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  • You mean there's a kind of hush?

  • If we're going to start going through those sorts of puns, it's going to take some time...

    Reminds me when Schick and I communicated for a page or so solely through the medium of Status Quo songs, which has unfortunately been ruined by YouTube copyright claims (and a tedious sense of humour on our part)­92/?offset=25#6882255

  • Would Anyone be interested in a Turtle Beach Impact 700 keyboard?

    Cheapest on ebay is £47 so I'd go for £30

    The gf didn't like the clickity clackity of the keys so it hasn't been used much. Sat in storage box and I need to get rid of it.

  • I had the same issue with my first mechanical keyboard, ended up getting one with cherry red silent switches and gave me pretty much what I want without aggravating levels of clickity clackity if you fancy trying something else.

  • Cheers but nah... I got a slim keyboard which I am quite happy with.

  • Anyone want these? I bouth them a year ago for my gf's DS but it died.

    No idea if they work, couldn't test them.

    Really don't want the dad of trying ebay. Only thing would be postage.

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  • Yes please
    DS castelvania a fave.
    I'll pm ya

  • Got banned from PUBG earlier so have spent 8 solid hours playing lord of the rings online like it was 2007 all over again.
    Have also managed to get to nearly 4am without doing any of the work I was supposed to do for tomorrow, like 2007 all over again.

  • Got banned from PUBG earlier

    Go on. Do tell. Aimbot accusations by an angry 12 y.o. in the US?

  • Sadly it doesn't say anything specifically. It's only a 3 day ban so I think something like that, yes. Probably embarrassing people by riding a mountain bike at them while I shoot them with a revolver.

    Could POTENTIALLY have been my comment to a player I killed called 'NiceTryMySon' - I turned on open mic and said 'nice try, my son' as I teabagged his body.

    If it was permanent ban I'd be very annoyed after 4000 hours.

  • Actually in hindsight it was probably @chrisbmx116 tiring of me complaining about carrying him every game.

  • Feel free to share last session kill count, how many and who?

  • Well the last one was a solo vs squad - 13 kill win.

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  • @chrisbmx116

    Or do you mean the last time I played with you? Which tend to look more like this, 2 bottles of wine not withstanding:­9F0

  • Could POTENTIALLY have been my comment to a player I killed called 'NiceTryMySon' - I turned on open mic and said 'nice try, my son' as I teabagged his body.

    That's a lot of butthurt. Only 3 days. You got lucky.

  • Anyone playing Trek to Yomi?

  • Downloaded it in gamepass. Not played it yet, any good?

  • So far. I'd expected it to be like Limbo in that it's 3d but the gameplay is 2d, except it's more like Resident Evil where you're going from box to box. Fighting however is very much in the 2d beat em up realm.

  • Trek to Yomi is incredible, such an atmospheric game.

  • Ooh, that looked pretty good, will give it a try later.

  • Finished Trek to Yomi, really enjoyed it, the final battle was doing my head in a bit as the difficulty doesn't ramp up a whole lot until that point, visuals and the story are great, and the transition between 3D adventure & 2D battles is really nice (not sure if that's been done before?).

    I've also got a sore thumb, but I wouldn't say it's quite the callus former like Crazy Taxi.

  • Re playing Alien Isolation. So good.

  • That is some seriously nice play...

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Video Games

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