Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • New to this thread, I’m looking for advise..

    I had this family Pioneer Stereo set up sleeping since a while, and I would like to make it came back to life..

    Set is composed by:

    Ampli SA 606
    Tuner TC 606
    K7 CT 606
    Turntable PL 516X

    Came with original case and speaker, everything brushed steel, seems quite qualitative..

    Cables are old and dusty, platine belt need to be replaced..

    What should I care about to make it came back to life ? Does it worth it ?

    Thanks for the input

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  • Anyone using Tidal? can’t decide if i should downgrade or not? i have a unitiqute 2 which is not able to process the masters but do have an audioquest dragonfly red and a pair of Beyer DT 880’s which can but i only use them sporadically.

    thats a bottle of wine or one bag of artisan hipster speciality coffee a month.

  • I tried it on a trial but couldn't get on with how it all worked. I just found spotify much easier to use.

    I was going all wanky on the vinyl set up at the time, so i only had a cheap dac. Maybe it would be beneficial with a posh one...

  • I quite like tidal but I'm pretty invested in the spotify ecosystem now (i.e. my streaming collection/playlists are all on there) plus spotify have announced they're launching hifi audio sometime so will probably just stick

  • spotify have announced they're launching hifi audio sometime....


    those bellends have been announcing that since god was a boy

  • as far as I'm aware, it's been a much requested and unsubstantiated rumour for a large time but they have now officially announced it's coming. "in 2021", though time is running out rapidly on that horizon

  • once it learns to stop pushing misogynist rap music in your suggestions for new music it’s a decent streaming service and app but it doesn’t carry over full functionality into the Naim app so for me playlists are best done in Tidal.

    Audio quality is very good though some tracks are just not up to good vinyl replay. but thats not Tidals fault.
    i guess i can always upgrade back to MQA masters if needed.

  • I have Tidal hifi plus Roon. It's expensive but it's good. If I had to give up one, I'd ditch Roon and go back to JRMC.

    As a result, I don't buy CDs anymore so I could claim some cost off set there, but in reality I'm just buying vinyl instead.

  • Tidal is kind of redundant now Apple Music give lossless streams without paying a premium?

  • Doesn't Tidal do the same? Lossless is in its standard subscription.

    Obviously the main issue is that every service integrates with different stuff, just to be really annoying.

  • I can't get on with Apple music. Have been trialling it for 3 months but I find the interface frustrating, searches are slow and the suggestions it comes up with are totally geared to force the latest pop into your ears.

    Much prefer tidal and now they have different pricing tiers I'll switch back.

  • ‘Acoustic Response’

    Reference! Good recall.

    Here are mine.­rence-SM-1000-3-Way-Speakers-Black-High-­End-Very-good-condition-/194062342613?mk­cid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l­49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0

    They've held their value well. Probably shudda kept them. I think I sold them for £50 to a mate... although idk if he paid me.

  • I prefer the Qobuz interface to both Spotify and Tidal. Worth a try on one of the promo deals that are probably circulating.

  • I find Tidal works pretty well for the applications I use.

    It's good in the car; I just select an album and then it keeps going.

    It works ok through UNDOK (for Ruark things, although the UNDOK ui is not that great, but it is reasonably functional).

    It works well through Roon, although I think some elements of the Tidal app could be better integrated into Roon functionality.

    Personally, I have no interest in switching to Apple. But that's just because I don't particularly like Apple, and don't buy any of their hardware.

  • Amazing. So 90s.

  • I thought the rule was " the longer the name,.the shitter the speaker"

  • danish audiophile loudspeaker industries

  • The c was where I got to in my limited research

  • Yeah me too - although only really because it's supposed to be better, and I'm not fully sure why!

    (Mind you, asking for performance differences in more expensive kit in the audiophile thread is a fools game isn't it ...)

  • Any B&O 6000/2 love here?
    i was given a pair which i donated to my partner for her flat as there was no hi-fi to speak of, seems there's a bit of a following and people repair/renovate them and even make £300 finned wood modernist grilles for them.

    thing is they are very capable and not just minimalist hi-fi for architects/golfers, i’m going to have a real job convincing her that my Rega/Naim/Tidal/Leema Xero/heavy stands are better than those plugged into a iPad with spotify, they will probably fill the room better than my system when/if we finally move into a cohabiting place with a bigger lounge.

    might have to buy new speakers/power amp...

  • It depends what you want it for.

    Netflix / Sky - it’ll still smash anything else out the park.

    Xbox / PS5 - no HDMI 2.1 or VRR means it’s already out of date

  • This is a great summary as I’m not a gamer.

    If I only want it for tv / films and the message is that’s fine, I’m good…

  • Yup.

    You still get a brighter panel and better processor on the C / G models but, for the money, that A panel is excellent and you still get 90% of what you’d be getting with the C.

  • Done, pissed up purchase last night on the train

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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