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  • I'm definitely looking forward to S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 coming out. With it being on game pass at launch it'll be a launch day play for me probably, but game pass seems a bit ambitious suggesting I pre-install it now (all 282gb apparently) when it's not out for another 10 months.

  • And BOTW2 coming next year.

  • Yep, quite looking forward to that!

  • That Nintendo conference was complete trash though. Nintendo are total trolls...

  • Yeah I thought it was a bit naff too. Was kinda excited for metroid but it's a gba game? Super monkey ball and advance wars should be fun at least. Intrigued by new rabbids.

  • They're all just remakes...

    Pokemon - remakes
    Zelda - skyward sword and links awakening remakes
    Super monkey ball - remake
    Advance wars - remake
    Mario Party - remake

    I love Nintendo but they're phoning it in big time at the moment. Even then, given the strength of their catalogue, they're not even doing a good job of bringing it back to life.

    My Switch is in a drawer somewhere and has been for a good 6 months. It'll stay there for a bit longer....

  • Pokemon is only 1 game, reskinned over and over.
    I love them all.

  • thought the nintendo showcase was pretty good - will def play AW, metroid, and WW.

  • Super monkey ball

    Didn't see that one! Quite looking forward to that. Personally I'd be perfectly happy with a HD release of SMB: Deluxe. The newer ones don't seem to have been as good as the old PS2/GameCube-era games.

    Edit: Just watched the teaser and it's basically a HD remake of 1, 2 & Deluxe. Am happy with that!

  • HD remake of 1, 2 & Deluxe

    See post above - Nintendo are only releasing HD remakes moving forward. No original games.

  • Honestly given the more recent Super Monkey Ball games, that's a relief.

    I've never really been a big Nintendo fan so not overly concerned about what they release (first-party or third-party developed), but there are a ton of great third-party indie titles on Switch that are more than enough to keep me occupied so I'd have to very much disagree with you there. I only own 3 first party titles and would argue they're all (relatively) original: BotW, Mario Rabbids X-Com whatever & Mario Odyssey (not a fan of the latter, but can appreciate that it's a decent example of a modern 3D platformer).

  • Had £4 MS credit expiring in a month, bought Far Cry 4 Classic edition for £2.49. Seems like a bit of a bargain.

  • DethBeard

    Advance Wars 1+2 remastered launching late this year on the Switch.
    Hoping it paves the way for more AW, loved that series BITD.

    Day 1 purchase for me

    Me too. One of the best strategy games. Simple yet deep.

    Next I want Total Anihilation ftw

  • Ok, bought Returnal on Sunday. Was super excited since day one it was announced.

    Huge fan of their previous Resogun and do enjoy roguelike genres.

    3 days in and quite dissapointed/bored already.

    What really drives me mad are the repetitive rooms/sections.
    Especially if I’m quite new to the game and still learning all the mechanics, I’m mostly replaying the first “jungle” level constantly and it’s so boring.
    Everytime I respawn for new run, I’ve played all the rooms in previous run.
    What’s even more annoying is that some of the items/hidden areas/chests are in the same location every single time.
    So when I enter a new doorway and see the familiar shape of room, I already know that to my left will be a chest, bottom section will be “infected” chest and there won’t be any enemies.
    There’s just no element of surprise…

    I really enjoyed my absolutely first run (and actully my best run where I managed to defeat second boss), but after that it was only going downhill…

    I love the graphics, haptics, story, sound effects, some other cool idea, but because of the above, I don’t think I’ll continue for much more.

  • Are you sure you are not me?
    I was trawling YouTube for TA videos the other day!

    Recently found a vintage copy of Command & Conquer that I can just about get to run on my PC

  • Are you sure you are not me?

    Na I'm a total Dark Souls fanboy

  • Ah sorry to read this.
    Biomes 4 5 and 6 are very different environments and are played as a different act so you don't restart from biome 1 on death.
    It gets faster to play mostly due to permanently levelling up many of the weapon traits, as well as the grapple and other add-ons you unlock with progress, the story related to the house you come across in biome 1 gets pretty interesting too and quite haunting.
    Knowing the rooms eventually becomes an advantage as you can clear through them very quickly as a result.
    I found that playing it offline opened up more randomness to the environment than playing online did, people had suggested it as a way to find the collectibles and it did seem to work for me too.

  • Aaaand with that offline method I’m now done.

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  • Wow I thought that was just a fan made trailer, didn't realise it's an actual mod, nice one

  • Played a game of WZ with a German streamer today (randomly paired up), I'd never heard of him but checked his stream out after the game and he had a decent crowd watching.

    You could tell the difference in quality, I could hardly keep up across the map. Every time I caught up he'd killed everyone.

    Still was good to play with someone decent, makes the game much more enjoyable.

    Still only came second though!

  • I had an experience like this too, very very nice, their aggressive play style seems to work exceptionally well in the game and when I've tried this with my mates we've done well but they hate how sweaty it gets so we roll back to cautious play and luck.

    Best we've ever played was the Hardcore quads without the map etc, our play style worked perfectly there but its rarely available to play.

  • EA are making Dead Space announcements soon.
    Hoping for a remaster of 1&2, they were great.

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Video Games

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