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  • You are a patient man

  • Inspired by Sumo, I have started Demon's Souls run to occupy my time before Elden Ring drops.

    Also saw a short Dark Souls challenge on youtubes, with a dash to Solaire race.
    Build a new character, start a timer as you confirm the build and get to Solaire as fast as you can.
    If you haven't played in a while, it's a fun little challenge.
    I died once to a gank squad of hollows, and hadn't rested in the undead settlement so lost loads of time getting back.

    I took black firebombs burial gift so I could beat the asylum demon first encounter, so then didn't have master key to get the gold pine resin, which made Taurus a little harder.

    Total time was 9m21 on PS5.

  • I think I actually own a copy, did the game ever leave alpha?

  • Still loving the Oculus, just endless hours playing Superhot VR, Tetris and Table tennis

  • PSV2 is sounding really great. Will definitely see if I can get my hands on one.

  • Speaking of VR, going to try out my Quest 2 on the sim racing rig tonight. Was planning on selling it but this could be a great reason to keep it around...

  • Was playing on my brother's Oculus a few days ago and I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. Superhot was great, and we had good fun playing Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes with the family. I'd worry if I had one myself I'd just sit on it for hours on end and remove myself from real life.

  • Don't come here. All hope is lost. Don't come here.

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  • I think so - it's MUCH more polished. Plays really well considering what it used to be. Not as slick as PUBG these days but better than HLL.

    For example now if you walk near a tree there's 0 chance you'll trip on a root and break both of your legs.

  • Good luck, I'd get horrendous motion sickness I think playing a racing game in VR, think it's the main reason there are comparatively fewer racing games for VR

  • Stepped on a landmine.

  • I would've thought things like racing/flying games would be a core subset of VR games. I'd imagine there's less disconnect between the game and your actual movements compared to something like an FPS. You're sat in a chair, moving a wheel & pedals, where your in-game avatar is doing the same thing.

  • I really like it although last time I tried to set up a quest with Assetto it was a nightmare. Had it working one time but tried a month later and it refused to work

  • Technically true but team killing me in PUBG is a bit different. Oh no, wait you also team killed me on DayZ last week.

    War never changes.

  • Ooooo that changes things! Blue on blue!

  • Sadly I have vivid memories (that may have been captured by @Vesalius ) of him team killing me many times back in alpha all those years ago. I might switch my public location marker off..

  • In my defence, its never actually my fault.

  • I'm going to try this so-called "dayZ"

  • £22.50 on the PS store - is it good?

  • It's upsetting. You'll starve a lot, get shot on sight after spending hours looting and eventually someone will probably eat you. But you'll be dead so you won't feel a thing. People can tie you up and force you to drink petrol though. Chris...

  • People can tie you up and force you to drink petrol though. Chris

    so like Norths in its hey-day?

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Video Games

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