers brothers

  • Follow up on the LG OLED TV
    TV itself great super happy with it.

    Menu system/ability to change between different 'apps' so that can use > 1080p source (have only a PS4 regular for media services which only outputs HDMI 1.4 + 1080p/30 or 60) is freaking dyre. The remote as well has such sharp edges on it that this morning it drew blood, and the 'alexa' (What does Alexa/amazon services do on a TV, change the heating temperature for next doors heated bathroom floor?) button is partially stuck down out of the box, so any movement of the remote results in 'alexa' app being launched constantly.

    Anyone familar with running a different OS on a TV? TBH always struggled with the Samsung one we had before, just doesn't flow very well spend a lot of time accidentally opening some app that you never wanted in the first place.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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