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  • Should see that SR post. Sanded most of the pitted bits and marks off and then polished it to a high shine. Could almost be new! Will post pics!

  • Orange Beater: BSA Tour De France
    22" frame, 27" wheels, 3TTT stem, Halfords riser bars, Cottered Cranks.
    BB threading is 26tpi so you'll have trouble finding replacement cranks that will fit.
    The chainline is around 45mm, so should be ok if you want to stick a fixed wheel on the back.
    Amazing shade of orange, almost fluorescent.
    £50 complete or £40 without the wheels.

  • Yo Ben, can I have the seat if no one has shown any interest? Maybe the grips too?

  • You mean the spoon and ourys?
    They're already sold.

  • Ah shiznick! Oh well. You got any fixed wheels? The on for the cb project is threaded where the lockring should go... Gonna try and get a lockring on, but it doesn't look good or promising! May also take it to an engineers to see if they can retap the thread. 24tpi I believe!!?!?!

  • oury grips may be available again, because the other guy who wanted them is having his hair cut.

  • I've got some Time pedals for sale, and a set of Crank Brothers which need new bearings. Also a couple of 27" wheels. Pics when I get round to it, or if anyone is interested.

  • Post up pictures defo Sparks... Still working towards getting the Claude sold... Got a buyer lined up and his Dads just given him an Old Skool Campagnolo front wheel for it. All we need really is bar tape, chainwheel, tyres etc, but the basis is all there. A new riding buddy in the works. NEARLY MAN UP OCLOCK BOYS!

  • Hi there, I have a complete bike up for sale. Details;

    2009 Fuji Track Frame and Forks with Camouflage Bici Frame Pad
    Cinelli Pista 110mm Stem
    Plain Black Riser Bars with Proper BMX Grips
    Chris King Gold Headset
    San Marco Gel Saddle with Campagnolo Record Seatpost
    Rear Halo Wheel Front Generic
    Set of Randonneur Cross Tyres
    FSA Cranks with Sugino Messenger Chainwheel

    It's in great condition, just a few marks on the top tube; the sort that a pair of bolt-cutters would leave if used carelessly...­cture5564.jpg­cture5109.jpg

  • Hey cheeky boy... That's my fucking bike!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Smash! Crash! Bosh! Wollop!

    God I hop that I see some little cunt riding around on it!

  • Wasn't sure if you'd find that funny; I was hiding behind my keyboard. For your sake and their's I hope you never see them. Could get messy.

    I just hope you get your bike back without bumping into them.

  • Oh yes. I will walk around with my diamond sharpened loggers axe down my panties. When I see the little cunt I will use it to cut their little thieving cock suckin shit face fingers off for a start. Then I'd lip up their face bad mon style with their own fingernails. Mashed up face face is the least of their worries. Gonna stick their fingers soon...

  • Troubling.

    Part of me hopes there's someone there to hold you back, part of me thinks fuck it - bike thieves have it coming to them.

  • I really hope there is someone to hold him back. Also, I hope that it is not me.

  • Nah I hope you're all there to join in on the head stamping!!!! Arrrrrggggghhhhh! Anger! I need a ride to loose my agressive attitude! Oh yeah! Arrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh!

  • Right... For tomorow night I need 1 chainring, 1 lock ring and 5 chainring bolts. Chainring needs to be mtb size. I think its 104 bcd?!? Apart from this I got a load of shit ready to go... Gonna go and buy a lockring tomorow. Who has what. Please help. I'm up for a ride come rain or shine... After the week I've had I think I need it...

  • Posted in other thread...

  • Got an old Royal Enfield frame which would make a sweet fixed conversion, I haven't got the time at the moment to convert it as I'm working on my beloved peugeot, fits me and I'm 6ft. I could strip the frame down and someone can have it for £15 pm me.

  • Provisional dibs :) Is that a 56cm? Got any pics?

  • Yeah i'll pop some pics up later when I can get outside and it's not chucking it down!

  • Any one got any 1" threaded forks and a headset for the claude. I don't want too much rake though. That's what I don't like about the claude butler forks...

  • oury grips may be available again, because the other guy who wanted them is having his hair cut.

    Are these still available? If so can I put dibs on them? Got the money here. PM'd!

  • Dude, took some pics last night of the Enfield, looks fine and I honestly think I will be a little sad to see it go!

    I'll try and get them up on here later!

  • I've got some Crank Brothers pedals, need new bearings. Also got a set of drops, an 18T freewheel and a 27" front/rear wheelset (Mavic methinks). Pics coming if anyone's bothered, not if not. Oh, and a set of Time pedals too.

  • For Sale - A Selection of Polo Mallets. You can also have them custom made to your specifications. These things are so hot right now, Sparky was seriously impressed when he saw one last night.

    Steel or Aluminium Shafts
    A selection of Grips
    40" Standard length
    Solid or Heads With Holes Cut
    50mm Diameter, 5" Long Heads
    Grey Heads
    End inserts also available for one or 2 holes

    Can also do Carbon or wooden shafts, and white mallet heads too. Also titanium fixings and fittings. Now working on solid heads. Custom work undertaken as well...

    PM me with ideas and specs for a quote.

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Norwich Classifieds

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