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  • This looks pretty cool, can't wait to see how EA completely fuck it up:­8rI

  • They're taking so long with it, they better not fuck it up. I wish they'd just released 2 and 3 on the ps4 onwards as a didtal download, could've funded this as it looks like they're building the game from scratch again.

  • Would be lovely to see something come of Pipe Bmx or a developer come out with a similar bmx game now that it's a shitting olympic sport

  • Awesome! Very much appreciate the detailed response. Will probably pick one or more of them up on GOG as they're super cheap there (like €2/3 each), plus my cyberpunk Switch backlog is already piling up with Dex, Lacuna, State of Mind and now Blade Runner sitting barely touched!

  • Neon White on switch.
    A compelling accessable speed run, park our, fps, card game
    Just one more run... Game

  • Yeah I would easily have bought skate 3 on PC for full price, cause the modding support would have 100% made it worth it.

    I have quite a few hours in Skater XL which I really enjoyed, and the trick system in that with modding for realistic manual catch is a really fun challenge, but it's got no story or anything.

    I tried Session the other day but it didn't feel different enough to XL to have both.

  • I tried Session the other day but it didn't feel different enough to XL to have both.

    It's been about a year since I played either but I much preferred Session, it felt so much more fluid and "real". XL felt super floaty and a bit buggy but I think both have come on quite a lot over the past year. I was tempted by XL on Switch but at least when it was released it looked like a super shoddy port.

  • Without modding XL is not ideal, too floaty and arcadey, which can be fun, but skill ceiling and replayability is lower. There's a mod from dawgvinci called XXL which allows you to change the gravity setting, and implement manual catch, which allows for more tricks, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

  • All the SR games are short-ish so won't take you long to get through them then get cracking on the rest of your pile :D

    Dex and State of Mind both look great, haven't heard of them before! Will pick those up myself now, hope I can find the time to play them

  • Tried the first Witcher game today. Woah, retro! Totally has that indy game feel: clunky animations and cutscenes, eccentric UI and the whole "We're doing things differently because we have no experience in this and couldn't do the same things the big studios do even if we could afford it." In contrast, the third game is much more polished but also much more like all the other successful open world games.

    Enjoying it.

  • Superliminal was a short but great headfuck puzzler with large hints of portal.

  • This has been on my game pass play later for ages but haven't got round to it yet. Might give it a look when I've next got a free spot in the games being played.

  • Mine too, was over and done with in a few hours but they were well spent, my daughter enjoyed shouting instructions at me too. Perfect hit of something new but not dragging me down a big game rabbit hole.

  • Just tried that new tennis game on gamepass, matchpoint.

    Absolutely terrible. Really missing a good arcade tennis game, loved the Smash Court series, Virtua tennis etc.

  • Very late to Enter the Gungeon. Got past the second boss but my god, does it ever get easier? Feels like it’s all about whether I get a good chest early at the moment. Loved the Hades mechanics for levelling up, missing it right now.

    Edit: Slept on it and hit 4th floor today. RNG just has a massively disproportional impact to what I’m used to I think.

  • Hardly a gameplay trailer but it's at least something to show that TDU: Solar Crown is still coming along at least.­Nh8

  • ye! also this this! played all games and the evolution is incredible!!

  • Yeah played it last night, what a let down. I'd hoped it would be like Top Spin 2 which I used to love (probably awful but blurred memories). But Matchpoint was just so clunky and doesn't even look good.

  • what an unhinged dispute, especially considering the new xboxes play almost all xbone games which is mentioned by nobody.

  • She sounds hard work “ I’m putting my foot down.” he’s your boyfriend not a child.

    Also top comment solves everything. The least used console goes in a cupboard when not used. Simple. 🙄

  • Found my old psp in a drawer, is there a goto community for learning about custom firmware / roms and all that good stuff?

  • I quite regularly browse the Mumsnet aibu forum and this is not even close to some of the mentalness that happens there

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Video Games

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