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  • Yup.

    My modem:

  • bit the bullet and pulled the trigger on Returnal.

    can't decide if it's the best game i've ever played or worst on account of the levels of FFFFFFUUUUUUUU!!1! it induces. the fact that runs aren't dependent on a constant internet connection is a huge relief. being able to nope out for a bit and come back mid-run is tolerable considering there's no meaningful checkpointing.

    wiped on the 1st boss about 50 times, first timed the 2nd.

    my nerves are absolutely fucking shot.

  • In case you might be rushing downstairs in the morning...

  • Yeah. Disappoint. Did look up the release time once I realised it wasn't last Friday.

  • Picked up Mini Motorways last night and got absolutely hooked, great little game, and carries over the excellent visual style of Mini Metro.

  • I've been watching an actual road planner play on youtube, it is quite amusing

  • Real Civil Engineer by any chance?

  • yeah, that's the one!

  • Lots of impending holiday coming up for me. I think I've got a solid flight from London to Amsterdam in me judging by my attention span.

  • I'm sure he's got a ton of videos, but I only watched one before buying the game. Where he professes his typically British love for roundabouts, only to go through an entire video without using a single fucking one!

    Excellent advertisement for the game though

  • 27gb patch required @Brun @spenceey

    Time to turn on those Xboxes if you were hoping to play this evening…

  • 40GB here. Started bang on 4 and it's done 35%.

  • My evening is now ready

  • This is where the 500Mbps connection helps.

    Worth noting it also sat on ‘checking for updates’ for nearly 10 mins once the game loaded. There were no updates.

  • Consistently 385MB here, I should be able to download 40GB in ~15mins.

    Don't forget I'm PC master race. It was like this for the initial release last year and has been for most updates.

  • I saw you come up online! Ended up working late and hoping to finish up in good time tomorrow so I can get some flight time in. Have you managed to give it a go?

  • Managed to do 4 training modules. Then tiny person bedtime, then dinner, then watching TV with the wife.

    Will probably get to play some over the weekend

  • TIL what a yoke is

  • Managed a small flight to Amsterdam. Obviously with all assists on.

  • Not sure how big the crossover of video game & F1 fans is, but every time I read "yoke" I just hear it in an angry Spanish accent.­7VE

  • excellent to hear.
    Same experience for me, haven't had that 'nope out' feeling since Amnesia.
    Act 2 is really punishing but by Act 3 you have unlocked a lot of power upgrades on the weapons and it becomes a full on joy to carve through everything.

  • Very late to the party but been playing through The Witness.

    Fuck me this game is good.

  • The ascent is rather good fun! Like a diablo shooter if you can imagine it. Free on gamepass too.

  • Also started playing alien isolation last night. Really not sure if I've got the stones to play it, it's horrid.

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Video Games

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