Sailing, Surfing and other things waterbased

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  • Looks lovely. Show us your tow boat :)

  • Shared 13 ways. Keeps the bills under control!

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  • Excellent.

    13 ways; that's good going!

    Looks like a lot of fun.

  • Keeps it cheap and everyone is busy, so if anything it's underused.

    Also had a first shot on this last night, great fun, was buzzing until 1am after coming off the water at 10pm

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  • 4ft waves with a >15ss period predicted for Tuesday 13th down Porthtowan way, with Saunton getting smaller >15s as well.

  • And brisk offshore, nice

  • Golden Globe 2022 yacht race has started, tracking here for anyone interested.­/

  • Yeah man. Its a tempting set of circumstances to ask for a day of leave!

  • Is there any scope for a soon-to-be divorced 46 year old carpenter/joiner/practical chap to dive into a RYA yachtmasters course and then get employment all year round sailing the seven seas (or just the shitty brown ones hereabouts)? Got a fairly agreeable mortgage to pay (<£700 p/m), but the house can be rented out i suppose


    these boats are really flying, top speed in one of the sailgp races was 99.9 km/h
    and the sight of 9 boats all vying for position in close proximity is quite a spectacle

  • Skippers rates very, £100 a day at the low end and that’s usually for a 24hr day. Probably need to get about 5000 nautical miles under your belt before you start earning anything. The YM fast track gets you about 2500 NM, minimum required to take the exam. You can earn lots more if you go and work on super yachts but that’s horrible apparently. The nicer work is youth work/teaching/sail training but it’s pretty low paid and definitely more of a lifestyle choice. Delivery work is variable - not something I have any experience of.

  • Surf lake, steam punk wave pool

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  • Hey, forgot to say thanks for your reply, it was helpful and informative

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Sailing, Surfing and other things waterbased

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