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  • Enjoying Hell Let Loose.

  • Nice to see @Ramsaye out on the track the other day, I think we wound up 2-2 before I had to log off and make dinner... Still TOTALLY addicted to Mario Kart Tour, haven't picked up my Switch in months, can I get an intervention?

  • It was 3-2 to me, first game you won and I was second against a full field, then I had you three times on the bounce before you got me in the fifth before disappearing. Next couple of games I got wiped out all the time before putting my phone down and going back in the sea for another swim.

    Was good to see you, do you just go in the friends list and see that someone is in multiplayer or something as I got a message saying you were joining the next race when you joined.

  • An alert popped up saying you were racing when I was having a look at multiplayer so I had to join in, I only ever multiplay to collect stars or rubies so that was a rare occurrence for me cuz I'd already cleared it out... I'll pop in more often!

  • Have you had this dispatched yet? I ordered on Friday but mine is still just showing as "ordered". I suspect they may have run out of stock.

  • If it has I haven't been notified - but haven't checked.

  • Picked up an Oculus Quest 2 in the sales, came yesterday and blown away by it

  • I’ve been enjoying Halo, a LOT. I haven’t played a Halo game since Halo 3 and then MCC in which I just played Halo 3. So lots of peoples gripes about progression and unlocking cosmetics and stuff don’t really apply to me, as I’ve never experienced that. Anyway, it’s great. I’d happily pay for this game. Nice that I haven’t had to though. Helps that I’m quite good at it which is satisfying.

  • I’ve only had one game so far over the weekend but did enjoy the look of it. Lots of new stuff to learn it feels like. Also haven’t played Halo Online since 3 but I’ve just finished the Halo 5 campaign in preparation for Infinite proper in a couple of weeks and the controls are different which was a bit confusing.

  • Halo 1 is my favourite game of all time, so so good. So many hours spent playing that and then Halo 2, both campaign and split screen with my brother with that huge Duke controller on Xbox. Halo 3 came out when I was less interested in videogames but I still bought it and played the campaign at the time and loved it too.

    I recently got the MCC collection for nostalgia reasons and played it all again up to Halo 3 but still yet to try Halo 4 and the ODST one.

    I hope you're playing with the old graphics option though (at least Halo 1), the new ones completely change the experience. They look great but the ambience is completely gone from the original.

    EDIT: Oh just realized you're talking about the new one!

  • A bit niche, but has anyone here played Book of Travels on steam? I’m finding it pretty immersive but Im the only person I know who’s played it so far and want to chat about it’s various idiosyncratic quirks!

  • Sure you had the same, but I got a refund on Friday - expected the worst, email from Google last night saying delayed, but they’ll still honour it.

  • Mine's actually due to be delivered today according to google.

  • I swear the graphics were much better ..

  • I've not played the original versions of these so quite enjoying them.

  • It was all that McDonald's money haha

  • I caved and ordered it the other day, should be delivered today (if the postman is working)

  • BF 2042 is a joke now

    That being said, when its on sale for £10 in 2 years I may try it, I wore I wouldnt buy BF:V and I didnt....I waited till amazon prime gave it away for free

  • Football Manager on Gamepass has sucked me right in; never thought I'd be sucked into the 'just one more' as I'm up at 1am to grind out a tough win at Sunderland

  • I banned myself from FM in 2016. Not going to break that any time soon. Far too addictive...

  • Do you have hell let loose? I feel you'd enjoy. I picked it up a week ago and many hours sunk.

  • There's something about the way the face has been rendered or the hood that makes him look like a militarised garden gnome!

  • Deaths door is fun.
    Outer Wilds is a brilliant time loop puzzle. Something different in this mass of samey games

  • I dont, let me see how cheap i can get it...

  • strong weird milk drinking luke skywalker vibes.

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Video Games

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