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  • Fairly horrified by the Boston Dynamics dog monster.­9Jg

  • Trailer looks like it was directed by Michael Bay's teenage son.

  • The ideal choice for the target audience no?

  • Most important take away from the trailer

  • No cross play between console generations is a bit rubbish.

  • Better than it being held back by old tech though imo.

  • With you on this.

  • Yeah, it's just a difficult cross over time. Maybe by autumn the next gen will be more easily Accessible so not a problem, just a bit of a shame as is imo.

  • Beware - Metro Exodus is currently on HUGE sale on Playstation Store (bigger discount for PS+ users).

    £15.89 including both DLCs.

    Reason I bought it is that it's getting free PS5 upgrade to 4k with 60FPS and raytracing.
    Looks and sounds brilliant.­lxw

    There are actually lots of really good games with double discounts.

  • FF7 Remake Intergrade is out today

  • Bought myself a switch (finally) any must have games?
    Feeling more RPG stuff recently than FPS. Although switch doesn't seem to have many in the latter camp anyhow.

  • BOTW, Odyssey, MK8... Enjoy!

  • Zelda BotW always gets recommended (I've still not managed to pick it up though)

    Skyrim is always a good time sink

    Dark Souls Remastered (because I always recommend it)

  • Octopath Traveller, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade Chrinicles…

    Just a few of the more famous rpg ones.

  • botw botw botw

  • Stardew Valley?

  • Yep, stardew.

    I don't have many games for Switch but Stardew gets the most hours by a long shot, even after playing on PC, Android and iOS.

    I also have:
    Alien Isolation (good but not as beautiful as the PC obvs)
    BotW (find it a real challenge to navigate / get one-shotted by mobs / weapons break etc. I know the idea is that there are lots of ways to skin a cat but considering my only other Zelda experience is Ocarina of Time I've found this very challenging to get stuck into).
    Civ... maybe 5 or 6? (Play on anything larger than a medium size map and expect very very slow performance mid-game and beyond. End game I'm hanging on several minutes for NPC turns.

    Looking at Witcher 3 / Skyrim next. I do like the portability / battery life / physicality but not the games available.

  • been grinding apex ranked recently (because why not.) quality of your teammates is VERY variable (much like pubs I guess). most people tend to play seriously though which is a nice change of pace. up to gold III now, I think, if anyone wants to play

  • I started Apex...

  • Just picked it up after really enjoying it on Xbox albeit for not long enough!

    Will I enjoy BOTW if I've not played any Zelda before?

  • Thank fuck for that! Was genuinely getting concerned it would be cancelled after such a long period of silence.

  • Will I enjoy BOTW if I've not played any Zelda before?

    I'd say so, I played a little bit of Link to the Past but was never really all that into the series. Got a Switch specifically to play BotW and honestly if that was the only game I owned for it, I'd still consider it worth buying a Switch for

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Video Games

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