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  • Ditto, I’m now playing Zelda again cause the screen made it look amazing.

    The Switch spite felt a bit too small

  • That's good to hear I've just purchased Horizon Zero Dawn last week! Planning on playing it once I finish Last of Us 2

  • Excellent game, with a surprising moving story. (HZD).

  • Some people really don't seem to like it but I had a great time playing through Horizon. Once you get the hang of combat there's a lot of fucking around you can do and the story was predictable but still grabbed me enough to want to explore everything.

  • Have returned to No Man's Sky to give it another go after I didn't get far with it about 6 months ago. Enjoying it a lot more this time and really getting into it.

  • The expedition thing they've introduced is really good - mini guided adventures which also get you used to the different tools etc.

  • That's good to hear I've just purchased Horizon Zero Dawn last week! Planning on playing it once I finish Last of Us 2

    I'm working through LoU / LoU2 and Days Gone and thinking ill try HZD later!

    LoU/LoU2 I'm finding is very scripted struggling to get through it.

  • Haven't looked at that yet but will check it out at lunch probably. One of the smallest changes that has had the biggest impact for me is that it works with Quick Resume on the Series X now which I'm not sure I could live without for any games.

  • GTA Definitive Edition actually looking half-decent:

    Glad they kept the visual style of the originals. Should be interesting to see the performance, particularly on Switch.

  • Worth getting if one never played the series?

  • GTA Definitive Edition ... Switch


    £55 though.


  • San Andreas is on game pass.

    Regardless happy to pay.

  • San Andreas is on game pass.

    Started playing that once I'd finished V, the graphics and the gameplay were doing my head in. Gave it a couple of days then just went for IV, even then the weird unsharp filtering was doing my head in.

    Will give the reboots a bash.

    Used to play the first two a lot on lunch breaks round at my mates house they lived near our school. He ended up doing time for armed robbery (Mary Whitehouse would have a field day with him).

  • Depends on the person of course, but I've got 100s of hours playing each of those games. £55 to have all 3 on a handheld is a bargain IMO.

    Granted, if they don't have the original soundtracks (especially VC/SA), that'll be a difficult sell.

  • Assuming they've done a half decent job, I'd say so.

    They've apparently added a bunch of quality of life improvements such as replacing the control scheme to match what you get in GTAV. Similarly updating the map to allow for placing waypoints, updating weapon/radio selection to the now apparent standard of a wheel UI.

    I'd wait around to see how the initial reviews are. I would've suggested just picking the originals up on PC, but I think they've been removed from digitals stores over the past week or so. Does feel a bit wrong giving money to a company doing something like that (as well as taking down a bunch of mods for the original games).

  • Maybe but I would only be jumping in out of curiosity/ nostalgia. I think most of these remakes / reskins just show the antiquated gameplay up. Also the Switch ports will definitely suffer framrate issues in comparison so other platforms and probably some reduced graphics upgrades too.

    Will keep an eye on the reviews but it’s a deep sale one for me.

    Knowing rockstar, they’ve not ponied up for the OG soundtrack either but let’s wait and see.

  • I still go back to the original Vice City and aside from the physics engine design meaning a 30fps cap, it still holds up very well (IMO).

    Genuinely enjoy that era of GTA much more than V. Then again, I also love 4 (including the driving physics) so maybe I'm just flat out wrong on all things GTA!

    Am also expecting to be disappointed regarding the soundtrack. They've hit that a few times with the digital versions on both the Steam and PS stores in the past. We'll see

  • 🚨🚨🚨Trevor MacDonald is replacing Patrick Moore in the new series of GamesMaster🚨🚨🚨

    That’s amazing casting.

  • I want a new top down GTA. I miss multiplayer GTA 2. Happy days.

  • They're basically just retro-parody games, but both Retro City Rampage & Shakedown: Hawaii are worth checking out.
    I wouldn't be betting on any top-down GTA-alikes coming out anytime soon though, though Chinatown Wars definitely has a bit of a cult following, that was a great little game.

  • You're right about Chinatown Wars. Gutted it's not available on phones anymore. Cheers, will check them out.

  • I'd agree that Vice City is that sweet spot of playability without having to invest too much time (although that does mean that I've spent far, far more time playing that than any other GTA).

    It's still the one that I pick up and play every so often, the later ones just take too much time to get into.

  • Also hands down the best setting/soundtrack. I reckon the NY setting is a large part of why I enjoy 4 so much (and on that note, The Ballad of Gay Tony is my go-to there, largely down to the pick up & play nature of it, compared to the base game).

    If they did a Miami/NY-based spin-off of 5, I'm sure I'd enjoy it much more than the LA based one.

    The more things they've been allowing you to do in the series, the less I've been wanting to do them!

  • Also hands down the best setting/soundtrack

    The Reggae station👌, there are some absolute bangers on there.

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Video Games

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