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  • 37/42 (standard/deluxe) on cdkeys. Is it really good?

  • The various review channels say its surprisingly good.

  • I bought it in the sale last year, was really good. Maybe a touch too long, but good fun. One of the better single player games I played last year.

  • I'm aware it's likely not the popular opinion here, but £60 for a decent game doesn't seem too outrageous to me (assuming no insidious in-game purchases). Given that I was buying PS1 games for £40 a pop in the 90s (though in those days that gameplay could be heavily subsidised by playing through all those lovely demo discs you'd get with magazines!), £60 doesn't seem like too big a leap over 20-25 years and a fair bump in quality. Personally I think this apparent £40 cap is a significant contributor to the aforementioned insidious in-game/DLC purchases. I just want to buy the game, all of it, once.

    Granted that sort of thing is offset by practices such as EA releasing a 2018 version of FIFA with nothing but a roster update every year since (on Switch) and charging full price for it. Madness.

  • but £60 for a decent game doesn't seem too outrageous to me

    I actually dont have an issue with it either. If you compare it to the length of a movie, some games can go into the 100hours, its more than worth it. Sometimes its a hit or miss, i bought the full price for CoD for the zombie bit, turns out i hated it.

    But, its more the fact that i am unemployed at the moment and trying to limit my outgoings as much as possible rather than objecting to paying £60 on principle.

  • [edit] ha - wrong thread

  • Lost Lufgusser?

  • Yeah that's fair enough! Hope the employment stuff gets sorted out soon man!

    On a tangential note, console stores not offering a Steam-like "No questions asked refund if it's less than a 2 week old purchase with less than 2 hours play time". I remember picking up Mario Odyssey for full price didn't really get on with it. Thankfully it got a bit more fun to play once the main game was finished. But it's damn frustrating not being able to get a demo of the vast majority of games out there.

    Also miss picking up bargain pre-owned games (though don't miss popping them in and discovering they were scratched to hell...)

  • Hope the employment stuff gets sorted out soon man!

    Cheers my friend. Mini midlife crisis (crying laughing crying face)

    But it's damn frustrating not being able to get a demo of the vast majority of games out there.

    I have a collection of almost new digital console store bought games i didnt like. Frustrating though. Probably why I like gamepass.

  • Just had my first race win taken away on the penultimate lap by someone intentionally wrecking me.

    Qualified pole
    They sent it up the inside on turn one and understeered into me
    Sent verbal abuse on track
    Then waited until I was about to lap then and hit me

    I was 7 seconds in the lead. Cuuuuuuunt

  • I've spent more than that on bike parts I'll probably never use.

    Like that reverb?

  • It was just too much hassle drilling my cross frame and I got the office chair dropper for beer money in the end.
    Still trying to sell that dropper actually, spread the wordz.

  • Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard for $68.7b

    Fuck me.

  • Feel like that came out of nowhere?

    Sounds like possibly bad news for PlayStation owners but probably good news in terms of QA issues that have been rampant in their games recently.

  • Jesus fucking Christ

  • Sony started this race but it feels like Microsoft are ending it.

  • Diablo IV free to play on gamepass day of release, might actually give it a go in that scenario.

  • Wonder if Microsoft is going to settle the multiple lawsuits against them, or actually make some lasting changes in the culture over there. Seems alot of money for a developer whose reputation is as low as there's is, despite the quality of the IP they've produced.

  • Kotick is still in charge whilst the acquisition is complete. He'll stand to make around $380m on the deal.

    I imagine he'll be told to fuck off the minute it's complete.

    The note from Phil Spencer on the acquisition contained a lot on culture / inclusion etc. Can't imagine they haven't thought long and hard about turning that part of AB around.

  • I'm not across all the smoke that's come Kotick's way for the frat boy/sexist/racist culture he fostered/protected at Activision, but it rubs me the wrong way, he's gonna get such a big payout for basically enabling and overseeing really bad management at his company.

  • Welcome to peak capitalism?

  • yeah, not a fan. Rewarded for being a shit boss, rewarding others who look and sound like you, and are also shit bosses, and those who are doing the hard yards get fucked over.

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Video Games

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