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  • It's amazing how the little trick shots and trickjumps come back so quick. God, I sunk so many hours into that game.
    Was pleased to see that my handle was still immortalised on the exit credits for one of the mods.

  • I used to play that game so much, hours every evening. Back in the day when I had to text my friend the server ip so he could join the same one.

  • One ending for Twelve Minutes done, enjoyable game but the one I got was rather underwhelming; not sure if I can do it all again

  • Star Wars: Squadrons and Alien: Isolation both are free on amazon Prime Gaming atm

  • Finally playing Disco Elysium now that it's on the Switch. Loading times are atrocious - although I guess as a Switch owner I'm used to that now - and I wish the autosave triggered more frequently (going back through dialogue trees you already exhausted thanks to a crash isn't that fun) but it's starting to get a hold on me now that I've been stumbling on side investigations etc.

  • only thing i didn't like with that game is the end game forces you to run back and forth across the map non-stop going so far as to turn off fast travel just to prolong the final act a bit.

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Video Games

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