Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • Cross posted from Dazaa's endless HiFi thread

    My grandfather passed away a while back and was quite the HiFi enthusiast, so I have various components from through the ages. Before I put them onto eBay, I was wondering if there's any interest from here in any of the items or suggestions for better venues for selling them. I have had a general look for 2H prices, but they seem quite variable (and independent of condition etc). I'm not here to make a massive profit, just to find good homes for what (I think) is good kit.
    If there's broad interest I'll put up a dedicated thread but I don't really know which items are the ones of interest. Photos can be found here.

  • the only thing I'd be potentially interested in I assume is likely to yield you the most wonga on the open market - the nakamichi tape deck

  • Dropped you a PM

  • I have a Quad Vena II that I'm about to shift on, if anyone is interested.

  • While we are on the renovated Tannoy trip...

    I finally got round to swapping the guts of mine into some lovely cabs I found (pre Covid!)

    I sorted the crackly switches too (thanks @dbr !)

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  • The frugal horns are pretty good, too! I can't believe the noise you can get out of tiny single drivers. With the Inca tech claymore the bass is excellent.

  • Tannoys look great. Which FHs do you have?

  • MK3 I believe. Alpair 7 drivers

  • So nice.
    My Mrs wouldn't let them anywhere near my house tho ;)

  • Same here.. was all set to pull the trigger and the veto was applied!

  • Not sure how I’ve managed it tbh. They sound amazing but even I think they’re aesthetically a bit big for the room.

    Just have to move house to somewhere with a listening room.

  • I've sort of got a listening room that wfh has allowed me to claim. The boss still exercises a tight rein on decor and accessories.

  • Also the man jazz fund was depleted buying a new bike!

  • always easier to apologise than ask permission...

  • True dat. I’ve managed to get from little bookshelfs on stands to these two mini fridges with careful encouragement and A/B comparisons once the speakers are in.

    Luckily Alisha is down with her music sounding good.

  • maybe, could you give me a rough price please? thanks

  • It cost me £396 - so.. say 250ish?

    edit: does have a ding on the left back of the top panel, another £25 off for that

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  • a bit much for me now, but it's lovely - glws

  • that bargain of the century he is talking about was mine selling!

  • Suspected as much

  • Unpacking one of my last remaining boxes from the UK .... Moved back to Aus 5 years ago.... I found my old Cambridge audio azure AM5. Can I use it in Aus? It has the standard UK 3 pin plug. The back panel specs are 220/230 voltage and 50-60hz. Australia is 240v at 50hz. Will there be flames?

  • Perfect, thanks internet stranger. I shall entrust my electronic safety to your opinion! Plugged in the amp, it is indeed fine. Thanks.

  • Ever since Bluetooth 5.0 has arrived most reviews seem to imply that 4.2 is not even worth looking at. Any real life experiences here? I’m looking at headphones and some wireless units that I’m interested in are only available in the older codec. Thanks!
    Also will ask in headphones thread.

  • I’m transmission line curious, these look like an affordable way in. They’re a bit chipped and ugly but would these give a good impression of that style of speaker? Anyone heard TDLs?

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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