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  • I am playing everything with a controller and for me the earlier Gran Tourismo games had the best balance and you could do all those wacky upgrades. Forza for me is always confusing because it looks so good and has real world cars but then you just move around a bar of soap.

    I did enjoy the driving in Project Cars 2 but real world race tracks are a bit dull and I always end up just driving around the Nürburgring.
    My favourite one at the moment is BeamNG but that's pretty much just simulation and no game part yet.

  • I always thought the early Forzas were the best and was devastated when I brought Forza 2 down from my parents when I was last up not realising it isn’t backwards compatible.

  • As expected, looks like a lot of the previously removed songs from the GTA soundtracks have not come back, and potentially more cut:­/gta-trilogy-definitive-edition-music-li­st/

    The list of ones cut compared with previous releases is a bit shit. Vice City now also without songs like Video Killed the Radio Star, Cars & She Sells Sanctuary. Not great, especially as I can't see any new additions in their place. And on consoles I doubt there'll be an option to play your own music.

  • I don't want to jinx it but this forum may have just saved my EA account. I haven't logged in for years and tried to log in the other month without luck. Tried again yesterday - again no joy. No longer have access to the email address I used to sign up with. Tried to talk to chat who were fucking useless and just copy pasted responses. I gave them loads of info and apparently 'one item was wrong' but they couldn't tell me which one so I couldn't try again. Wouldn't have mattered as you can apparently only try once per chat session.

    I read on Reddit from a disgruntled EA employee that if you've been unsuccessful once, you will never again be successful following the same process - he suggested writing to the 'Better Business Bureau'. I did that last night around 11pm UK. Had an email from the BBB this morning by 8am. Then another email from EA about 3 hours later. EA latest email said more info would be useful such as what games I was playing and when - lo and behold I have comments from 2012 saying 'just bought X on such and such date'. They now say they're sorting it.

  • Picked up GTA on Switch there, definitely some patches needed (GTA:SA menu SFX in all games is driving me up the wall), definitely not a stable 30 (though I've heard that even the PS5 & XBox equivalent are having framerate stability issues). Happy enough with it handheld, but will likely just stick with the modded PC versions for big-screen playing.

  • Day 1 purchase for me.
    Loves me some Souls

  • Likewise, will be packing the family off for the weekend or taking the week off too.

  • Downloaded San Andreas on game pass, think theyve done a good job. Roads seem a bit empty mind.

  • Yeah, not sure how much of the negatives I'm seeing are Switch-specific. But having looked at some videos of the PS/XBox versions, it looks like a bit of a glorified re-skin. Not entirely surprised given the lack of gameplay footage ahead of time. Still happy with it for the novelty of having it on handheld (certainly preferable to having a PSP port of Vice City Stories on my Vita). Yet to fire up 3 or SA, interested to see how they perform though. Still very miffed (and not at all surprised) at the soundtrack gutting, especially for Vice City. Can't quite figure out the reasoning for removing a song performed by a fictional in-game band from the radio station!

  • Haven't read anything about it but sound track gutting sounds like a deal breaker. What's missing?

  • Aneka - Japanese Boy.

    I am out.


    Calling it the definitive edition is definitely a misnomer though! Would love to have a hands on of the PC version, but definitely not splashing out twice for it!

  • Stop the press! Japanese Boy is in! Hopefully there's a few others that were just missed off the list and not actually removed.

    Poison Arrow also definitely still here. Steppin' Out and One Thing Leads to Another also. Definitely looks like that PC Gamer article was a bit heavy handed.

    Still, no MJ, Lionel Richie or Kate Bush, sad times.

  • Amazing FH5 review on my steam front page

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  • Lol. Well, I’ve been playing it tonight properly for the first time and as always am having a blast. Cars handle very differently in this game versus even FH4. I’m really enjoying it.

  • OK weeb.....

  • Have I asked this before - hell let loose anyone?

  • Fh5 is pretty good. Keeps weirding me out by saying my first name though, especially as I never entered it anywhere

  • I just finished with subnautica,
    -kind of like outer wilds in the sea

    I have loved playing Subnautica* & Below Zero

    Worth getting Outer Wilds then?

    * Until I saw an any% no glitch speedrun, and I realised that I've been wasting my life.

  • They are pretty different -I think I may have been referring more to the lack of handholding. Outer wilds is all about exploration / puzzle solving/ trying to piece together the story. There's no real survival aspect or base building. I think it's an incredible game but just because you liked subnautica doesn't mean you'll like outer wilds.

  • Keeps calling me "Satan". 🤷♂️

  • You might have chosen it in FH4 where that feature first popped up - it carries over.

    Shame they couldn’t bring over things like assist / difficulty settings or button mapping.

  • FH5 is starring to annoy me. The difficulty on average isn't a challenge but on above average all the opponents cars are just outright faster than mine. Also no matter what car I choose for a race the NPCs match it so there doesn't seem any point in spending time and money on engine tweaks

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Video Games

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