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  • Now for the inevitable deluge of watersports based jokes, does anyone like to do any of the aforementioned sports?

    I'm dead keen to get my sailing back on track, I used to race a lot, and am trained as a sailing instructor, though my certificate has expired.
    Does anyone feel like a few sessions down at Queen Mary's Reservoir in Staines.
    Its a pretty epic place, and the race scene is good I think...

    Surfing wise I used to surf a long time ago and kinda need to redevelop the skills, so was wondering if anyone had any tips for places i should go to do this.

    And finally I'm going back to rowing to get fit.
    its awesome and the Thames is the ideal venue.

    That is all.

    But yeah, if anyone feels like some sailing, let me know.

  • I kayak, mainly in the sea as our rivers are more like streams.

    Thats me in the last picture.

  • I used to sail when I was in my teens, mainly lasers and 420's. Not sure If I'd remember how to rig though!

  • Hi - got an RS200 at the Welsh Harp if your interested. Just picked up sailing again after sometime. PM me if your interested in a sail.

    One of my mates rows with Aureil Kensington and they are a friendly club. Again PM me if your interested.

  • I used to sail when I was in my teens, mainly lasers and 420's. Not sure If I'd remember how to rig though!

    i'm hoping its like riding a bike.
    Its been a while.

    paddlers on the whole are crazy, i learnt this in NZ.

  • I used to surf a lot, if you put something together, I would probably be keen to tag on.

    Might be up for some sailing too, although I'm pretty rubbish, basic qualifications only, probably only useful as crew.

    Wrong season but I'm dead keen to start wakeboarding again too, used to have instructor cert to teach and drive the boat, but its lapsed, role on next summer :-)

  • I used to sail, haven't been in ages though... Larks and lasers with the occasional go on a 86' foot plus monster at Southampton Boat Show.

    Used to surf back in my Cornwall days, Crantock mainly... used to surf in Devon too (all over) and Wales once or twice.

    I've got a shed load of kayaks back in Devon too, trips on the Dart when feeling brave, or pub crawls by canal, or taking a playboat to some salmon pools or surf (I nearly drowned playboating in the sea, so that tailed off a bit).

  • I've never been sailing but would be keen to have a go- I would expect that I would be most useful as ballast at first however.

    If you have the time to teach me what the pointy end is called etc I'd like to turn up.

  • i've surfed since i was 10 when i lived in brazil. i only go about once a month now, depending on the conditions. Had a fun weekend just past in Chapel Porth, small but clean fun waves. Will probably go again mid october as the water is still warm.

  • I'm gonna head down there sometime next week, to scope it out and stuff, and then I'll have a definite plan.

    its ace so many people are keen already, I'm hoping to get involved in the races and renew my certificate, just need a few days on the water to remember how things work...

    here's a link to the place it is epcially awesome, consistant wind and massive:

    at pistaboy and the other surfers:
    as long as you don't mind my incredible uselessness until I remember how to surf/ get taught, i'd be keen for some trips down with other people.
    like skiing i find it dull on my own.

    @kboy yeah the uk is odd, approach a sailing centre and explain your level of experience and they should help, unless they are cuntish.
    usually you have to do a test for them, and then theyr'e all good.

  • I had a really good session at Rhosilli this weekend just gone. The Gower is such a decent spot for surfing - away from the masses that populate usual spots such as Croyde. Try headind that way to get back on your feet. (And let me know, cos i'll come with you if you need a surf companion)

  • did loads of sailing til I was 18 in sweden. Optimist first than Europe dinghies. Still doing the odd sail trip now, mainly summertime in sweden.

    No idea about how to go about renting a dinghy here in the uk, you need papers that say you can sail don't you? 20 odd years experience doesn't count? (sorry that sounded sarky, but I find the whole system quite odd)

    Would be up for some sailing though if there's an opportunity for it!

  • You can surf much closer to London during the winter...use magicseaweed for surf forecasts...

    I'm in Florida right now, the water is 30c! waves are OK too.

  • Surfer for 35yrs........This is Anka Pt in Marocco last winter and
    soon as I got that suit on.................A perfect day.....M

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  • I sea kayak a bit but used to sail a lot. I've also got a (by now expired) instructors certificate and my brother is a shipwright so I used to get to test all the little racing tubs he'd produce but I rarely do much on the water now unless it's in a kayak. I recently sold mine as it was taking up too much space (about a month ago) but over the past two years I've done trips on the dart, portland, westward ho! and the gower in south wales.

    Obviously I've always fancied surfing since I saw Point Break but having tried once and nearly knocked myself out I never really got into it but would love to have another crack at it. (I watched Point Break on iPlayer last night...)

  • Scuba anyone?

  • I'm in Florida right now, the water is 30c! waves are OK too.

    ...yet despite that, Winston cannot tear himself away from the internet and the forum. How sweet ;o)

  • See Clive, following me, enough to make me paranoid.

  • I'm watching your every move. Keep your hands above the desk.

  • You're pretty fleet of foot for a "big boned" chap!

  • For anyone that is interested in learning to sail I would recommend the Harp Sailing School at the Welsh Harp. and follow the link to the Sailing School.

    If anyone is interested in giving dinghy sailing a go PM me and I will see if I can sort out a sail (usually Sunday afternoon).

  • Heading down to Penzance with ZaneChaos and WAGS this weekend for a surf. Haven't really done much at all in the 10 years I've been out of NorCal so should be interesting. Looking forward to getting in the water again.

  • i can't even fncking swim

  • Used to surf all the time before I moved here, I traded it for riding a bike through london traffic.
    I left all my gear behind for my brother when I went back to NZ couple of months back.
    Looking at going for waves in europe over xmass/ny, I think i will end up just ridding around nyc instead.

    scuba, I used to have my diving instructor certificate. Haven't dived in 6 years now though.

    is it possible to kiteboard without a car near london?

  • i can't even fncking swim

    They hadn't invented swimming pools when you were growing up.

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Sailing, Surfing and other things waterbased

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