Powder Coating Anybody? (Norwich Only)

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  • Please find bellow the colour chart and list of available colours we can have our kit powder coated in. Good prices. PM me if you are in... Remember view the attachments below and see what you like.

    This is a snippet from the email I have received from my friiend at the powder shop:

    "I've attached a list of powders we may have in stock, anything that is not on this list we will definitely not have in stock. When we buy in a powder for a customer it is added to this list (for traceability), so unless we used all of it on the customers job we may still have some in stock. All the 4 digit numbers are from the RAL range, 3 digit - BS381C and 5 digit BS4800. I've taken out the powders that won't be suitable.

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  • What's their address?

  • What's their address?

    Sorry buddy, this is only for local riders as we do collection only. Sorry again.

  • i'm guessing somewhere in norwich, just a wild one like.

  • Well if you read this forum in Post view you don't see which sub(human)-forum posts are in.


  • Fine I'll take all 75 of my bike frames elsewhere to be done!

  • Fine I'll take all 75 of my bike frames elsewhere to be done!


  • Fine I'll take all 75 of my bike frames elsewhere to be done!

    he aint joking!

  • Are you getting all 75 done the same colour?

  • He's got a fleet, that why. They're company frames :-)

  • I'm sure if it was the OP who'd be making the profit, he'd have cared.

    Personally if I had a fleet I'd go to a company who specialised in bikes of the non motorised variety.

  • Well, I'm in Norwich and have a frame to be coated. Not sure what colour I'd go with; just a tad worried about going somewhere with no forum rep (yet). My Thorn is made of girlier stuff than your average BMX, which is what I think you take there a lot, Pissed?

  • Well I'm definitely up for getting the Holdsworth done so we'll see how good the job is when it comes back.

    Ribble ETA 2 weeks ish (although haven't pinned them down on the lead time yet). They've upgraded me to Fulcrum Racing 7s for no extra cash, which is nice.

  • That bike is taking longer to arrive than Royal Mail post.

  • Haha. I think they do more than bmx and motorbikes. If 2 of us send some stuff off im sure we will get a good price and result...

  • Yeah I'm sure we will.

    I need to find a Holdsworth headbadge, and definitely getting Holdsworth decals for the downtube and Holly decals for the seattube..

  • OK, I'll get it stripped down and choose a colour. Need a lift? Kirsty will help if we sweeten her up with sweets.

  • Sweet...

    Did you see what i did there sparks?

  • was a nice ride friday night. remembered you mentioned the group powder coating....

    i have a frame and forks completely stripped, what's the turn around and price!?

  • Dunno, gonna send a load of stuff off 2 weeks on Saturday. Probably looking at £40 a head max for frame and forks. I will contact him in a bit and let you know. Any one else getting some done?

  • Flicking between the two colour PDFs is doing my noggin. I'm going to spin the magic wheel of colour randomness and live with what comes back.

  • Hahahaha. Sweet. Im going for clear coat on the frame and black forks. Plus I have another stem coming so I may get that done in black + a run of BMX stuff.

  • Clear coat? Nice idea. I wonder what Fujis look like under the paint? The welding on mine looks like it was done by a robot - one designed to build suspension bridges.

  • Haha u know it... May have bars and stem done in gold too!

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Powder Coating Anybody? (Norwich Only)

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