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  • That was the first, attempt 27 I think. Managed another with the shooty gun at about 0200 this morning, the runs in between I'm pretty successfully getting to Hades at least or dying really early after risking some dodgy chaos boons for a better build.

  • How'd your dad do though?

  • Suck. Him!

  • Thanks for this!

  • Enjoy, I had a quick game the other day - I'm glad it was free, but its still fun

  • The protagonist seems to be using a Shimano centre-lock disc rotor, minus the centre-lock bit, as part of an improvised weapon at 2:08.

  • Think I'm giving my PSP Street to a family member. I'm after a 2000 or 3000 model if anyone wants to let it go?

  • Update. Still addicted to Apex!

    Yesterday did a damage record and few days back 20 kill badge on Mirage (yes, still rocking him) after few failed attempts (like 2x 19 kills RIP).

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  • oh look the Wraith with 1 kill left the group 1/4 of the way through the game, how unlike them.

    kudos on the 5k, I still just can't muster the energy to give a shit to log in. if i see clips on YT it still looks fun but I just can't find the will to play.

  • playstation hour long promo fest last night was fun, lots of announcements of games people have been hankering for, and the long lead times until they are delivered will make for some interesting approaches to waiting/anticipating.
    all the game trailers are here­r8c

  • Well done!
    I've tried going back to apex a few times recently but I struggle with the pace of it - I always want to rush yet know that it's more of a chip away type game!

    I just can't do it - fair play to plugging away at it though!

  • Would be interesting if people could actually get their hands on the console! Currently it's like a trailer into a dream land!

  • I’ve come to terms with not having a ps5 until 2022, so I’m just planning ahead..

  • Before I list on Gumtree.
    Got for sale:

    It takes Two (PS4 disc but comes with free PS5 upgrade) £20
    Do yourself a favor and play this.
    Coop splitscreen only (online or couch).
    Probably one of the most fun coop games I’ve ever played. I promise.

    Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart (PS5) - £SOLD

  • PS5 and Xbox in stock in Argos this week if anyone is still on the hunt.

  • Quite fancy Deathloop, but I am struggling with £60 price tags.

    plus a £20 bump for "deluxe" edition, which has 3 weapons, 2 skins and a soundtrack, seems excessive.

  • I think some of the reviews are hyperbole. Always trust ACG to bring things down to earth and he gave it a 'wait for sale' rating:­R6w

    It's also a timed exclusive and coming to Gamepass next year so I'm just going to wait for it to be £0

  • Cheers, that was the sense check i needed

  • Does look pretty good, though I've still got Dishonored 2 gathering digital dust so hopefully by the time I've finished that the price has dropped a bit.

    I'd be happy with the £60 price tags if I knew that I was getting the entire game and that content wasn't going to be leaked out for another year or so to wring a bit more cash out of it. But I can understand that they need to recoup more money (though some publishers go a bit further I feel) and don't want to have it all up front for fear of driving away consumers. Given that I was buying SNES/PS1 games for £40 back in the 90's, £60 for a game today really doesn't seem over the top.

    Though I'm not exactly bursting to be front of the queue to play new releases so normally pick them up when a sale email reaches me. I think MGSV was probably the last AAA game I picked up on launch.

  • I’m watching a livestream of fighting cowboy play deathloop currently and immediately googled to see if it was coming out on the ps4 (currently not slated for release), and I did think I should buy a ps5 for it.
    It looks good, scripting and dialogue so far are excellent, and despite me not being a fps type bod the premise intrigues me.

  • I've found that Deathloop seemed to be pushed by loads of reviewers, which makes me suspicious.

  • How so? I generally don't follow much video game media but would be surprised if it was anything other than "New Arkane/Bethesda game out, give us all your clicks"

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Video Games

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