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  • Was always a big fan of wolverine and the fact insomniac teased a wolverine game in the PlayStation event a couple of weeks or back got me intrigued. With it being a ps5 exclusive if I haven’t got one by then, it maybe the game that tips me over and forces my hand to get one. It’s due anywhere from 2022-2024 so hopefully supply issues should be sorted by then..

  • Oh Ridge Racer, I've missed this BGM ❤

  • Fairly sure I have the R4 CD kicking around somewhere. Utterly awesome soundtracks in those games.

  • I wish they’d make a new Ridge Racer. The intro to Type 4 is still amazing

  • 5 was passable, but the series went downhill very quickly after that. Went a variety of different ways including a Burnout wannabe, a weak attempt at a sim-racing game, and the one I played on Vita just felt like a generic racing game for mobile. 4 is definitely the high point of the series IMO.

  • I liked 6 on the 360.

  • Seca II

    I hope you used secateurs to cut these? :)

  • Great games for tablet (iPad mini) that don’t rely on IAP?

  • Islanders, FTL, Stardew Valley

  • Not sure if they're Apple Arcade only, but Mini Metro/Motorways are great

    Not played the mobile port of Stardew Valley, but it's apparently pretty decent

  • Yeah I was cagey about controls for stardew but a lot of the planting/harvesting stuff is maybe more intuitive on touch screen than with k+m/controller.

    2nd for mini motorways.

  • Dorfromantik fun as well if that's your vibe.

  • slay the spire is fantastic.

  • Sable is quite a letdown. I saw a Xbox review and they mentioned some technical problems but the PC version on Game Pass is completely fucked for me.

  • Damn, I was hoping it'd be crap so I didn't feel the need to buy it.

  • Woah the turtles van!!!

  • Diablo II Resurrected dropped, so wasting most of my time atm rediscovering what an addictive game it was. Really well done remaster (you can switch between the original and the new graphics with a key/button press).

    They've done the console ports well too (playing on Switch) considering it was a game where keyboard and mouse/trackball seemed so central. Diablo II was a game where you were often having to remap a subset of your potential abilities to mouse buttons and the transfer of that to the console keys is smartly done (also the minor tasks like moving things around your inventory, crafting etc.) You have less control over targetting (only occasionally a problem) but the only real annoyance playing on console, I find, is that I keep wanting to use the right stick to rotate the view.

    Relationship-testing levels of a resurrected addiction await.

  • Played a lot of Diablo 3 on the Switch, might pick up D2 in the future, see what all the fuss is about (having missed the OG)

  • I first played DII when it was already a "retro" game but on the first play I got a super rare loot drop from one of the first things I killed and then the game crashed immediately after and I lost it and it soured my enjoyment of the subsequent runs so much I never fully got into it.

  • Hot Wheels is quite fun but is more like a mobile game rather than a full size game title.

  • new PES looks great lads

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  • How odd, Konami have been doing great work recently /s

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Video Games

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