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  • When the PSVR2 is out I'll join you

  • I'm pretty invested in VR but currently only for srs driving and flying stuff. Not that I take either very seriously.

    Moving enormous and heavy PC between rooms for the sake of standing stuff is way too much hassle. However, once the new Nvidia cards show up (if I can get hold of one) I'm planning to build a separate living room PC around my current GPU and other older bits. Kinda hoping that might be this year.

    PSVR2 also on my radar, but on the fence until we know more about the hardware and game support.

  • ould you be interested in a separate thread? I can imagine discussions on the topic might bore the pants off many people on this thread

    Not thinking of any VR set up but intersted in seeing developments in the area, and user experience too. So., keep posting on this thread please

  • Sold my PS VR the Christmas after it came out due to the healthy profit that could be made. I did really enjoy it, but I didn't appreciate the heat and the unruly long and complex tether cable.
    There were games on the oculus that I was really envious of, ultimately id go for a ps5 vr3 or an apple one.

  • Couldn't give a fuck about VR it's basically thrown at you with a controller anyway.

  • Haven't done any PC/console VR but picked up an Oculus and had great fun with that.

    Though this sort of thing has me tempted to put together a proper VR capable PC:­3_Q

    Until then I'm happy enough messing around with SuperHot and Job Simulator

  • I'm really hoping Grand Turismo 7 will have a proper VR mode this time

  • Though this sort of thing has me tempted to put together a proper VR capable PC:

    Vehicle driving flying is an amazing experience in games that do it right. @Sumo should forget his disdain for haptics in this case, because you really gain from a controller that shakes as you drive fast over any kind of surface (or as your spacecraft is entering a planet's atmosphere).

    I'm playing No Man's Sky at the moment, which only added VR in a patch but unusually for a game that didn't start with VR they integrated it really well. There are all kinds of vehicles in it - buggies with balloon tyres, monster trucks, submarines, various kinds of spacecraft - but even just the VR experience of getting in and out of them is great. Climb in and the canopy closes over you with a clunk. To get out, you physically lean over to grab a handle and pull the canopy open again. I only just got to the stage of building my own land vehicles (slightly oddly, the game's narrative means the first vehicle you acquire is a small spaceship). Driving the balloon tyre buggy (in which your visibility is restricted by the crash webbing) at speed over hilly terrain is awesome. The monster truck has a big blind spot, so when I drove it to the edge of a sharp incline and couldn't see if it was safe to drive on, I stood up, leaned forwards and looked down through the forward-sloping windscreen. These kinds of experiences work even if you can't afford to splash out on the high performance hardware. When I fly a craft close to the ground and trigger the landing sequence, the nose goes up, the craft then descends quickly and the immersion is so convincing that I get butterflies in my ears and stomach even though nothing is happening to my body.

    Of course, if you're prone to motion sickness, any game like that is going to be a vomit comet. Somebody even created a mod to remove the nose-going-up thing from landing, for this reason.

    No Man's Sky doesn't require (or support) actual driving wheels, flight sticks or HOTAS/throttle combos, so you use the VR controllers to grab virtual controls and rely on the haptic feedback - works if you can mentally adapt, terrible for those who can't find the right mental model. But there's some good games out there where you're expected to combine a VR headset with regular driving/flight hardware. At some point, I'm going to have to get some flight gear and try Star Wars: Squadrons. Tie Fighter was one of the best games I ever played and the VR equivalent has to be on my bucket list.


    Not thinking of any VR set up but intersted in seeing developments in the area, and user experience too. So., keep posting on this thread please

    Well, OK. Will still be prepared to create another thread because..

    Couldn't give a fuck about VR it's basically thrown at you with a controller anyway.

    After thinking about it for a few minutes, I just created the thread anyway.

  • Started 'Plague Tales Innocence' on gamepass. Really enjoying it.

    Not to tricky, but nice to play a story game that isn't open world. Lovely lighting in it too on S/X

  • Started and finished Far Cry 4 this morning without touching the controller.
    Nice and simple story and ending.

    Will play again and go on the murderous rampage they intended.

    Edit: once I drag myself away from Lawn Mower Simulator.
    It's remarkably addictive.

  • Started and finished Far Cry 4 this morning without touching the controller.

    Wait... Wot?

  • Anyone playing Rimworld? Only just got round to it now its on console... I think its the best thing I've played this year by far

  • You just sit there in the intro where you have the opportunity to escape and just wait instead. Captor comes back, you both have a jolly time and the credits roll.

    Something like that I think, never actually played it

  • I’ve not, though I keep intending to. Reviews are excellent and it’s the sort of game I like.
    In a similar vein, I got into Oxygen Not Included a couple of years ago but got sidetracked and didn’t ‘complete’ it (started few times, restarted as I was improving rather than playing through properly).

  • Prepare to lose hours of your life! Might give it another bash on console when the weather gets worse…

  • Yeah that’s another one I haven’t played due to not having a pc - I’m worried if I got one I’d spend a ton of money on the seemingly unlimited supply of great hidden gems!

  • I’ve already restarted my colony like 5 times! It’s one of those games I’m thinking about while at work.. definitely give it a go - looks like the ui has been improved for the console? Not sure if it’s the complete PC package though!

  • At least it’s fun to play out your failures. I went through a lot of iterations before I could maintain an even somewhat successful colony when I started playing. The gratification is real though.

  • Anyone playing elite dangerous? A nice plot spin has happened recently that makes it less of a grind…

  • Intentionally or accidentally ?

  • both, sort of.
    I fired it up, then got distracted feeding the dog and pouring coffee.
    when I returned I had a vague recollection of there being a "hidden" ending, so I sat and drank my coffee, a couple of minutes later the next cut scene began and then the credits rolled.

  • Yeah I put a lot of hours into it when it first came to consoles! I essentially became a space trucker and just listened to podcasts in the background the whole time... really want to get back into it but just haven't had the time!

  • yeah for sure - after dealing with some weird colonist traits (a guy I chose to hunt hates guns etc) I've learned that you really have to spend a good amount of time choosing colonists...

    My current base has a massive prison so anyone that tries to attack gets locked up (and maybe have their organs harvested when I inevitably run out of food...)

  • Might give it another go then if it's a bit nicer to get into. Tried it a few years ago and just couldn't get on with it at the time.

  • They improved the initial experience a lot - you can run through the new tutorial and simulations without having to delete your save and start from scratch.

    Depends why you bounced off it though, the controls & UI are unchanged, because they're deliberate choices. Some of the menus have been tarted up a bit, but that's partly so they can fit more stuff in there.

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Video Games

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