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  • It's amazing how the little trick shots and trickjumps come back so quick. God, I sunk so many hours into that game.
    Was pleased to see that my handle was still immortalised on the exit credits for one of the mods.

  • I used to play that game so much, hours every evening. Back in the day when I had to text my friend the server ip so he could join the same one.

  • One ending for Twelve Minutes done, enjoyable game but the one I got was rather underwhelming; not sure if I can do it all again

  • Star Wars: Squadrons and Alien: Isolation both are free on amazon Prime Gaming atm

  • Finally playing Disco Elysium now that it's on the Switch. Loading times are atrocious - although I guess as a Switch owner I'm used to that now - and I wish the autosave triggered more frequently (going back through dialogue trees you already exhausted thanks to a crash isn't that fun) but it's starting to get a hold on me now that I've been stumbling on side investigations etc.

  • only thing i didn't like with that game is the end game forces you to run back and forth across the map non-stop going so far as to turn off fast travel just to prolong the final act a bit.

  • Decided to order a PS5, should arrive in a week or so.

    I've found myself playing the PS4 a lot more, mostly Assassin's Creed Valhalla. But the PS5 has been out a year now so the games must be arriving that take advantage of the hardware.

    What recommendations do people have for PS5 games that show off the platform?

    Ratchet and Clank is going to be on that list... but what else?

  • Returnal.

    Minblowing once you get past the fact that it's a roguelike.

  • It won't show off the hardware but God of War is worth a play "just because" if you've not played it. it makes my ps4 pro sound like a jet engine so will probably be better on ps5 as well.

  • The first thing you should play out of the box is Astro's Playroom (it comes pre-installed). Genuinely one of the most fun gaming experiences I've had in years.

    I would also recommend the Spiderman series. Even the PS4 version received an upgrade which makes it look great on the system.

  • It won't show off the hardware

    I tell a lie...

  • Astro's Playroom


    I've had more joy from PS4 enhanced editions than many PS5 titles so far running at higher res and frame rates. Watchdogs Legion was fun for the virtual London - even if the game was mundane.

  • Demon's Souls is really good but also hard and punishing if you don't like dying a lot.

  • Astros Playroom, its free and almost a tech demo that really shows how awesome the controller is.

    Demon Souls because it was the reason I bought a PS5.

    Not much exists that is PS5 only, but most have been optimised for the PS5.

    Gran Turismo 7 is due in Feb/ March (lol), so may be released for Christmas 2022

    Edit: you also get access to the PS Collection (you might need to be a PS+ subscriber) which has God of War, Last of Us, Days Gone, Bloodborne and a few others, that are good timesinks until the PS5 sequels drop.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn was my favourite PS4 game and is the best thing I've played on the PS5 so far.

    Death Stranding has had an apparently decent PS5 upgrade as well. Replaying that doesn't appeal much tho'.

  • Depends as always on what sort of games you’re looking to play. Couple of the remastered for ps5, ps4 games are definitely worth a shout, but proper ps5 games that show off what it’s about won’t really be hitting until early/mid next year.
    Returnal is one of the few ps5 only releases so far that looked special.

  • Kena is fun, a nice mix of charming gameplay and tricky bosses. Although not really next gen wow, it is very pretty

  • Debating if I should get a Switch. Is it worth going for the regular one if I will never plug it into a TV? Or is the Lite a good console in your experience?

  • The new OLED one is definitely the best experience in handheld mode (I just got one...).

    Having said that, I'm selling my Switch Lite if you're interested...

  • The only thing that would make me want a full-size one is the detachable joy-cons for local multiplayer.

    I went for the Lite as I figured even that was pushing it in terms of size for a handheld. Not massively fussed with the lack of detachable joy-cons and the lack of rumble is also a non-issue for me. But yeah, think the main deciding factors are:

    TV connectivity
    Console size

    There may be more, but those are what I considered when making the decision. I guess the new OLED version throws another variable in the mix though.

  • Pretty much sums it up. The main cost is the games anyway - but may go for the regular one as my partner may be up for some local multiplayer.

  • I was lamenting getting the Lite for a while due to not being able to play Overcooked on it with my wife. Though maybe that's for the best. Does seem like a potential relationship-ruiner.

  • I find myself really enjoying playing the switch on the TV. Just my two pennies

  • Xbox series X fridge sold in minutes again down to scalpers

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Video Games

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