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  • Yes!

    I will miss the multi-disk install with 3.5" floppies vibe though.

    Needs SCUMM though for that old school sound.

  • I played Thimbleweed Park last year. I thought it was ok rather than great, but overall still pretty fun.

    This might also be worth looking into, another point-and-click with lots of inspiration from The X-Files & Twin Peaks­38U

  • Thanks for the suggestion. Could actually be just the time to grab something new (I'm slowly starting to have had enough of Skyrim), will have a look.

  • I think I played both Monkey Island games on launch after spending my hard earned pocket money on the first. Last time I played it through was on the iPhone about 10 years back and still enjoyed it.

    Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango were also really amazing games; they re-released the latter a few years back

  • And normality.

  • Day of the Tentacle

    Probably the most mind expanding game I played in my younger days. Such a good, good game.

  • I love Crazy Taxi! I hope it's a good reboot..

  • I think we're all praying to baby cheesus they make them good. They're both such classics.

  • It better have a pop punk playlist too..

  • I played a little Crazy Taxi on PS now (i think) recently
    Good fun but very "of it's time" and didn't really grab me like I remember the OG doing.

    I guess because Crazy Taxi elements are within other games now (E.G. Grand Theft Auto has taxi missions)

  • Not holding out too much hope for a decent remake. It had a great art style which I'm sure will be HD-ified much like the recent GTA trilogy, and also like that trilogy I'm sure there'll be a fair bit of cut content due to licences expiring.

    Fairly sure the PC port still plays fine (I remember playing it about a year or two back which would've either been on the PC or Vita), completely okay just playing old versions assuming they still run well. Honestly the main draw of the new GTA trilogy was being able to play a version of those games where the physics didn't mess up if you went above 30fps.

  • So last week I started playing Valheim for the very first time, I decided to go into it completely vanilla so no reading any wiki/reddit pages or watching tutorials/gameplay and what a game! I'm currently about 15 hours in and getting prepared to fight "The Elder" now (once I figure out how to actually summon it).

    What's your guys thoughts on the game?

    Also I've been streaming this right from the beginning on Twitch. I've been trying to make it into a series and currently up to Episode 5. (Yes I move extremely slowly, its difficult with no tips or spoilers haha). If you use Twitch drop me a follow and get into the next stream tomorrow, if you fancy it of course.

  • Old video but looks like a cool project

  • I seem to only be playing Slay the Spire lately.

    Did "beat" it as Ironclad, still haven't used all the relics, but try to get as many as possible.
    Always turn on the "more elites" button, but doesn't always spawn many in the early stages (when I'd benefit from more relics)

    I would say I am rather amateur at building decks, as I rarely remove a card (unless it is a curse) and pretty much always add one at any opportunity.
    Need to try and focus on a specific build and try that for a few days

  • I loved slay the spire, I think in the end I beat it with 3 of the classes, not sure if there were more? But yeah these rogue like deck building games seem really good.

  • On holiday this weekend and after enjoying elden ring I decided to get dark souls remastered on the switch, actually started out as deprived so will be interested to see how it goes. Will see how far I can get just on a two hour fight. I got started on it docked yesterday and got just past the Taurus demon, wondering how it will play in handheld mode.

  • I played 200+ hours handheld, it works great.
    Deprived is (possibly) the best starting class as it is nice and even for an "unsure" build.
    (also great for a Str run due to the club being an awesome weapon for pretty much the whole game)

    I managed to get to O&S at SL1, but a change in commute made me stop playing for 2+ hours a day, and I lost all my mojo.

  • Oh wow that is a lot of hours! Sounds good then. I enjoyed what I've played so far. SL1 would be really fun to do at some point, but if I enjoy it I think I'm gonna make my way through 1, 3 and sekiro. I will play Bloodborne at some point as I do own it, but it's on the PS4 which lives in the living room rather than my "office" so I don't play it as much as the PC/switch.

  • it's on the PS4 which lives in the living room rather than my "office"

    remote play is your friend

    I'm trying a base level run of elden ring now, so far i've cleared most things up to golden
    godfrey in Leyndell. It's been fun - there seems to be a lot more options for builds etc thanks to the talismans and wondrous physick. Bosses have so far been manageable but i'm kind of dreading the end game ones.

  • Oh shit I didn't know about remote play. Thanks! Maybe I'll finally get through Spiderman Miles Morales too.

  • I played so much Crazy Taxi as a kid that I got a callous on my index finger on my right hand and a blister on my thumb from doing the crazy dash. Played the 360 remaster not so long ago, have to say some of the Sega arcade ports to Dreamcast were lacking in depth, CT being one of them, and House of the Dead 3, which me and friend managed to compete with light guns in 20 mins. Enjoyed the remaster of Sonic Adventure though, that was great.

  • I loved it, played intensely for a week with some pals but gave up when I couldn't commit the amount of time they could and hated missing out on tech advancements and stuff. You playing solo?

  • Yeah it definitely seems like one of those kind of games you need to be fully invested in with progress etc as there's a lot to take in and understand especially the process of how you got to a point!

    Yes mate, its quite tough solo and I've only just defeated the elder (20 hours in). Taking my absolute time and just trying to learn as I go really.

    You should definitely just start fresh & solo and take it all in at your own pace.

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Video Games

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