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  • Dietrich 4eva <3

    The biggest problem with Hong Kong is the complete lack of Dietrich, though I guess I can't see him getting along very well with Duncan (not that I did either), and we do get Gobbet instead who is also great. Love Gobbet. And Auntie Cheng is fabulous, she's so dangerous and grotesque. You've got me wanting to yet another playthrough of all three now!

    But I will resist, I'm playing Divinity Original Sin 2 now that I've finally got a machine that'll run it. I regret to report that I boned the skellyman just to see what'd happen. I ain't proud. I see Larian have still not seen fit to fix the thing where you can pick up heaps and heaps and heaps of crap that does nothing and for there to be absolutely no way to tell the difference between stuff that does nothing and stuff that does something. Why can this wooden doll be used in a recipe, but that wooden doll can't? What are all these inkpots and quills doing lying around for the taking if you don't actually need ink to write a scroll? How many disembodied feet and bloodied torsos and severed heads is it really necessary to carry around in your pockets? Also I picked up a void chicken called Peeper somewhere and it peep peep peeps all the livelong day and it is maddening. I am having fun, though. I feel like the incoherence of D:OS is one of the most charming things about it.

  • I got Thumper in the sales and only just checked it out. Fuck me is that a stressful sensory overload. Is it actually some sort of government project where if you S-rank every level they come and cut open your brain?
    I was doing ok with a mix of B to S ranks on the first level's stages, and thought maybe as my wife was a musician and dancer she would naturally be better at rhythm games so asked her to try it. Never seen anyone so immediately repulsed by a game!

  • Have been playing Fallen Order over the last few days and enjoying it more than I thought I would. Have been thinking about checking out some of the Souls games and due to the comparisons some people had made thought it could be a very light way of testing the water for that style of game. So far it's a positive.

  • I am a bit of a Dark Souls fanboi, and the comparison is not really justified.

    I liked FO, but it is a different beast.
    Still recommend you check out Dark Souls (remaster) and/ or Dark Souls 3
    (2 is not as much fun, I have never finished it. 3 is my favourite)

  • Noted, I think I will look at giving the remaster a go in the near future.

  • I can see why people make the comparison but it's mainly because the combat is non-trivial. Soulsborne games have quite different map exploration where you unlock chunks then shortcuts back to previous areas. I really liked FO but I hope the next one improves the map/wayfinding. If you have a PS5 Demons Souls is brilliant and of course Elden Ring.

  • as you all remember how much I enjoyed FO so much (lol) I'll also be hate-playing the new one.

    (though since then I've 100% ER and actually made it to old yharnam after picking up bloodbourne a week or so ago having never got past the first ogre bloke before behind the doors by the bonfire, though I did cheese father gazza .

  • Yeah was primarily the combat that I wanted try out as AC Odyssey was probably the closest I’ve got to that kind of thing (at least my understanding of the souls combat style, could be off the mark completely). I’m enjoying the challenge and think I’ll enjoy the harder challenge, maybe. Had quite a few people tell me to give it a go so I’ve just been worn down.

  • I really wanna give Bloodbourne another go, but my least favourite part of the soulslikes I've played is the farming, and having to farm for health items seems not super fun to me. That and the lack of PC release.

    I have Sekiro but it didn't really pull me in. Maybe it's cause I haven't got a hang of the parry system yet. Time to git gud I guess. I really want to play DS3 but still waiting. Feels like such a shame DS2 and 3 have fast travel from the start, I feel like that's so important to the feeling in DS1.

  • Just pre-ordered The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, ready for the May release. Much excitement.

  • Also replaying Subnautica, but will all the mods.

  • Same on both. I've started Bloodbourne a few times now and it's just not grabbed me in the same way other Souls games have. Also the 30fps really hurts to look at. Sekiro is good but I got stuck on a boss and didn't pick it up again. One day I will. Try out the Nioh games if you haven't already, the combat is a bit different but the gameplay loop is very simliar to the soulsbourne games.

  • I've become addicted to "For the king" and I'm not enjoying it but can't stop myself.

  • I'm generally very much against pre-orders (or even day 1 purchases in the post-day 1 patch age), but I'll likely book that week off work and do nothing but play it.

    Bought my Switch for no other reason than to play BotW and it was 100% worth it.

  • I've become addicted to "For the king" and I'm not enjoying it but can't stop myself.

    Same. It's got something about it...

  • single player? Could be a good switch journey game

  • I've told my son we're not getting it until he finds all 900 korok seeds.

  • I should have said there are 901.

  • Cheers. I'll check out Nioh.

    I tried to do another run of Elden Ring but I found it quite boring knowing where everything is.

  • single player?

    You can play it single player, you control all three characters.

    It is definitely 100x better with three people though controlling one character each.

  • Downloaded this but couldn't be bothered to learn to play it when I loaded it up. Will get to it eventually as looks interesting.

  • I'm playing single player but my inability to just smash through stuff is making it a very slow roguelike, as I've put hours in and my party have died once.

  • I'm generally very much against pre-orders

    Me too, generally. I tend to wait a few years to buy.

    Nintendo flagship game tho.

    Imma play the shit out of it too.

  • GTA San Andreas came out early in my first software engineering job. Several people just didn't show up for a week with no notice and nobody blinked.

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