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  • Thanks for the offer mate, but it’s mostly about LoU2 ;)

    Couldn’t wait until the weekend. Should be able to spend some time with it this evening.

    Thanks for all the tips everyone! @DethBeard - thanks for the offer - my bro is going to lend me those games and some others 😁

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  • you should check out uncharted 4 too

  • Doom is excellent, and the sequel too.
    Both worthy of your time.

    Decent (heavy metal) score too.

  • oh and don't forget witcher 3 goty edition

  • The only PS4 recommendation i'd add to the above is Titanfall 2 if you're a FPS fan.

    Well, not the only recommendation as there's obviously loads, but you know what i mean.

  • Thanks for extra recommendations. All on the list.

    I ended up taking the PS4 back in the afternoon and exchanged it for a slim. It sounded like it was trying to reach mach 7. Slim a lot quieter.

    Got massively engrossed in LoU2 last night. Started playing at about 7:30 and before I knew it, it was 11:30 and I was playing in a darkened room… and had witnessed some seriously bad shit.

  • and had witnessed some seriously bad shit.

    Hope only in the game! That's an intense game to play in a darkened room. Shadows have things in them.

  • sounded like it was trying to reach mach 7

    Every time I switch CoD on

  • i'm convinced the ps4 pro actually contains a jet engine.

  • Your enthusiasm made me pick it up to continue where I left off.

  • Don't forget Prey too if you've not played it, Excellent game.

  • Got to ornstein and smough in dark souls remastered - honestly feel like this fight wouldn't be half as hard / frustrating if it wasn't for the length of the boss run! Also just struck by how much easier the bosses in DS1 are vs. Elden Ring. In ER there's more tools to make the fights easier, but on a fundamental level the bosses are much more aggressive and have bigger movesets to predict etc.

  • Where are you running it from?

    Firekeeper bonfire makes it a "straight" run, just ignore the sentinels.

    "Solaire" bonfire, you can take a running jump on the spiral staircase on the platform (might have the Titanite demon in a side room? its been a while since I played a full run)
    Run by the Silver Knight, up the stairs, turn around and run/jump over the edge. You need to dodge the arrow firing guy and the sentinels by the fog gate, but it is also a quicker way to the boss room without going the long way.

    Also if you haven't beaten O&S yet, Focus on one only as phase 2 gives the survivor full health again.
    (Ornstein first leaves the easier Phase 2 IMO)

  • but on a fundamental level the bosses are much more aggressive and have bigger movesets to predict etc

    Souls bosses have definitely got progressively harder with each game. I guess to combat people just getting better at the games.

  • Yeah I'm running from firekeeper bonfire, and it's straightforward but feels kind of long.

    I was trying from the solaire bonfire but I found the mental overhead of dodging the knight attacks more annoying.

    Yeah I'm focussing down ornstein, and it's mostly fine, it just takes long enough to get a safe hit in that I have to be really patient, so when a failed fight takes quite a long time tacking the boss run back on feels annoying.

  • I'm about to set up a "home cinema" in the garden. I'm thinking Tomb Raider is going to look great on a 120 inch screen.
    Anyone done anything similar? I'll be connecting to my MacBook rather than a PC.

  • what's your setup? how you handling sound? mind and post pics

  • I've bought a Nebula Solar portable which does 3 hours on battery and has ok speakers (plus doubles as a portable speaker). A 120 inch screen will be hung from my pergola with LLL light canopy turned off, MacBook and a PS4 controller, Eero router under black timber bench in tupperwear. I'll post pics to show off once it all arrives and then pack it away and never use it again.

  • Speakers? >>>>> bastard neighbours thread.

  • Years ago yes, I bought a PS3 for the 'new' tomb raider game, hooked up to my projector. It was fucking brilliant.

    Projectors are great.

  • .

  • oh and don't forget witcher 3 goty edition

    On PS4 in particular, if @J0nathan wants to try W3 then choosing between goty or the regular edition showing in the pic is a decision to make before starting, not after. Saved games aren't portable between the two and the PS Store people are totally unsympathetic to people who bought goty after starting on the regular game, leaving them with no choice but to start again from scratch (in contrast to people on X-Box where the store staff were willing to mark the goty version as unplayable for them, so they could revert to the original version of the game). Been an amount of angry shouting about this on various gamer forums. Replayability is a particular thing for Witcher fans.

  • I just picked up the first one in the shop. The case is regular but the disc is Goty, so a little bonus.

    I’ve only played that for about an hour as a reprieve from LoU2. Can see from that how expansive it’s going to be. What’s the learning curve like? The combat with the spells and different attack types was a bit intimidating from the tutorial, but hopefully it gradually becomes second nature.

    LoU2 is brilliant, but gruelling. I’ve played it for at least 30hrs and it feels endless. I think I’m near the end but according to the homescreen I’m at 25%, so hopefully the 100% includes some other playthroughs or I missed a lot of secrets or something. It’s rewarding, but it’s punishing to go from one section where you get swamped by enemies to another. Thankfully there are those sections where you can reliably and satisfyingly pick off the enemies without getting noticed. I think I’m mostly just getting tired of grinding all the crafting items, which I physically can’t stop myself from doing.

    Doom has been a great break from it. Took a little while to get into by comparison, but it’s really fun and reminds me a lot of the playing type of Unreal Tournament.

  • What’s the learning curve like?

    There's a lot to learn and a very wide range of possible play styles, character builds and gear choices. If you play on the easier two difficulty levels you can just hack and slash your way through but it's less satisfying that way (although a lot of people are just there for the story); on the harder difficulty levels, you have be able to put together a coherent combination of gear, build and play style to stand any chance of surviving the boss fights and tougher monsters. There's only one character class, but you can effectively make your character into a mage, alchemist (potions and bombs), high DPS fighter, tank or any number of hybrids. The expansions add even more options. A lot of people find this range of choice very confusing, particularly since the game does nothing to point you in one direction or another in this regard. One argument for starting on one of the tougher two difficulty levels is that you won't progress at all if you don't learn how to make the best out of whatever you have at any stage in the game.

    The chance to use what you learned from your first run properly is a major incentive for replays (the other being the major plot-changing decisions you have to make).

    Or you could just play Gwent.

  • Anyone here going to be getting Mario Strikers Battle League (Mariokart meets FIFA)?

    Would def be up for some online matches.

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Video Games

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